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Chosen One Vs Neo By Toxicmouse77-d9l9wby by ProfessorSodaMan

Nitri: In fantasy stories, there is usually some sort of prophecy saying something about a chosen one who will save everyone from evil.

bIzARRO: You'd think someone called The One or The Chosen One would look all unique and badass. However, these two look nothing like how you'd picture a chosen one to be. We're talking about Neo, the hacker who ended up breaking from a computerized world...

Nitri: ...and the Animation, a stick figure who was able to completely destroy his computer world a few minutes after being created in it. I'm Nitri, he's bIzARRO, and it's our job to test their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

Neo by ThePerpetual


Full Name: Thomas A. Anderson 

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185 lbs

Age: 28-37 years old 

Aliases: Mr. Anderson, Neo, The One

- Even before he awoke from the Matrix, his hacking skills made him a sought-after programmer for contraband programs

- Upon awaking from The Matrix, Neo spent ten straight hours learning various forms of martial arts through downloading it directly into his brain.

- He along with another hacker Trinity, assaulted a heavily armed military building, with Agents inside, to rescue Morpheus

- Defeated an Agent when everyone else who ever tried died or fled (done before he even became The One)

- Was killed by an Agent's hand, only to be resurrected as The One and opening his eyes to the possibilities of manipulating The Matrix, spending the next six months awakening humans from the Matrix

- Single-handedly fought off 50+ Agent Smiths (though the official number is still being debated)

- Single-handedly fought against six vampires (exiled programs from an older version of the Matrix) inside a Chateau, with only one scratch to show for it

- Rescued Morpheus and the Keymaker from a vehicle collision and explosion

- While in the real world, he was blinded by a covert Agent Smith but still managed to defeat him

- With assistance from Trinity, flew into 01, the Capital of the Machines when no other human was ever allowed to set foot in 01 before

- Made a deal with the Machine leader to destroy Agent Smith in exchange for a ceasefire between the machines and humanity, succeeding at the cost of his life

- In Path of Neo, defeated the giant MegaSmith(?!)

Nitri: For a guy wearing those clothes, he sure has accomplished alot without tripping on himself. 

bIzARRO: It is clear from what he's done that he is very skilled... so, we should probably just talk about those skills.

Nitri: We could talk about the plot of The Matrix and how Neo ended up breaking out of it.

bIzARRO: Okay, Matrix in one seentence: Neo is a very boring guy until a bald guy gives him pills that take him to the future, where his boringness is not cured. There, that's The Matrix. 


  - Strong enough to throw average-size human beings across rooms and rip poles out of concrete
  - Capable to sending people flying through the air with physical strikes
  - Possesses multi-city block feats
  - Able to destroy mountains into pieces
   - Fast enough to dodge bullets
   - Flew at over three times the speed of sound
   - Can perform flips and superhuman jumps
   - Exceedingly flexible, as well
   - Can punch at and react to the speed of lightning (about 220,000,000 miles per hour)
  - Can withstand numerous bullets and hits from super-humanly strong foes
  - Near-invulnerable
  - Can block a sword swing from a superhuman foe with the palm of his hand
  - Fought 50+ Agents without tiring
  - Decently clever
  - Is adept in using the environment to his advantage
 Heightened Awareness
  - Sees the world of the Matrix in it's code form to detect anomalies and exploit them if he can
  - Was blinded by Bane and yet still could sense the presence of machines or other programs like Smith

bIzARRO: the ability to block a sword with your palm is one I have rarely heard of.

Nitri: Anyone who is familiar with The Matrix knows of the famous Bullet Time. Well, that isn't just some fancy time slowing; Neo is just capable of dodging something that travels at a speed of about 1536 miles per hour. 

bIzARRO: that is two times the speed of sound, which doesn't come close to how fast Neo was capable of flying: THREE TIMES THE SPEED OF SOUND. The time it takes someone to watch one episode of Adventure Time is almost the time that he travelled 500 miles per hour. And that isnt even his fastest speed: that would be around Mach 11, to escape from an explosion.

Nitri: Of note is heightened awareness: we can see the whole world of the Matrix in code form, allowing him to detect literally anything that he can use to his advantage. 

bIzARRO: Now, maybe we can talk about those things he'll be using to fight against the stickman. Such as his Kung Fu...

