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Nitri: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

bIzARRO: It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE!

Yandere Chan Vs Jeff The Killer By Kingkoopa121-d9 by ProfessorSodaMan

Yandere-Chan arrived at Akademia High School, hearing that a new student was arriving on that day. After asking for more information about the student, she was given newspaper clippings about someone named "Jeff the Killer". Info-Chan asked her if she needed any further help, but Yan told him that she would be fine on her own. She sighed as she walked to her locker, hoping that this guy wouldn't get in her way. As she began to get out her books, she saw her Senpai and Jeff begin to get into a fight.

"Watch where you're going, punk," Jeff growled at him, who had just walked into him without paying attention. Senpai backed off in fear, and Ayano grew angry at the sight of her Senpai being threatened. She stepped over in front of Senpai. 

"Nobody is permitted to hurt my Senpai," She threatened Jeff, who did not seem that threatened at all. Senpai took the opportunity to get away, with a crowd of kids watch to see what would happen between this new student and the school Yandere.


She ran towards Jeff while wielding her katana, having the intent of cutting his neck open. Jeff ducked under the swing before attempting to swerve around behind her and stab her in the back. She then swerved around and sliced his left hand before he could do so, leaving a rather nasty wound. Despite that, Jeff did not drop his weapon; in fact, he just seemed to grow angrier. He came towards her and tried to push her against the wall so he could properly stab her in her heart, but she pushed him away, surprising him with her strength. She then charged forward and tried to stab the katana into his chest, but he sidestepped from the attack, and she stabbed her weapon into the wall. Jeff tried to take this as his chance to stab her in the back, but she quickly pulled the weapon out of the wall and turned back to face Jeff, making him step away to avoid the rather large sword. 

"You know, we seem to be evenly matched," Jeff joked, passing his knife back and forth between each of his hands before trying to impale it into her skull. 

"No, we are nothing alike," She rebutted as she dodged his knife and stabbed the katana into his shoulder, "I fight for someone I love. As I have learned from the news, you are nothing but a deranged sadist." 

This statement angered Jeff, as it reminded him of how he had murdered his parents that one night. He grabbed the katana and pulled it out of his shoulder and out of her hands, almost making her fall onto her feet. "I may be deranged, but I'm smarter than you!" Jeff exclaimed, slicing at her with her weapon. Not used to having her own weapon used to threaten her, she pulled her screwdriver out and began retreating. The students all saw Jeff and screamed, retreating in the same general direction Yandere-Chan went in. 

He laughed, happy to have such a durable sword for him to use. He tossed his own knife aside and ran through the halls to find where she could be. Jeff was surprised to run in to find the halls swarming with students, who began to run at the sight of him. He was happy that they were out of his way, but he could hardly tell which one was his target. He ran and stabbed one of them in the back with the hopes that it was her, but took another look at her to realize it was a different girl. He tossed her limp body to the side and began running through the halls some more, hoping he'd eventually find her. 

Yandere-Chan had propped a chair against the Chemistry Lab's door to keep it shut, hoping Jeff was busy running through the school. "Info-Chan, this guy is surprisingly durable. A stab to the shoulder would make any of my classmates faint- and I would know- but he just stole the katana right out of my hands!" She rambled to her anonymous companion, who was happy to help. 

"Don't worry about it, I have all the information on this guy," Info-Chan told her before giving her more information that was gathered from the internet. She read it thouroughly and discovered some interesting things; one, that the whole reason his face looks like that is from having it set on fire; two, that he was just an average teenage boy before he went all crazy. 

"I almost thought he was unkillable, but now I know what to do..." She grabbed the vile of poison just before she heard a bang against the door. 

Jeff peeked through the window and smiled his signature smile when he saw her looking at her phone, as he'd expect a teenage girl to do. (hey, that's not me, that's Jeff.) He banged against the door with all his force, trying to get it open. He realized that, not only was it locked, it had a chair propped against it. He sighed and broke the door's window and began to climb in. "You think you can run from me, girl?! I'll make sure you know my name before I spill your blood on the wall!" She smiled a little when she realized she had a chance to attack him, and she did so. S

She charged at him and stabbed the screwdriver into his throat, and he stopped yelling insults and gasped. She then pulled it out, and blood began to gush out of the open wound. She then carefully climbed over him and out the window, grabbing her own katana from his hands. Placing the vile of poison in her pocket (and also putting away the screwdriver), she began to run to the Nurse's room, wanting to kill him in a way that would leave no proof. Sure, she had every opportunity to kill him as he was, but she figured she could give him a bit of a chance; he seemed like he needed it.

In a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding, he took a beaker from the chemistry lab and shoved it into the new hole in his throat. It was painful, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle; after the whole 'burning alive' thing, he believed he could withstand any pain. He began to run in the direction of the bloody footprints left by her. When those ran out, he had to try and think hard about where she would be heading. What did he see her taking in that Chemistry Lab? It was a vile of something... it was green... Poison, that's what it was. Now, he began running more, slowly figuring out what else she'd need to go with her vile of poison.

Knowing the school inside and out, she quickly got to the Nurse's office and got the syringe. She placed the poison into the syringe, excited about what she was going to do. She usually just killed people who threatened to take her love, but that almost seemed petty compared to her new quest. She didn't bother propping the door shut, since she really wanted him to come to her. 

