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Nitri: Well, the combatants are set, let's end this debate (that we started) once and for all.


Henry Stickmin Vs. The Stickdude by ProfessorSodaMan

    Henry climbed down from the ladder and hopped onto the roof of his target's house. He heard the General tell him from the earpiece, "This is a very dangerous mission, which is why we are trusting its execution to you. The man you are about to face is decievingly clever and powerful, and must be killed at all costs. With your reputation, we know you will be able to do it. We gave you all of your past tools in order to help you. Charles will also be avaliable to help you at any point in the mission," 
    The General took a break from explaining to let Charles say 'hello' to Henry. The General then signed off, and Henry was left to choose his method for breaking into his target's house.
    He chose the simplest way: the front door. Taking a paper clip he had found in his pocket, he managed to pick the lock and get himself inside. He quietly made his way from the entrance to behind a couch, which was covered in half-empty bags of chips and reruns of sports playing on the TV. Ignoring the mess, Henry began sneaking along the walls and toward the stairs that led to his target. That was when he suddenly heard a very irritating sound.


    Henry jumped before turning to see a small bird screeching at him and flapping its wings wildly. Wanting to silence the noise as soon as possible, Henry took out his Shrink Ray and aimed to fire at the bird. He ended up missing and shrinking down a lamp. This made Henry facepalm, with the bird continuing to screech. Now a bit mad, he took out his shovel and began whacking the bird repeatedly with it until it stopped making any noise. 
    Stickdude was used to the sound of his bird screeching. After all, he has had the bird for a while. It was when the bird's screeching suddenly stopped that he began to think that something wasn't right. He got out of bed and slowly made his way to the stairs. 
    Henry heard the Stickdude's footsteps and hurried to hide, ducking in the corner of the room behind a small table with the shrunken lamp on it. It wasn't a very good hiding spot, but it would do for now. He then watched as Stickdude slowly, ever so slowly made his way into the living room. Not noticing Henry in the dark corner, he picked up the now shrunken lamp and wondered how this could've happened. He then made his way to the couch, where he then saw the corpse of his beloved birdy.     Growing from confused to sad to hungry (he had not yet had breakfast) to angry, he picked up a bottle and smashed it over the table, telling whoever killed his bird to show themselves. Henry, thinking fast, threw a penny towards the door. Briefly forgetting his anger, Stickdude walked over to grab the penny. Henry then took aim with his shrink ray, putting his arm on the small table to balance himself. The table then lost balance and fell, bringing Henry out of the shadows, and causing him to accidentally hit the door with the shrink ray. Stickdude turned to see Henry, who was awkwardly putting away his shrink ray and getting another weapon, and grew angry again. 


    Rushing at Henry, he attempted to stab him with the broken bottle, only for Henry to roll away and pull out his crowbar. He knocked the bottle out of Stickdude's hands, causing broken glass to scatter around the floor, before trying to hit Stickdude himself in the face. Stickdude ducked and grabbed a TV Remote, which he threw at Henry. This caught Henry off guard, which made Stickdude decide to start throwing more stuff at him. 
    Having anything thrown at him in general annoyed Henry, but having popcorn kernels and Pop Tart wrappers thrown at him was the last straw. He jumped onto the coffee table and jumped at Stickdude... or at least where he would've been, if he hadn't ran out the door as Henry was beginning to jump on the table. Now lying on the floor, slightly bruised and unhappy, Henry decided he wasn't going to hold back in his mission to take this annoying stick-figure down. 
    Stickdude hid behind a trash can, hoping he had enough time to look over this situation. Clearly, this brown-shoed figure was not just another troll- he came prepared. Luckily, so did Stickdude. He ran to his garage and got into his roofless car, which was nearly indestructable, and revved up the engine. Just as the car had began to exit the driveway, he saw Henry standing on the front porch, looking for him. Smiling, he hit the gas and drove at Henry with the goal of running him over. Henry jumped out of the way to see his opponent's car drive into the doorway, causing a lot of damage. Henry noticed that it was roofless and decided he'd use that to his advantage.
    Stickdude turned his car towards where his opponent was, only to see him no longer there. Confused, he began to get out of his car and walk over to where Henry had been. He was then hit in the back of the head with a plunger, knocking him off his feet.
Nitri: Let me tell you, that is the first and last time that sentence will ever be written.

bIzARRO: Wait until you read my gritty Mario fanfiction.

Nitri: oookay, let's move on...