  - Based entirely on self-defense through countering your adversary's attacks and ending the fight as quickly as it started. Some schools teach how to disarm and defend against weaponry
 - Inspired by the White Crane technique from Shaolin monks, this fighting style focuses on hard to soft striking attacks on your enemy
 - Manipulates your opponent's force against them. Best used in defeating armed opponents in close-combat
 - Spanish for the term "fencing," this combat style involves the precise use of weapons like sticks, knives and even the use of improvised weapons (like metal poles)
Drunken Boxing
- Translated from the name "Zui Quan," the fighting style earned it's name for the way combat resembles that of a drunkard through fluidity and the appearance of lacking balance, making it difficult for opponents to predict your next move. It's the most difficult style to learn and dangerous style to practice in real life. Don't try it kids.
- A korean combat style that places emphasis on lightning-fast kicking attacks but keeping yourself in control and balanced at all times. North Korean Special Operation Forces currently train their troops with this combat style, along with Hapkido.
 Kung Fu (obviously)
- Kung Fu itself is meant to act as a insightful look into the culture that created it. But in the world of sports, it's better known as Wushu and it's most recognizable practitioners include teachers Wong Fei Hung, Huo Yuanjia, Yip Man, and film actors Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen

bIzARRO: And all of these were downloaded directly into his brain, allowing him to perform them without real training. And people wonder why I think he's boring.

Nitri: ...right. Anyways, a notable fighting style he uses is the Drunken Boxing style: it is named that way for how the user of it will move like someone who just finished his sixth bottle of alcohol, making it hard to predict their move. This will usually have them moving back with the opponent's attack.

bIzARRO: now, he would be fine just with his Kung-Fu, but he enjoys bringing out the big guns... or the small guns, or the pointy knives. Weapooons.

Twin Beretta 92 Pistols
- 15 Rounds
- Semi-automatic
- 9x19mm caliber
Yugoslavic Model 61 Skorpion
- 30 Rounds
- Full automatic and semi-automatic
- .32 ACP caliber (despite the movie showing 5.56x45mm shells dropping)
M16 Assault Rifle
- 20 Round magazine
- Safe/Semi/Automatic
- 5.56mmx45mm caliber
- Japanese weapon originally used for planting rice before it found a deadlier use for crowd control
- Popularized by the people of Okinawa who would use the tools in combination with Karate, Tegumi and Kobudō 
- Not only can it be used to stab, but the side guards can be used to disarm an enemy weapon if need be
Metal Pole
- ripped straight out of concrete
- For some reason, he really loves em
- Of European make
- Nothing special about it, besides hurting people

And about anything else he gets his hands on, really

Nitri: Neo's iconic weapon, strangely, is his metal pole. He'll just pluck that out of the ground and start hitting people with it like ducks.

bIzARRO: *shocked* 

Nitri: O-okay, maybe that wasn't the right thing to say- 

bIzARRO: And you say I'M weird? 

Nitri: L-let's just talk about his powers...

- Can not only heal himself but also heal others if he chooses
- Manipulate objects in the Matrix through willpower alone
- Can generate protective shielding
- Can stop bullets and other projectiles in mid-air by raising his hand
- Could obliterate hundreds, if not thousands or of machine drones at once even in the human world/Earth where his powers were weaker than in the Matrix
- Fast enough to break the Sound Barrier
Can Rewrite Matrix Coding at his own pleasure 
- Though it has limits
Master of any kind of weapon at his disposal 
- Conventional weapons such as firearms and swords
- Can use unconventional tools for devastating effect, such as a pole
Internal Combustion
- Allows for Neo to enter a program's body and destroy them from the inside (only done once, may only work on programs created by the Matrix and not real people plugged into the system, so its not sure that he can utilize it against other beings)
Computer Hacker experience allows him to detect potential weak spots in a program and take advantage of it

bIzARRO: Wowee, healing powers? Just strap him to a cross and come back three days later, if you're not being subtle about it.

Nitri: It may seem like Neo wouldn't need to heal himself, since he can stop bullets in midair or simply dodge them, but you never know, I guess. 

bIzARRO: He can also use his most powerful ability, Internal Combustion, you enter a program's body and destroy them from the inside. He can combine this with his ability to find weak spots in a program to just destroy anything he enters with it. 

