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Perry is Angered by GIR by ProfessorSodaMan Perry is Angered by GIR by ProfessorSodaMan
So this is my first Robot and Monster drawing, my first GIR drawing, and my first drawing where blah blah blah insert thing here. This is so special I'll make a holiday for it. Nah I'm too lazy. 

So sorry for having GIR being hurt (not really much, I'm glad I decided to add the wall behind GIR to make it look like he was held against a wall). This drawing is entirely inspired by this:… Here is how Perry ended up holding GIR against the wall: 

GIR: (le running like a derp, and bumps into Perry) Oh my I'm so sorry mister! 3: 

Perry: (dusts himself off, and briefly makes eye contact with GIR then looks away) No... problem... (walks away slowly) 

GIR: (whispering) He seems nice. 

Perry: What? (turns back) What are you blabbering about? You talking about ME? 

GIR: (nervous) Uh... yeah. You seem happy. 

Perry: ...I am not happy. I am never happy. 

GIR: How come you are smiling then? X3 

Perry: (is more angry) You think I want to be smiling like this? 

GIR: (is slightly sad and scared) I thought everyone loves to smile... 

Perry: (steps closer to GIR, angrier) Not if I have to be smilin 24/7, bub! My facial gears are broken! 

GIR: ...why can't you just have them fixed? 

Perry: (angrier) You think this (points to face) Can just be fixed with a wrench and a flame-thrower?! 

GIR: Well not the flame thrower part but... 

Perry: Wise guy eh?! (sucker punches GIR, then holds him against wall) 

GIR: Ehhggg.... (in pain obviously)

Perry: -le says what he is saying in the above picture-

GIR: -le saying what he said in the above picture-

Then Perry says, "I thought so." He then lets GIR fall out from being held up against the wall and runs off, checking for any cops. GIR crawls home to his house and proceeds to eat all the waffles out of sadness. Sorry for being so depressing. D:  
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Submitted on
May 30, 2014
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