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Nitri: The combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all!

bIzARRO: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Pearlsoka by ProfessorSodaMan

The sun finally set on Beach City, but Steven was having a bit of trouble sleeping. Amethyst and Garnet were still away on a mission that was dangerous enough to need Sugilite, so it was just him and Pearl in the house that night. He couldn't help worrying about what would happen to them.

"You know they'll be home safe, Steven," Pearl told him as she lifted him up and laid him down in bed.

"Yeah, I know," Steven replied gloomily, holding onto his blankets, "but it's hard not to think about them."

Pearl nodded, but she reminded him, "I'll still be here to make sure you're safe, and if you'd like, I can wake you whenever they come back."

Steven smiled a little and told Pearl, "That sounds like a great idea."

Happy to see Steven smiling, she gave him a little kiss on the forehead and tucked him into bed.

"Good night, Steven," Pearl whispered to him before promptly sitting down next to his bed and sighing with relief.

Meanwhile in space...

Ahsoka Tano had just flown out of a dangerous asteroid field, and the last thing she expected was to have a group of X-Wings on her tail, but that's exactly what she got.

Since she was unlucky enough to not have another person on board to help her, she had to simply shake them off. So, she began avoiding laser fire with some twirls before doing a quick U-Turn and activating the hyperdrive.

To keep from flying back into the asteroid field, she had to do a sharp left turn. While it helped avoid most of the asteroids, she ended up hitting one big enough to break off the front part of the ship, triggering a robotic voice to warn Ahsoka Tano about how dangerous this was. Five seconds later, however, it was warning her of something different:


Extremely frustrated, Ahsoka Tano tried in vain to navigate the ship to somewhere safe for both her and anyone on the surface. She wouldn't be that lucky, however, as the ship was currently aimed at a mountain carved into the shape of a woman with a house near the bottom of it. Since she had no way to stop the ship from crashing, all she could do was open up the cockpit window and Force Jump up so that her land wouldn't be as bad as the ship's landing. As she landed on the sand just below the house, she hoped that whoever was in there didn't get hurt because of her.

Upon hearing the sound of metal crunching against stone, Pearl jumped off her feet and ran outside. When she saw the ship that had crashed into the neck of the statue, she gasped rather audibly, but her attention quickly turned to stopping the ship from destroying the house- and subsequently killing Steven. With grace, Pearl jumped from the ground to the roof, and she quickly pulled her spear out of her gem and charged a shot before firing it at the thing falling toward her. 

Once shot, the ship exploded into thousands of pieces that flew in random directions, and none of those pieces turned out big enough to damage the house in any way. She sighed with relief before putting her spear away jumping off the house, and her relief grew when Steven stepped out of the house with a look of exhaustion and confusion.

"Thank goodness you're alright," Pearl cooed as she wrapped her arms around Steven. 

Not sure what was going on, Steven pointed to the orange-skinned person in front of their house and asked, "Who's that?"

Confused, Pearl turned around and jumped in surprise when she saw Ahsoka Tano there. Slowly, she started making some guesses about who this person could be, and she decided to ask them one question to see if she was right.

"Was that your ship?!" Pearl asked with anger.

Defensively, Ahsoka Tano informed Pearl, "I hit an asteroid and flew into this planet's atmosphere, and there was nothing I could do to stop it from crashing here!"

"Steven could've been killed because of you," Pearl yelled at Ahsoka, holding Steven up to show who she was referring to.

"Pearl, can't we just-" Steven began asking.

"Steven, go back inside and go to sleep," Pearl told Steven as she put him down and took her spear back out, "because I don't want you to watch this."

Steven was quick to do just that; he wanted to stay and try and keep anything bad from happening to Pearl, but he knew she could protect herself.

"Maybe if you'd just let me explain myself, you'd see that you're being ridiculous," Ahsoka Tano guessed, slowly taking out her weapons.

Shaking her head, Pearl argued, "I can't let you endanger Steven's life again!"

"It seems like Steven is in danger of losing his mom right now," Ahsoka Tano replied as she pulled her lightsabers out and activated them before holding them out in front of her.


Angered by that remark, Pearl ran at Ahsoka Tano and swung her spear at her with the goal of slicing her in half.

