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Real Name (possibly): Moriah Pereira

Possible Age: 16 (since she claims her birthday is Jan. 1st, 2001)

Nicknames: Poppy, Poppy Seed, Moriah, Kawaii Barbie Princess (her own nickname for herself)


Personality: Loves everything who crosses her path
- She even acts friendly towards Satan at times

Admires confidence and the ability to be yourself in someone

Likes pink because she thinks it is girly and happy 

Really likes being pumped up

Her word of advice is to "Do everything, as much as you can" because you only have one life

Possibly slightly egotistical (As she likes having her fans call her God)

being a singer is her favorite hobby, along with acting (despite her once saying that she hates music)
 - is possibly just stressed by music

Sometimes acts a bit innocent and naiive, thinking that you're not allowed to say "F--k you" on the internet, and thought that the internet would be her safe space

Says she won't hesitate to "spit you out like chewing gum" if you manage to make her hate you

Feats: Read the entire bible in two videos 

Managed to move out at 15, get rid of all that she had, and still manage to become famous

Performed a magic trick where she made a pinata appear out of nowhere

Possibly kidnapped by Uncle Samsonite

Took the red pill and was unaffected

Really seems to like her fame, as she sings about feeling at home in the studio

- Not really known
- Has said that she feels energized when she goes on a run so it's possible that she can run pretty fast
- Could possibly teleport (since that is a talent she would most likely want to 'pick up')
 - Her teleportation would allow her to time travel (forward and backward) 

 - Possibly equal to those of her weird, morph-suit minions, who are capable of lifting a large metal triangle with the letter P in it, with two lifting one side, and just one of them can lift a three foot tall letter P 
 - Easily lifts up a boombox, which weight 26 pounds
 - Strong lungs
 - Can hold a dog in her hands without trouble (granted, it was a puppy probably, but still) 
  - Repeatedly sucked the air out of and blew air back into an inflatable rabbit
  - If magical lifting strength translates to actual lifting strength, that means she could be able to lift 6 1984 IBM PCs, which would all weigh 180 pounds together- adding in the weight of the keyboards, she is able to lift 193 pounds
  - she could lift 24 pounds since she easily, magically lifted 12 handheld microphones, which each weigh 2 pounds
  - she is also able to lift 8.8 pounds, as she lifted 8 clapboards easily as well
 - a child prodigy: began singing since birth, and had played guitar since age 3
 - Knows a long list of celebrities
 - Able to read the entirety of the Bible
 - Knows how to load a gun up in order to use it 
 - Somehow knows that time is actually a cube with light shining through it, instead of being linear 
 - She also knows that Pop transcends all times and spaces
 - Also knows that one of the most common shapes in nature is the circles, and that spirals are also common forms of natural geometry
 - Knows how to play chords on the guitar that don't exist
 - Knows all about how to become internet famous
 - Sung about failing tests, so it's possible she lacks academic knowledge 
 - In Interweb, she sang about feeling like she knew everything "deep inside of her"
  - Earlier in the song she sang about forgetting her password and thinking it might be password123, but it is possible she didn't develop her better intelligence until the song progressed

 - Drank Red Bull and wasn't affected negatively
 - Can be electrified without getting any harm
 - Got a hit of nitrous with a mask and was not negatively affected
 - Ate something that gave her a reaction like they were a drug (with her eyes getting bigger) and didn't show any negative side affects later
 - Reecovered fast from being sick enough to throw up twice
  - The samething happened in her Let's Make a Video video, but she actually threw up frowny face
  - Stood on a stone pillar just a foot or two above lava and wasn't at all harmed by the heat

 - Can repeatedly jump for 10 minutes straight without getting tired

Magic Poppy by ProfessorSodaMan

 - Magic Abilities
  - She can make things magically appear, like a pinata or a stack of bills held together with a rubber band, or a pair of shoes she claimed were invisible so that you could see them
  - These could be used as weapons
  - She can also use this power to teleport things already there to another place, like teleporting shoes in her hands so that they're on her feet

 - Fighting Skills 
  - Has said in one of her songs that she has fought her fights all alone, so she must have been skilled enough to do this

