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It's Just A Human Pinata, No Big Deal by ProfessorSodaMan It's Just A Human Pinata, No Big Deal by ProfessorSodaMan
You could tell I was in a GREAT mood when I drew this! But seriously I am feeling great today. So why did I draw this? .............. it was because, a long time ago, I imagined something dark and strange. It eventually turned into this, a frightening/chilling tale of a naiive, optimistic, and single-minded soul called Stitches The Fundoll, who as his name states is not human but a doll made of some sort of magical stitching. He works at Birthday Parties, Holidays and Work Parties. One day after a party where he had handmade a Pinata for the kids to destroy, he came across a strange thing: It appeared to be a human body, but Stitches was confused because it was not moving, and he crawled into the window, closing it afterwards. He took a closer look and concluded it was not a human body at all: It was a Human Pinata, built to look like a human. He took the plank of wood (aka The Pinata Smasher) he always kept in case of Pinata Emergencies and started beating the... shingles out of the Human Pinata. He saw some red stuff come out, and he tasted it. Surprisingly it didn't taste that bad to him. So he continued wapping the Human Pinata. A few minutes later, it appeared to have ran out of the red stuff, and he was full anyway, so as he was about to leave, he turned his head to see a blonde woman with mascara running down her face pointing at either Stitches or the Human Pinata. After the above image, he ran out of the window and escaped the woman, and the cops who were called on him. He never ate a human pinata again........ or so the story goes that I made up. DARKEST SKETCH DARKEST SKETCH DARKEST SKETCH :eyetwitch: 

Should I make this Mature Content... hmmm... you know what, my drawings look like a kid with a broken hand drew them (no offense to kids with broken hand (or to me or anyone who loves my art)) so I think DeviantArt's master builder creator won't think of this as Mature Content. I bet some kids really will think this is a Human Pinata. DAARKEST SKEETCH 
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Submitted on
May 25, 2014
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