Jeff started at her through the window, angry that she was still alive. He had found his trusty knife that he foolishly threw away earlier, and he made sure to apologize for leaving it behind. Knowing fully that she wanted him to go in there just so she could poison him, he chose to wait until she grew tired of waiting and made her way out; then, she'd fall into his clever-ish trap. He tried to keep himself from laughing.

She began to wonder why he hadn't stepped in yet, and began walking towards the door before Info-Chan texted her. He told her sincerely, "Don't you think he would've walked in here by now if he didn't know that you had this plan?" She thought that was very clever of Jeff, but was a bit mad that he was managing to trick her. "B-but, how do I get him to fall victim to my poison?" She asked Info-Chan. He sighed, wishing she'd get the hint. "Answer is, you don't need to. You know that katana of yours? You could always try spearing him in the heart with it," After hearing that explanation, she thought of an idea for how to get rid of this guy forever.

He had almost fallen asleep waiting for her to come out, but when she did, he jumped up and stood in a fighting stance. He was then wondering where the syringe of poison was, but quickly told himself to not worry about it; she was probably stupid enough to forget. She came at her with his sword, and he ducked while laughing. "That old sword-swinging gimmick isn't going to get me this time," He snickered with malice in his voice, the students peeking from across the hall; they knew they should be in class, but this was too awesome of a fight to ignore. Yandere-Chan smiled and smoothly ran into the crowd of people (not caring if anyone was hurt by her weapon). Jeff grew impatient as he tried to find her through the crowd of similarly-dressed students. Eventually, he grew angry and began killing each of them one by one, knowing he'd find her in there somewhere.

Yandere-Chan knew he was going to do the 'killing everyone' thing, and managed to slip out of the crowd unnoticed as he murdered her classmates. She wanted to wait until after he tired himself out to strike, and it wasn't long until she heard him yell in a mix of anguish and disbelief, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE?!" She counted to three before turning the corner and pointing her katana forward. As expected, he ran right into it. He tried to back away, but she stepped forward with him until he was impaled into the wall with a katana in his chest. 

Despite the horrible pain going through him, Jeff just laughed at her. "Y-you think a stab to the heart stops me? Do you know who I am?! I'm Jeff the Killer, you sick daughter of a-" Before he could finish that sinful sentence, he felt a... rather unfamiliar pain go through his blood. Unlike a papercut or a stab to the shoulder, it didn't just sting and give him a masochistic sense of joy; it made him feel incredibly weak. "W-what did you do to me?!" He yelled at her while trying to reach his hands forward to choke her, with that only resulting in him easing his way up the blade.

"Heh, you see, I knew there was no way that I could give this poison to you... at least, with you knowing that it was poison," She explained as Jeff grew angrier and weaker, "but I thought of a fun idea; what if I put poison at the tip of my blade so that a stab to the heart would result in your death?" He wasn't answering that rhetorical question for more than one reason. "I figured that you had a tolerance to pain, so the only way to truly kill you is to give you a dose of poison- right where the blood flows from!" By now, Jeff was by the hilt of the sword, cursing at her madly and trying to keep his grip on the knife. She giggled and pried the weapon from his hands and told him cruelly, "This'll add nicely to my collection!" His cursing died down as he felt the last of his life fade. He then went limp, and she let his body slide off her katana. By now, plenty of blood had gone everywhere, which made a big mess. Thankfully, good ol' Ayono Aishi was there to mop it up.



Nitri: I guess I'm the one who was right, eh?

bIzARRO: Quit braggin' and explain this. 

Nitri: Okay, geez... well, Yandere-Chan had an upper-hand with her stealth, which Jeff had never really factored into his fighting for. If he were to be in an Agent 47-style mission where he was trying to track down a target among a crowd, it wouldn't be too long before he snapped and started killing them all through pure impatience and insanity.

bIzARRO: Plus, she did have a better range of weapons. A katana outclasses a kitchen knife any day. 

Nitri: And really, Jeff was new to this school and Yandere-Chan was already an active student there, would you really not expect him to be running through the halls without any clue where she might be?

bIzARRO: The whole reason we placed it at the school, by the way, was so there would be more bloodshed, and so the setting would be more familar to the audience. And to give her a chance to use her poison. 

Nitri: With enough time, she was able to figure out a plan that she could set into action using Jeff's biggest weakness: his cockiness.

bIzARRO: No, this has nothing to do with chickens. Jeff has a tendency to assume that he will win, even if he might not. Plus, he's as mad as a hatter, so he probably had more than a few screws lose. He's willing to kill anyone who ticks him off, and that ended up sooorta working against him. You could say Jeff could've used a few more tips. Ones that weren't poisoned.

Nitri: You ruined the pun. The winner is Yandere-Chan.

Next time on Death Battle...

I've only got ninety days until my next round with that caped clod! How does he do it?

 Mr. Mxyzptlk by ProfessorSodaMan


"Good morning!"

Transparent Uncle Grandpa with sunglasses by ProfessorSodaMan

Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Uncle Grandpa!

I hope everyone thought the conclusion I came to was fair (I just had fun thinking of it), and I hope you look forward to the next chaotic episode of DEATH BATTLE.
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