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Nitri: Alright, the combatants' skills have been analyzed long enough.


Kirby's Demons- Battle Royale by ProfessorSodaMan

On the planet of Popstar, far from where anyone would ever go, there was a crater that rested in the ground. Lights began to glow in this crater; four lights, to be exact, each on their own side. Eventually, these lights formed into four strange beings. One seemed to be made of yarn and held two knitting needlesAnother one was vaguely woman-like and wore a wizard hat (and wielded a paintbrush and a mirror shield). The third one resembled a knight with two floating hands by its side. The last one seemed to be a floating, one-eyed and shadow-like starfish. They all were a bit confused about how they were alive, but once they noticed the other people in the 'arena', they knew what they were here to do.


Drawcia began firing some fire blasts at Yin-Yarn, who dodged it and began knitting someone for her to distract herself with. Unfortunately, while he was distracted, Dark Nebula had enough time to fire a few fire stars at him, singing him and knocking him off his 'feet'. He quickly finished knitting the enemy: Fangora, a giant fire-breathing dragon. They were all a bit surprised at the size of the creature that this guy just knitted in so little time, but they chose to ignore it and continue fighting each other. 

Dark Mind opened up his cloak, and stars flew out toward Dark Nebula in a wave formation. Dark Nebula dodged them by swerving high above him. As he began firing his own fire stars at Dark Nebula, Drawcia had decided to actually attack the giant yarn dragon. It surprised her to find out that it perished after one hit from her fire blast. She shrugged and painted a King Dedede to attack Yin-Yarn. In response, Yin-Yarn quickly knitted up a giant Capamari (with a lot of water spawning in for it to swim in). The two other battlers found this to be odd, but kept fighting anyway. The Paint Dedede fell into the water and began swimming towards the giant squid, but quickly realized that paint and water didn't mix when he began dissolving away. Drawcia was angered by this, so she fired some fire blasts at Yin-Yarn, who saw this and began running around in fear. Enraged, Drawcia continuously fired more fire blasts at him, not noticing the bomb thrown at her.

She was thrown to the now icy ground (which was created by Dark Nebula), where the Capamari was now frozen like an ice statue. Dark Nebula then began rapidly firing stars at her, and she turned began moving out of the path of the stars. She painted a Kracko, who flew high above her enemies and began dropping some Waddle Doos to attack them. Dark Mind attempted to ignore this pitiful foe and teleport towards Drawcia, but was hit by an electric storm and fell to his feet. As the one-eyed cloud rained some water upon him, Dark Nebula took this oppurtunity to fly up and drop his giant fireball upon them. Drawcia was taking advantage of Dark Mind's fall to fire some fire blasts at him, which damaged him a bit, but also encouraged him to get up and attack her. He threw a giant bomb on the ground, which began to tick slowly. Then, the fireball hit the ground and exploded, spreading fire all around. Most of them managed to fly above the fiery explosion, but (almost) all of them were affected by the bomb's explosion.

Much of the ice was now melted, with Drawcia, Dark Mind and Yin-Yarn now on three different floating ice slabs of their own. Capamari had exploded into many yarny chunks, which broke Yin-Yarn's heart- and made as a good distraction, which helped Dark Mind teleport to Yin-Yarn and push him off, firing many Fire Stars at him to keep him from trying to get out of the water. Yin-Yarn sunk to the bottom, and the others moved on from his supposed death to continue to fight. Dark Nebula, still high above them, moved on to its electric powers, firing electrifying stars at Drawcia. She nearly fell off her ice slab in an attempt to dodge them, getting a bit electrocuted as a result. She climbed back onto her feet and fired some blasts at Dark Nebula, who simply moved out of the way, going closer to them Space Invaders-style. Dark Mind, realizing they needed to defeat this guy before they could go back to fighting each other, began firing many electric stars at Dark Nebula' eye. He moved away from them, only to be hit by more fire blasts from Drawcia. Both of these eventually grew too much for him, and he evaporated into many tiny little stars. Both Drawcia and Dark Mind cheered in victory before turning to face each other.

