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Age: 10


Very adamant about following his dreams, even if his parents don't approve

Extremely enthusiastic about following in Red's footsteps
 - Even named his first Pokemon after Red's favorite

Is typically oblivious to the bad things he sometimes does, such as abusing his Pokemon

Even after a car crash that left his dad needing a hospital, he was still more focused on becoming a Pokemon master

Isn't interested in the parts of being a Pokemon trainer that are not fun (like math)

Easily encouraged by awards, even if they are fake (or participation awards)

Morals are easily corrupted
 - Was convinced to steal a Pokemon after a Team Rocket member responded with 'Nah' to the question of "Isn't stealing kind of wrong?"

Skills and Abilities

Screenshot 2017-05-06 at 1.34.43 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
- Dodged a punch from someone who came at him at roughly 18 feet per second (estimated by taking the size of one of the characters' feet in the screenshot and guessing how many feet away Rusty was from Wet Craig at first) by sidestepping
 - Obviously, this gives Rusty a reaction time of one second
- Managed to narrowly dodge bullets from one of his Pokemon 


 - Went longer than two days without knowing that you could heal Pokemon
 - Thought that he actually has to catch every Pokemon he sees
 - Saw no problem in catching multiple Bidoofs in one Pokeball
 - Thought that a Bulbasaur with a birth defect was a rare Pokemon
 - Still treated catching a comatose Snorlax as a battle
 - Was happy to buy a bike for a million dollars
  - The bike was revealed to be filled with weed
 - Dragged his first Pokemon around on a leash instead of keeping it in its Pokeball 
 - Thought that ice Pokemon beat fire Pokemon
 - Thought that members of a terrorist organization would participate in a Pokemon battle with him
 - Thought that his on-fire Bidoof was evolving
 - Mistook a Tentacool's tentacles for wires

 - Was able to easily lift and throw a Kakuna, which weighs 22 pounds/10 kg
  - As the image shows, he dropped Rattata's health to zero upon hitting it with Kakuna
How by ProfessorSodaMan

 - Showed no injury from a car crash (with a Snorlax) that sent him flying through the car window and landing facefirst on the road, while his dad ended up needing a hospital from the same car crash
 - Was hit in the face by an angry Beedrill's stingers and knocked to the ground and got up immediately, showing no injury
  - The same Beedrill was shown to be able to stab people badly with its stingers
  - It still seemed to hurt him, since he yelled in pain
 - Has said to have drowned before
 - Occasionally shows slight regeneration 
  - Was mauled by an Eevee told to rip his throat out and was shown with no visible injuries in the next scene
  - Was brutally beaten, with blood spraying all over his Bidoof, and was shown to be fine in the next scene
 - Forcibly pushed to the ground by a cop and got up quickly
 - Survived being tazed
 - while in prison, he seemed to willingly get shanked by his cellmate, and it hasn't had any permanent effect on him 
 - Got whipped two or three times and was not permanently harmed (but still cried out a bit in pain)
  - After the whipping was done, he went back to his cheery attitude 
 - Survived a Voltorb's Self-Destruct move from a few feet away, while the person who was holding the Voltorb completely exploded with no trace of him left
 - Surived the vacuum of space without running out of oxygen, or any of the other things you'd worry about in space
  - Also, sat on the moon without harm from the atmosphere or the change in gravity
   - At least it looked like the Moon

Survival Skills
 - Was able to survive the wilderness while sleeping in the woods

 - Claims to know how to drive
 - Feet can not reach pedals, though

Bike Riding
 - A decent bike rider
 - Doesn't seem to have had any crashes on it



 - Used to catch Pokemon
 - Can capture humans in them as well
 - Able to contain more than one Pokemon in one ball
  - Chances of those Pokemon remaining alive because of that are slim, and it is not a good idea for him to do this
 - He actually managed to capture the ghost of his Grandpa in a Pokeball 


 - Basically a normal bike
 - Spend a million dollars on it (with his dad's credit card)
 - Was actually filled with weed

Image result for Shivs
 - Referred to as Shivs on the wiki, so that's what I'll call em
 - Had three of them during a prison fight where he was called Knife Boy, and told to use Knife Hug on someone 
  - Not shown if he ever actually does that
 - His shivs have not been seen since he last had them, but he left with them in his hands out of the prison, so it's likely he still has the shivs with him

The Perfect Sandwich
 - Given this name by Perfect Bidoof, possibly the first one to eat it
 - The only thing Rusty has been able to make that hasn't caused anyone harm (which is probably because it was made by a Rusty who never went out to become a Pokemon trainer)
 - It is so good, that it convinced Perfect Bidoof that there was still good in humanity, and to reverse everything he has done 
  - Because of that, it could possibly be a good weapon against an enemy who is similarly filled with hatred of humanity 

(His Pokemon will be given moves based on their level.)