In retaliation, Ahsoka ducked under the spear before lifting Pearl higher in the air and launching her at the head of the statue using the Force. Then, she jumped onto the roof of the house and waited for Pearl to fall back down so that she could impale her with her lightsabers.

Pearl, surprising her opponent, quickly began moving above the water so that she would safely land away from any lightsabers. Once she was landed, she began firing energy blasts at Ahsoka Tano from afar, taking advantage of how her weapon doubled as a ranged weapon.

Instinctively, Ahsoka Tano raised her lightsabers up to block the energy blasts, but the blasts actually knocked her lightsabers out of her hand. Now unable to simply bounce the attacks back, she was forced to duck down, grab her weapons, and roll off the roof and onto the sandy ground. She proceeded to throw one of her lightsabers at Pearl like a boomerang.

With her eyes closed, Pearl ducked under the lightsaber before doing a twirl and jumping as it flew back toward the person who had thrown it. Which much grace, Pearl began making her way to where her opponent was, and she swung her spear at her head once she was close enough.

Immediately, Ahsoka Tano caught her lightsaber and used it to block the spear, and the spear ended up evaporating upon making contact with it.

Next, Pearl pulled another spear out, and instead of swinging it from the side at her opponent to slice her in half, she jabbed it forward at her opponent to stab her.

Before the blade could pierce her skin, Ahsoka Tano had moved to the side to dodge it. Ahsoka Tano then jumped onto the roof, flipped onto the window, and then hurled Force Jumped herself off the window with her lightsabers pointed forward as she flew toward her opponent. 

Pearl ducked and rolled forward to dodge the attack before readying her spear for when she would begin stabbing at Ahsoka Tano. 

Ahsoka Tano, realizing her attack wouldn't hit, deactivated her lightsabers before landing on her feet. She then stood straight up and reactivated them as she faced Pearl, and she held one lightsaber in a defensive position as she stepped forward and slashed at Pearl with the other.

Leaning forward, Pearl dodged the lightsaber and rolled forward before crouching down and aiming the spear as she charged an energy blast to fire directly at Ahsoka Tano's face.

Quickly, Ahsoka used the Force to fling Pearl's spear out of her hands and far into the ocean. While she already knew that she could create more, she was simply buying time for her to deliver a roundhouse kick to the side of Pearl's face.

While the kick was pretty powerful and it did leave a mark, Pearl still stood up the same as she did before the kick, as she had taken more powerful blows than that. She then quickly pulled a new spear out and fired multiple energy blasts at Ahsoka Tano. 

Having to avoid getting hit, Ahsoka Tano deactivated her lightsabers and tuck-and-rolled toward Pearl. Once she was close enough, she jumped up and delivered an uppercut to Pearl, knocking her back a foot or two. Unlike the human who had once punched her, Ahsoka's fist was not hurt.

Closing her eyes again, Pearl began twirling her around toward Ahsoka Tano with her spear in her hand.

To avoid the sharp edge of her spear, Ahsoka Tano ducked under it and activated her lightsabers in the direction of her legs.

Before the lightsabers could slice her legs open, Pearl jumped right over Ahsoka and performed the splits as she landed. She pointed her spear at her opponent while still doing the splits because she just wanted to show off her skills.

Needing to sneak up on Pearl, Ahsoka Tano concentrated on performing a some Force abilities that Pearl certainly wouldn't expect.

Growing impatient with how Ahsoka was just standing still, but when Pearl stepped forward to attack, Ahsoka Tano had vanished. Swiping in the area where she just was, Pearl found that she was no longer there. Before she could keep her search for her opponent going, a figure appeared in place of her that startled her greatly: a pale, hooded old man with a face that looked burnt, and one red lightsaber in one hand.

"W-who are you?!" Pearl asked this man with her spear pointed forward, slightly afraid.

"I am Darth Sidious," The man spat in a vile tone as he edged forward, "and I have a proposition for you."

Staying firm in her position, Pearl angrily told him, "I don't make deals with... hooded creeps!"

"You won't be saying that soon," He promised her as he put one of his lightsabers away before holding his hand toward her. 