Just before they could make the first move, something burst out from under the water: Mega Yin-Yarn. Both Drawcia and Dark Mind were caught off guard by the colorful figure, who began firing missiles at them from his mouth. Dark Mind opened his cloak to begin firing stars at the opponent, but a missile hit his core, dealing him massive damage. Drawcia would've been happy to see such an opponent meet their demise, but it wasn't the time to celebrate. She summons her Para Sorceresses, who all flew at Mega Yin Yarn with the intention of causing him harm. He had trouble dodging them with how big he was, and he got hit in the face a couple times by them. He then saw a giant floating eyeball and nearly jumped out of his fabric. This was the Power Orb Form of Dark Mind. 

Mirrors swirled all around the giant eyeball, who began charging a laser to fire at Mega Yin-Yarn. In a panic, Mega Yin-Yarn fired a missile at him, but the eyeball just moved away to dodge it. It fired the laser and hit Mega Yin-Yarn in the face, dealing him a bit of damage. The Power Orb began charging another beam, prompting Mega Yin-Yarn to fire another missile at him. This made contact with a mirror, exploding into shards which flew toward the one responsible for breaking them. It cut his yarn threads a bit and made him very angry. Drawcia, meanwhile, decided to start firing some fire blasts at the eyeball. She began breaking his mirrors, dodging the shards by jumping over them, and eventually was about to break the last one. Luckily, he had just finished charging another laser, which hit Mega Yin-Yarn again and caused him to vanish, with only a few pieces of thread remaining. Smiling, Drawcia destroyed the last mirror and jumped into the water to avoid the glass shards. 

She got out of the water to see that the Power Orb did not explode. Instead, it began to shrink and fly into the sky. She followed suit, wanting to defeat it once and for all. She fired a multitude of fire blasts at it, with almost all of them missing except for one. The tinier eyeball fired a barrage of stars at her, which she flew away from to dodge. She then painted in Paint Roller, who began skating (in space) towards FORM 3. It painted a parosal, which flew toward the eyeball and then exploded upon contact with it. In pain, it continued firing the stars at Drawcia, as desperate as she was to end the opponent's life. She looked at the stars that flew by her as she dodged them and wondered if she draw those. She began painting quickly and launched the new stars at FORM 3. Not only did the paint hurt the eye baaadly, but it also caused it great damage to be hit by its own attack (even a painted version of it). After a dozen stars hit it, it ended up exploding into gross bits. Drawcia smiled, zooming back to Popstar. She crash-landed into a village, causing a deathtoll in the thousands. But hey, she won!


bIzARRO: ...really?

Nitri: Okay, here me out here. While Dark Mind had the most forms, and was very powerful, Drawcia was also powerful. 

bIzARRO: Yeah, she was.

Nitri: Add onto the fact that this wasn't one pink guy that Dark Mind was fighting, but THREE. One of those three could turn into a tank that shot MISSILES at you. You don't want to be the guy who has to open up his cloak and expose his weak spot in order to attack in that scenario.

bIzARRO: I don't want to be that specific guy in ANY scenario. 

Nitri: Along with that, his main defenses really were his biggest weak spots. Blowing them all up will lead to the defeat of his second form, which is the opposite of what shields are supposed to do. And his final form didn't help him much.

bIzARRO: And who's to say that Drawcia wouldn't be able to replicate the attack of an opponent that accurately?

Nitri: I guess this was wasn't a very pretty picture for Dark Mind. The winner is Drawcia.

Next time on Death Battle...

"Go to sleep!"

Jeff-the-Killer by ProfessorSodaMan


"There is nothing I won't do for Senpai. I won't let anyone come between us. I don't care what I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill."

Yandere by ProfessorSodaMan


I hope you guys enjoyed the results of this Death Battle, and are excited to see who will win the next one. I have a weird idea for another Death Battle after that.
ZephyrosOmega Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
R.I.P. Yandere-chan.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Student Writer
Jeff the Killer can take out three guys on his own and can break bones with his bare hands, but you should wait til you see both of their stats before making your vote.
ZephyrosOmega Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I know their stats already.
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