Nitri: He has only used it once, so it is possible that this is an ability he'd only use if the situation was dire. Speaking of which, let's see what the opponent could take advantage of to make that happen...


- Is only human; can bleed, sustain injuries and feel pain that his mind reflects onto his physical body
- Neo is still bound by the capacity of the system and can't change everything, so he isn't omnipotent
- His body in the outside world is incredibly vulnerable to attack
- Is an average joe when not connected to the Matrix

bIzARRO: He may seem like a totally overpowered plank of Keanu Reeves, but he is still human, which means he can get injured in ways that will make him get hurt.

Nitri: Yep, that's no surprise. His coding powers have limits too; he can only take code and change it, not make something into something entirely different. 

bIzARRO: Despite his 'human' flaw, he has accomplished things no human has dreamed of. But can he stand his ground against the most famous stickfigure out there?


Height: Might be 20 pixels tall

Weight: Probably not much

Aliases: The Animation

Feats: Getting itself out of its virus-protection shackles

Defeating a stick figure programmed to kill its and bringing it to its side

Completely destroying the Animator's computer

Getting itself into the Animator's new computer after the old one was destroyed with it in it

Destroyed the mouse, temporarily having free reign over the computer

Ended its long fight with the animator and helping him improve in its animation

Defeated Herobrine as he possessed essentially Creative Mode with limited supplies (and friends)


Incredibly rebellious 

Very determined; will keep fighting until it either wins or is defated itself

Nitri: The Animation was created when a bored Animator decided, "Hey, I think I'll make a stick figure with Dragonball Z-level power! What could go wrong?"

bIzARRO: A lot of things, basically. His computer ended up completely destroyed when The Chosen One turned The Dark Lord, a stick figure programmed to kill The Chosen One, to its side.

Nitri: Not only has it been able to accomplish things that people in its world would call Universe Tier (he does live in a computer, after all), The Chosen One isn't the dullest knife in the drawer; it's been shown to be clever and good at thinking of plans.

bIzARRO: We can talk all about that stuff with his SKILLS!

 - Lifted an entire AIM window (which was many times taller than him) to hit someone with
 - Stomping on the ground broke the scroll bar out to use as a weapon- the scroll bar being almost three times thicker than his torso
 - Stomped on the ground with one foot hard enough to cause an explosion
 - Able to hit the computer arrow hard enough to knock it back 
 - Shown repeatedly to overpower the computer mouse with grappling strength 
 - Tied a paper clip into a knotted-up ball
 - Caught an axe that was thrown at it
 - Dodged bulletfire AND RPG fire (RPG fire being almost 660 miles per hour) 
 - Has shown to react incredibly fast (with actions shown in slow motion to emphasise that)
 - Dodged laser fire (from Google Chrome)
 - Able to walljump, and can latch onto walls 
 - Rarely gets out of breath
 - Has taken hard hits (giant text hitting him, Clippy jumping at him and knocking him against the wall) and gotten back up from them immediately
 - Was shot by a laser (from Google Chrome) and was able to get right back up without being hurt
 - Was able to form a plan to defeat Herobrine in little time with little supplies
 - In new surroundings, is able to take anything it can find to use as a weapon
 - Created a makeshift laser gun out of things it found in Flash
 - Able to draw great art and convince all the drawings to destroy the Animator's Flash in seconds


 - Can breathe fire and shoot it out of its hands 
 - Shooting a constant burst of fire from both hands enables it to fly
 - Can shoot ice blasts from hands
 - Blasts were able to completely freeze the Firefox, a being made entirely out of fire
Electric Powers 
 - Can shoot electricity from hands
 - Said electricity was able to turn the Flash icon to dust (and probably destroyed said program)
Laser Eyes
 - Can shoot lasers from eyes for an extended period of time
 - Won against the Adobe Photoshop eye in a laser duel
Able to eat almost anything, from buttons on the Windows Start menu to text in Microsoft Word
 - Can shoot said text at bullet-like speeds
Was able to return after destroying the computer with him in it, and was resistant enough to not get deleted like the rest of his friends were
Able to defeat four stickfigures programmed to fight each other 

Nitri: Clearly, this is no ordinary doodle.

bIzARRO: Being able to dodge RPG fire (and use the missile fired at it as a STEPPING STONE) is very impressive to us, but that's nothing to it; The Chosen One has shown to have incredibly fast reflexes.

