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AGE: 37

Height: 5′ 10″

Nicknames: Sergeant Angel, Sergeant, Angel, Angle

Feats: Graduated Canterbury University in 1993 with a double first in politics and sociology

Displayed great aptitude in field exercises- notably, urban pacification and riot control

Academically excelled in theoretical course work and final year examinations

Graduated with distinction into the Metropolitan Police Service

Quickly established an effectiveness and popularity within the community

To this day, holds the Met record for the 100-meter dash

Received the Baton of Honor

In 2001 began active duty with the renowned SO 19 armed response unit.

Received a bravery award for efforts in the resolution of Operation Crackdown

Achieved the highest arrest record for any officer in the Met

Only got injured on three occasions during his time in the line of duty 

Received nine special commendations in just a year

Got an arrest record 400% higher than any other officer 

Got promoted to a sergeant... In Sandford, Gloucestershire

Discovered the cult that was behind all the murders and, after an awesome gun fight, sent the whole cult to jail 

Speed by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Holds the Met record for the 100-meter dash to this day- meaning that no one has beaten him, even after the movie's events have ended
 - Successfully dodged a car driving toward him in seconds by rolling out of the way
  - The driver was drunk so he very likely would've been hit if he hadn't dodged
 - appeared to be a literal blur when he zipped by The Living Statue during a chase, and everything else around him also resembled a blur even before that
  - By copy-and-pasting his disembodied head across a screenshot of that feat, and then using the height of a human head to measure the distance he travelled, I calculated that he had travelled 11.22 feet in .29 seconds, which means he travelled at around 1.6 yards in .26 seconds- making his running speed during that chase 5.6 meters per second (or 12.5 miles an hour)
 - After climbing over a car that had gotten in his way, he immediately got back to this speed
 - Quickly rolled out of the way of a knife that was about to be stabbed into him
 - Outran a large group of people before accidentally falling into a hole
 - Ran a large distance before a woman at the other side of a stone wall could fire her gun after loading it
 - Managed to dodge a bullet by jumping to the side in order to hide behind a fountain for cover
 - Dodged a sniper rifle shot, with the sniper shooting from a window with clear view of Angel
 - Just repeatedly narrowly dodges bullets fired at him while hiding behind a fountain by moving his head quickly
 - A slow-mo sequence showed him being able to fire a lot of bullets in the time it took him to jump into a pub through the doorway and fall to the ground (which is probably less than a second)
Smurt by ProfessorSodaMan
 - As noted above, academically excelled in his coursework 
  - Specifically proved to do well on the multiple choice tests
 - Skilled in many vocational activities
  - This includes Advanced Driving, Advanced Cycling, Chess, and Fencing
 - Became so skilled at his job as an officer, the Chief Inspector even said he had "...been making (them) all look bad."
 - Successfully pinned down one of the culprits behind the serial killings that had happened 
  - It did turn out, however, that it was actually a large cult of people who were behind the murders, and they were choosing victims for reasons much pettier than he determined
   - On the other hand, he did figure out it must've been more than one person before finding out about the actual cult
 - Knows that "there is always something going on"; can observe people around him to figure out if they might possibly be suspicious
  - Accurately predicted that the purple-suited man would be doing something suspicious, based off of how he was purposefully hiding his face
 - Knew the exact place to aim the can of spraypaint to hit the purple-suited man right in the head (see accuracy below)
 - Constantly proves his ability to look at his surroundings and find just the right thing to shoot at (besides his opponent) to bring an end to them 
  - Ex. shooting at a rope holding up a potted plant to cause it to fall down on a woman's head and knock her out
 - Proved to be great at coming up with plans on the spot 
  - Took one look at a bunch of shopping carts and immediately had the idea to ram all the shopping carts toward the people throwing knives at them