 - Sound Manipulation
  - Can make sounds play out of nowhere, like the sound of a helicopter or happy and sad chords on cue when she asks "are you happy" and "are you sad"
  - She is able to make her own speech echo, even if she's not in a room where it would normally echo, showing her sound manipulation extends to manipulating more than just sounds she makes out of nothing

 - Hammerspace
  - Can seemingly take random items out of nowhere, such as Tide or five hundred dollar bills, or any of the below items I gave her for weapons

 - Showed the ability to make words appear out of nowhere that float in the air
 - The words that appear typically represent what she's thinking about at the moment

 - Disappearing Goop 

 - If she wants to disappear, the goop will rise up from the ground and all the way to her head in a few seconds, and she'll be gone when it goes back down

 - With a robotic, omniscient voice, Poppy can 'program' you to do anything she says and pledge your allegiance to her

Technology Manipulation
 - Possibly because of her being a robot, she is capable of seeing people through their screens (which can mean both phones and computers)
 - With this power, she is able to have power over the entire internet, as she sings about it being hers and being able to catch people in it like catching fishes in net

Guitar by ProfessorSodaMan
 - She has shown profiecency in playing it
 - Could possibly be used as a weapon of blunt force, but whether she'd ever do that is up for debate

 - Uses hollowpoint bullets, which allow them to cut through more flesh
  - These are illegal, possibly for 'causing unnecessary suffering' 
 - She knows how to load it, and likes how this one looks

Image result for that poppy
 - Could be used as a blunt force weapon (like a bat) or a shield when opened

Image result for that poppy
 - She can easily lift it
 - Could be a good throwing weapon if she can throw it at all
 - playing it could work to distract someone (if they were that dumb)

 - Worn on her head
 - Could be used as a small-range reapon with its sharp points, to swing and scratch at someone
 - she typically wears it as an accessory, though

 - Talks and has a personality
 - If the plant wanted to help her, it might let her use it as a throwing weapon
  - Poppy most likely wouldn't do this, but whatever

Image result for clothes iron
 - She could use it to heat her sandwich, without a plug
 - Potentially could be used for burning someone

Floating Microphones
Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 10.02.35 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - She seemingly can make them float and move without much effort
 - She could possibly use them to attack someone by hurling them at them- if she can make them float in midair and spin with ease, imagine what she can do if she wants to hurt people with them

 - Floating Keyboards and Monitors
Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 10.05.22 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Like the microphones, she can make these all float pretty easily
 - These would be a bit better for using as weapons with their weight

Screenshot 2018-07-12 at 6.02.46 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Able to let the wearer (in this case, Poppy) live forever, most likely meaning immortality
 - Could be worn to allow her to fight for as long as she wants

The Crystal

Screenshot 2018-07-12 at 6.09.26 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - the Great Crystal of Energy
 - According to Poppy, has power that we must harness, along with touch
 - Said by Poppy to give her "the power," implying it makes her more powerful than she already is
  - Given the fact that she is able to make objects float with ease, grant wishes, and cause things to teleport in and out of her hands, that is scary

Image result for that poppy
Weird Suit Minions
 - Will do anything for Poppy, like play music for her song or do her nails, or hold up a giant triangle for her to pray to
 - They could help her in a fight if she wanted them to
 - Possibly are just regular humans in suits so they might not be any special

 - Never has been in any fights, except for the ones she sings about fighting on her own
 - Can be frightened easily by some things (like something that is on her dress)
 - Apparently
, can not make it on her own
 - Runs on batteries (somehow) so she could possibly run out of power eventually
  - She needs energy from her fans
 - It is possible for her to deteriorate and need to be replaced
 - Her "loving everything that crosses her path" attitude means that she'll have trouble identifying someone as an actual threat- if she's able to be friendly and give advice to Satan, then who would she not be friendly to?

 - Her innocent and naiive attitude could allow her to be tricked

"Money makes people happy, and that is why I am singing about it. You can buy anything with money."
April Fools except not because it is 1 in the morning. I don't feel like I'll be able to find enough info for Overly Attached Girlfriend right now with me being tired so I'll just post this bio for That Poppy and then go to bed
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