 - Captured and healed at the Pokemon center after being hit with a truck
- Level 22

 -Slams target with whole body
Defense Curl
 -Curls up and raises DEF
 -Clears mind of worries
 -Sharply raises SPDEF...somehow
 -Licks opponent with long tongue
 -May cause paralysis
Chip Away
 -Strikes repeatedly, looking for an opening
 -Causes target to fall asleep after a time
Belly Drum
 -Maximizes ATK power
 -Requires 1/2 of its base HP to use

Image result for burbasaur
- Looks like it might've been inbred or something, with how mutated and gross it is
- For whatever reason, Rusty still thinks that Burbasaur could be used in a battle, despite it immediately having organ failure when he summons it against the elite four

Perfect Bidoof 
Image result for Perfect Bidoof
- Name is pretty accurate
- Was breeded to be the perfect bidoof by having many, many Dittos and Bidoofs have a mating session, and it worked a little too well  
- Says that it only lives to "satiate Rusty's bloodlust" and considers Rusty to be his father
- Because Rusty's goal was to become part of the Elite Four, it is Perfect Bidoof's goal to help him do that
- Perfect Bidoof states that his true opponent is Mankind's greed
- Managed to conquer the world in six months after making this plan
- Also, immediately killed a team of the best Pokemon trainers (including Trainer Red) 
- Able to fly through the vacuum of space without worrying about losing air

Thirst For Vengeance
 - Perfect Bidoof learned this in place of learning Compassion
 - When he used this move, he turned into a small ball of energy and then seemingly sent himself into the body of his opponent before growing back to normal size, causing the person he had gone inside of to explode
 - This move just consists of him literally saying Bidoof while pointing at its opponent
 - It caused three bidoofs to come burrowing out of the opponent's two eyes and mouth, resulting in the opponent collapsing onto the ground twitching in a pool of their own blood

 - Was able to use these powers to lift Rusty off the ground

 - Able to levitate above the ground
  - Doesn't seem like it runs out of energy for this, so it might just be a normal ability and not a move

Laser Beam
 - It was able to shoot right through a steel door and cause the door to explode, leaving nothing behind

 - Can instantly transform someone into a regular Bidoof, but just bigger
 - Once they are a bidoof, he can make them explode just by clenching his fist

 - This move was able to undo the Bidoof-pocolypse
 - Works as a way to completely reset a battle- isn't actually time travel, just changing things back to how they had been

 - No feats of speed
 - Knows very little about Pokemon at all
  - Thought a Muk was just a different type of Pokemon that was just dirty, which caused him to try and wash it down the drain
 - Is not very smart and rather incompetent (as Dorkly themselves said)
  - Has killed many of his Pokemon in the past because of stupidity
 - Easily tricked into doing bad things
 - Doesn't seem to have a good sense of danger
  - Saw a news story about a police bust of a gym and chose to head there
 - Is a coward, and easily intimated by Team Rocket members
  - Granted, they are shown to typically be more threatening here than in the games (such as having guns) 
 - Perfect Bidoof grew independent of Rusty, possibly after realizing that he was just wanting to use him as a slave, and also because Perfect Bidoof had realized that his true purpose was to rule and not to serve 
  - It's also possible that, since Rusty had already joined the Elite Four at that point, Perfect Bidoof felt like he had to find a new purpose
 - Is so bad at learning from mistakes, that when he time travelled back to the past to stop himself from delivering the sandwich to Prof. Tree, he proceeded to deliver the sandwich for his past self and do EVERYTHING he had done previously in the EXACT SAME WAY, somehow not realizing how bad his previous actions had been
Tell me if there's any information about Rusty that I missed!
Griffinsnset Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
Truly the best trainer in the series
That1Bot Featured By Owner Edited Apr 29, 2017
Recently, Rusty obtained a Perfect Bidoof, and STARTED THE F*CKING APPOCALYPSE!!!……
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