 - His training for the force has clearly paid off
 - Effortlessly jumps over multiple back-garden fences in a row, and flipped twice the height over the last one
  - Legal height of a back-garden fence is about 2 meters, so he jumped 4 meters into the air to get over the last fence... probably to just show off
 - While chasing after the hooded person who killed Leslie Tiller, he performed many great jumps and flips over tables of plants
Accuracy by ProfessorSodaMan
 - From a large distance away, managed to hit someone still running the opposite direction from him right in the head with a can spraypaint
 - Very skilled with guns, as proven by how he won a 'shoot all the things, win a prize' game immediately
Runnin by ProfessorSodaMan
 - can run long distances without tiring for a while
 - Ran all the way up to the roof of a church building before he had to catch his breath
 - As shown in this photo, ran all the way from his hotel to the castle without stopping, and managed to jump right over a fence before slowing down
  - He didn't even look tired after this 
  - If the hotel was the same distance from the castle as the actual places are in real life, it would've taken him almost a minute to run there (if he was running at his previously mentioned speed of 12.6 miles an hour), which means he can run for almost a solid minute without even tiring out
Boxes by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Able to carry a large amount of guns and ammo in boxes, and even carried many guns in his arms WITHOUT boxes without a problem
 - With the help of one other person, carried a sea mine into the evidence room
  - A sea mine weighs 200 kg (or 440 lb), and the person who helped carry it wasn't the most physically fit, so it is likely he carried most of the weight and just needed someone to balance it out
 - Hit a potted plant over someone's head hard enough to both knock them unconscious and break the pot
 - Opened an old-looking RV's door simply by ramming into it 
 - Knocked a man out with one punch
 - After jumping over a stone wall, kicked a woman hard enough to knock her to the ground and possibly broke her nose (based on how bloody it appeared afterward)
 - Broke a jar of jelly over someone's head 
 - Managed to catch a punch that was coming at him with the same force it did to punch him across the face
 - Delivered an uppercut to someone that sent them up a few feet and knocked them out for almost twenty seconds
Walked around unimpaired while carrying hundreds of guns and their ammunition, which should weigh roughly one thousand pounds or possibly more
 Ahhhhahaha by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Got grabbed and thrown to the ground and got back up immediately afterwards
 - Took a punch to the face and then immediately thrown at a dresser and stood standing 
 - Got thrown at a wall with enough force to break the glass of the framed picture there and quickly got back to his feet
 - Fell about 2.6 meters into a hole while running and got back up soon afterwards (and still had the strength to ram into a door to open it up) 
 - Jumped out of a one-story window and landed in a garbage bin full of very filled-up garbage bags and was completely fine, despite how uncomfy it would be to land in something like that
 - Took an elbow to the face, and got tackled to the ground with enough force to break the metallic "Stay off the grass" sign that he landed on, and got up to deliver more punches
 - Took four punches in a row, and then got back up to deliver a powerful uppercut to the person who punched him
 - Got hit right in the head by a supply cabinet and didn't seem injured by it
 - Survived an explosion caused by a naval mine no less than ten feet away from him without any form of protective clothing- and that same explosion was powerful enough to blow up an entire building 
 - Likely equal or superior in durability to Danny, who got shot in the chest point-blank by a pistol and then immediately survived the same building-destroying explosion that Nicholas did

(While he was seen grabbing a lot of weapons, I'll only list what he was mentioned using on this VERY helpful website:

Jericho 941 F

 - Used as his main sidearm during his assault on the town
 - Duel-wielded with a Taurus PT92AFS
 - Not actually an authorized weapon of the British police, but a lot cooler than a Glock

Taurus PT92AFS

 - Also his main weapon during his assault on the town
 - Duel wielded with the ericho 941 F
 - again, not an authorized weapon of the British police


 - Brought with him during his assault on the town
 - Used to shoot out a truck tire

Mossberg 500

 - Used during his assault on the town
 - Has a muzzle choke (for tighter shot patterns) and 18" barrel

 - A standard police weapon
 - can be used to throw at glass to break it so he can run through, or as a regular beating weapon

Proof by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Worn under his jacket 
 - Saved him from being killed via two bullets to the chest


Police Car 
 - Given to him because of his rank as a police officer and a Sergeant
 - Great for high-speed chases
 - Because of the classes in Advanced Driving he took, he is clearly an expert in driving this (or any car, for that matter)

 - Just a horse
 - Probably gotten from the police station
 - He knows how to ride it surprisingly well


 - Can be a bit quick to anger, especially when it comes to being insulted and pestered, or when people aren't listening to him (like when everyone still thought Tiller's death was an accident) 
 - Has trouble 'switching off'- i.e. he always takes his job seriously and doesn't seem to care about anyone more than said job (as mentioned many times in the movie)
  - A bit too obsessed with his job- so much so that he missed his ex-wife's dad's funeral
 - On a similar note, he is obsessed with police law; so much so that he'll never actually shoot to kill, even if the person/people he's shooting at might be deserving of it because of the things they did (ex. the NWA and the monstrous murders they were behind)
 - Also was said that he was 'always thinking away'- meaning that he was always changing his thoughts to another topic (usually one about his job) to avoid a certain train of thought
 - Despite his impressive durability, he is still human overall, and bullets could harm him- and even if he was wearing the bulletproof vest, a 

"Police work is as much about preventing crime as it is about fighting crime. Most importantly, it is about procedural correctness in the execution of unquestionable moral authority."
This is definitely going to surprise all my watchers, since I probably did'nt post about making a bio for another character, but I made this bio so I could help :iconyoungsamurai18: with an upcoming battle he was planning that would involve Nicholas Angel. So, I was spending all day watching Hot Fuzz to get the proper amount of info written about this guy. It took some time, since the movie was 2 hours long, but it was worth it- both because of how good the movie is, and how great it is to help people out.

I just thought of a battle involving Nicholas that would be pretty funny, but you can ask me if you want to know what it is, because there's no point hyping everyone up for a battle I may or may not do.
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