Nitri: You can probably see why we are pitting it against Neo: both have used Bullet Time (one even made it), both were from computer worlds that they rebelled against (one of them eventually befriending their creator), and both don't look the part of The One or The Chosen One. 

bIzARRO: I wouldn't expect a stick figure to shoot fire, ice, AND lightning out of its hands. Now, onto its weapons: 


Anything it can find
 - Will take anything it can see in the tab its in and use it as a weapon 
Minecraft Block
 - Allows it to create any blocks or items, ala Creative Mode 

bIzARRO: C'mon, did you think we'd list every weapon it EVER used here? It have the ability to take ANYTHING it finds in its area and use it as a weapon; we could throw it into this very tab and it would be able to destroy the computer with the heading tools. 

Nitri: Let's not give it any ideas. Now, this stick figure isn't entirely OP. Let's see what weaknesses it has.


A nonstop barage of attacks would keep it from making a move 

Is able to be trapped in a thick enough and small enough box

Weapons like guns and sharp melee weapons clearly must hurt him, which is why it makes the effort to dodge them

Can be deleted like any program 


bIzARRO: Despite its assortment of powers and skills, it is very likely that bullets still harm it; we just haven't seen them actually hit it, since The Chosen One can simply dodge those attacks with ease. 

Nitri: A constant barrage of attacks (like being hit repeatedly with a computer icon's mouse) would be able to keep it from attacking, and with a thick enough and small enough box, it would be trapped.

bIzARRO: And, like that Yakety Sax mp3 we downloaded, it can be deleted with a right click and a click on the Delete button. 

Nitri: But, unlike that catchy song, The Animation aka The Chosen One has shown to fight against deletion. But will it be able to fight its way to victory against Mr. Anderson? Find out next time on DEATH BATTLE!

The ultimate battle of The One: Prelude! Who do you think will reign victorious in the end? Tell me your thooughts
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Yottatron1024 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 3, 2016
Neo I guess. Nah! I'm going with the Chosen One! I like both, but the Chosen One wins. It has more persona than Neo. Not saying Neo has none (But why not list it there?), I just think Chosen One has a lot more personality. He can also do ANYTHING destructive.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Student Writer
I agree, The Chosen One definitely had more power in his realm.
Yottatron1024 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
I wonder if Chosen One becomes a meme any day.
sooshirohl Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think The Chosen One has a chance unless it somehow brings itself and Neo to the real world. But then again, The Animation can't really die unless either the flash is deleted or the computer is destroyed. But even then, it can still find a way to come back if the drawer is willing to reanimate the stick figure. So technically, both are pretty much immortal.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Student Writer
Neo is capable of sustaining injuries, and he has to heal himself- it isn't like Wolverine's healing factor. If The Animation were to deal nonstop blows to Neo, it could prove fatal. You did bring up good points, though.
sooshirohl Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Wait, if this fight takes place in the internet, couldn't the chosen one just redraw any broken body parts?
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Student Writer
Yeah, I'm sure Chosen One would be capable of hopping onto MS Paint, putting on the Line tool and drawing a broken leg back on. That's an advantage he has over Neo- with his simplistic stick body, he is capable of simply drawing his limbs back, while Neo must use strange Matrix powers to heal his wounds. I know The Chosen One won't simply sit around while Neo is lying on the ground with a broken leg, using his concentration on healing that leg and nothing else.
sooshirohl Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Even IF The Chosen One had to's probably unlikely. I's a drawing. I don't think drawings really get hurt.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Writer
Well, you're right. Plus, with how quick his reflexes are, you'd need to be very quick to hit him. Neo can go Mach 11, though.
sooshirohl Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I think the Chosen One's gonna win this. No matter HOW many times it get's hit, it wouldn't really die. The only way it can die is if it get's deleted, and even then, it'll still get back. I think it's just gonna stall Neo out.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Writer
Majin123 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Student Artist
I'm rooting for the chosen one
ZephyrosOmega Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
The chosen one wins, cause it has a personality.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Student Writer
Let's hope. ^^
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