Pearl screamed in terror as she was risen above the ground, and she quickly fired an energy blast at the man lifting her above the ground. Instead of blowing his head off, the blast seemed to go right through his head and blow up a part of the ground.

"W-what's going on here?!" Pearl asked angrily before her question was answered with the evaporation of the man who was holding her above the ground, and she was promptly dropped back onto the ground.

-end song-

Ahsoka Tano then reappeared near the beach, and she looked rather tired from the many Force abilities she was performing at once. Nevertheless, she was ready to defend herself with her lightsaber in front of her.



Ready to get it over with, Pearl gracefully jumped over to Ahsoka Tano before activating her Holo Pearl. Both her and the Holo Pearl held their spears and swiped them at Ahsoka. 

Quickly, Ahsoka Tano moved her lightsabers so that the spears would both get evaporated.

Both of the Pearls looked at each other before they changed their position, making it so that they were both on the opposite side of her. Then, they pulled out their spears and swiftly aimed to stab into Ahsoka.

Trying to make sure she could see both of them at the same time, Ahsoka held her lightsabers up so that the spears would hit her lightsabers, and that was what happened. 

What wasn't anticipated by her was Pearl knocking her off her feet with a swift kicking motion.

Ahsoka Tano managed to stab her lightsaber through the Holo Pearl before it could stab its spear into her chest, and she began struggling to get back to her feet.

Once she got back to her feet, Pearl attempted to stab her in the chest.

After barely managing to dodge that (getting a gash cut into her side), she wasn't feeling in very good shape. As she covered up her wound, she breathed rather heavily as she kept her lightsabers held in front of her.

"I'm sorry about what I did to your statue," Ahsoka Tano told Pearl, "and I understand why you must hate me, but I won't die without defending myself first."

"I respect that," Pearl admitted before she stabbed her spear into Ahsoka Tano's chest.

As the blade cut into her, Ahsoka Tano swung both of her lightsabers at Pearl in a last-ditch effort to land a hit. 

Before Pearl could get her spear out of her chest, one of the lightsabers cut through her own chest, and she gasped as she fell to the ground- dragging Ahsoka Tano down with her.

Before Ahsoka Tano died, the last thing she saw was her opponent's body glowing and disappearing completely- all except for her gem.

Six months later, Pearl has regenerated and the rest of the Crystal Gems express how upsetting it was for her to be gone for that long again. Steven reveals that he made a cake for her, and while Garnet says she knew Pearl would be okay, everyone could tell that she had been crying her eyes out.

Elsewhere, Anakin and the rest of the clonetroopers were still going on with their search for Ahsoka, not knowing that she had been buried in a beach town on Earth.


Nitri: *sniffles* I-i should've known that a battle featuring a Crystal Gem would cause tears to be shed.

bIzARRO: While both combatants ended up stabbed by a sword, only one of them stayed dead; the other had the power to regenerate.

Nitri: The main reason that Pearl won was because of her endless stamina, in comparision to Ahsoka Tano's low stamina. 

bIzARRO: While Ahsoka did earn some extra points for her superior speed and amazing Force abilities, Pearl stole the show with her superior strength and durability. 

Nitri: It looks like Ahsoka didn't make the cut.

bIzARRO: The winner is Pearl! ...haven't we used that pun before?


+ Superior strength
+ Superior durability
+ More stamina
+ Was able to regenerate
- Slower
- Weapon was still less impressive than lightsaber


+ Faster
+ Lightsaber was better than spear
- Inferior strength
- Inferior durability
- Less Stamina
- Unable to regenerate

Next time on DEATH BATTLE...

Pokemon trainers.

Some are good at what they aim to do...

Others... aren't.

But some are so bad at the whole 'being the very best thing'...'s actually pretty funny to watch.

Lousy Trainers By Goldenaura2015-daa4mbg by ProfessorSodaMan

Rusty vs. SMG4's Mario in: Turf War of the Terrible Trainers!
I hope you all enjoyed this battle and agreed with the outcome! More stories are on the way, but some are not DEATH BATTLES, so you guys who only like those will want to be patient!

Also, I tried to keep the songs a good length of time away from each other, so I hope I did better with that!
leonardthereptile Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Nice battle
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