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Jigglypuff meets Unikitty by ProfessorSodaMan Jigglypuff meets Unikitty by ProfessorSodaMan
Yeah, this idea came to me while I was searching for DeviantArt drawings, and a searched for "Jigglypuff Unikitty". Guess what? No one has made a drawing of that! Until now, that is. 

Okay, the story is: Unikitty was walking through the woods, when she heard a strange sound. She peaked through the bushes, and she saw none other than Jigglypuff herself performing a song in front of a crowd ("crowd" meaning "12 pokemon"). Unikitty thought this was her time to shine, so she jumped on stage and belted out a song she made up on the spot (with a month of practice). All the pokemon were amazed... all except for one, Jigglypuff. She was upset that she was upstaged by a cat/unicorn hybrid. Her little tuft of hair flopped down similar to Pinkamena's hair, which isn't a good sign. When the crowd left, the only ones remaining were Unikitty, and "Fupylgij" (pronounced "Fupil-Gij", and this is her evil name). Fupylgij uses her amazing cute powers to make Unikitty obey her, as a punishment. Trust me, Fupylgij does not plan on doing anything disgusting or gross with Unikitty, probably something that involves gore, but nothing... "kinky", as some people say. But that doesn't stop you from having your sick fantasies. My Eyes, They Burn 

And before anyone asks: No, I do not think Jigglypuff's tuft of hair holds that much hair. It would be difficult to draw the hair thinner. I drew this on a labtop, cut me some slack, will ya? 
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April 5, 2014
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