    He began to get back onto his feet, only to get pushed against the wall and have a plunger stuck to his face. Henry began to hit Stickdude's head against the wall repeatedly, somewhat enjoying it. He then stepped back a bit and accidentally planted his foot onto a rock, causing him to lose his footing, fall off of his feet, and land in the grass near Stickdude's house. 
    Stickdude, still with the plunger stuck to his head, ended up getting dragged along with Henry. When both of them landed on the grass, Stickdude unstuck the plunger from his face, then smiled and aimed the plunger at Henry. Henry got back up and took out another identical plunger, challenging Stickdude to a duel. They both began clashing plungers for a while, with them ending up walking into the street while dueling. They stopped and noticed that they were in the middle of the road before seeing a truck begin to barrel at them. Henry took out his Teleporter and began to type in coordinates, and Stickdude grabbed Henry and held on for dear life.
    Henry found that they had teleported to the top of a building. They both let go of each other, stepped back a few feet and readied themselves for duel. Henry surprised Stickdude with a Falcon Knee which was dodged quickly, causing Henry to fly off the building. Laughing, Stickdude began making his way to the elevator.
    As Henry was falling down the building, he frantically got two things from his almost bottomless backpack. The first was his Power Armor, which could potentially help him not die from hitting the ground, and his Jetpack, which would avoid hitting the ground altogether. After putting both of them on, he closed his eyes and activated the Jetpack. 
    Stickdude had sat down to read, thinking at Henry had died from his fall. He heard the sound of something crashing into the building and put down his book. He rushed to the bathroom, locked the door, and frantically got out some bottles. One was a bottle of Vodka (along with some small cups), and the other was his signature drink- the Superpower drink. It would give him enough speed to win against Henry, hopefully. He poured half a cup of vodka, then poured Superpower drink into the other half before gulping it down. His eyes went wide and his hands began fidgeting. He decided that he wanted to find Henry.
    Henry wandered through the building, trying to find his target. He then heard the sound of screaming coming closer to him, and he looked to see what it was. He realized that the screaming came from stickpeople who were running away from something, or someone. It was soon after he heard it that he saw who caused the screams: Stickdude, with his eyes wide and a giant smile of his face. Henry smiled too and took out a Toolgun and began planting TNT around Stickdude. He took no notice to the TNT around him, choosing to jump over it and rush at Henry with his fists clenched. Henry backed up and set off the TNT, causing the floor below and a lot of the cieling to break apart, which lead to the building itself colapsing to the ground.
    As they plummeted towards the ground below, Henry took out a Turtle Shell and hurled it at Stickdude's head. It seemed to simply bounce off, but it did annoy Stickdude a bit, which brought him to take out his Explosion-Causing Drum and hurl it back at Henry. Again, it just bounced off Henry (this time because of his armor), who tries to move in on Stickdude to attack. Stickdude took out a Hangglider and glided away from Henry's reach, who continued to fall as Stickdude safely soared to a resting point. 
    He laughed to himself as he dusted himself off, thinking about how lucky he was to survive that. He then heard someone whistling at him and turned to see who it was. It was Henry, holding a pickaxe. Stickdude didn't seem very threatened by the weapon until Henry came running at him while swinging it, which prompted him to jump out of the way. Henry accidently hit the side of the building, creating a small crack. As he expected, a creeper appeared out of nowhere and exploded next to him, creating a small hole. Turning back to Stickdude, whose eyes were wide with surprise, he ran at him at a very fast speed and swung the pickaxe at him. Stickdude jumped into the mailbox out of fear, leading Henry to shake his head in disappointment. He took out a bomb and began growing it in size, and Stickdude peeked out and saw the explosive and smiled. He snnapped his fingers, and almost instantly, the explosive went off. 
    Henry laid on the ground, heavily injured from that sudden explosion. If he wasn't wearing his Power Armor, he would've died instantly from that. He saw that the mailbox was blown into smithereens, but Stickdude's corpse was not visible. He then turned on his earpiece, surprising Charles.
    "Oh, hey Henry! Um, you need anything?" He asked him. Henry had something very interesting in mind. 
    Stickdude hit behind the building across the street, relieved that he managed to escape before Henry got up. He was fully aware that the power armor would've protected him against explosions like that; he just needed to stall for time. He had gotten out his trusty Axe, able to cut down giant trees in two swipes. Hopefully, this might be good enough to cut through Henry's armor. Okay, it probably wouldn't, but it was worth a shot. He then peeked out from behind the building to see that Henry was now in a giant hamster ball. Stickdude found this to be hilarious, but didn't let his guard down, not wanting to get tricked. He stepped out from behind the building with his axe, ready to take Henry on. Henry saw him and activated his chair and began speeding towards him. Stickdude swung the axe at Henry, cutting the ball open. Henry ejected himself from the hamster ball before Stickdude had the chance to chop him up. 
    Deciding that it was time to bring out the big guns, Henry reached deep into his backpack and pulled out a mushroom. Stickdude saw it and ran at it, wanting to eat it himself (as he had knowledge of the Super Mushroom). Henry kicked him out of the way and devoured the mushroom instantly. He then quickly grew three times his size, leaving his Power Armor on the ground (as it couldn't grow with him), and making Stickdude look like an ant to him. 
    Stickdude began running as Henry attempted to crush him under his brown shoes, and he realized he needed to stop playing around and bring out his full power. He looked up to see that it was a very nice day. In an instant, he changed that. Dark clouds began forming that blocked out the sun, the temperature dropped all the way to negative fifty degrees, and it began snowing fast. Because of Henry's new height, he was way colder than he would've been at his normal height. Still, he didn't know how this was supposed to stop him from crushing Stickdude, which he continued trying to do. 
    Stickdude looked into the clouds and saw something Henry did not: the face of Zeus, giving him a thumbs-up. He gave one back, and following that, a bolt of lightning struck Henry on the head. Electricity surged through his body, singing him with the incredible heat. Stickdude noticed that Henry's backpack had fallen (not growing with Henry), so he stole it and began searching for anything to use against Henry. He pulled out a Koopa shell and grinned ear to ear. 
    Henry tried to regain his balance after that strike of lightning, but of course, it was hard to find anything big enough to grab onto. When he finally got both feet on the ground, something hit him right between the eyes, causing him a bit more pain. Not only that, it also caused him to shrink back to his original size. Now in a bit of pain and unamused, Henry spotted Stickdude with his backpack and scowled. He jumped onto the Warp Star and began speeding towards him. Anyone who was there (who wasn't already dead from the previous chaos) would just see Henry on a star, and then a blur that headed straight at Stickdude. He delivered a kick straight to his face and grabbed his backpack as it was dropped, and he began searching for something to kill Stickdude once and for all. Unfortunately, something had happened to interfere; Stickdude had grabbed onto the star as he was kicked, and was now climbing onto it.
    If Henry talked, he would be yelling "HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!" Luckily, Stickdude did all the talking.
    "Y'know, this is more fun than solving those trolls' puzzles," He told Henry as he tried to grab his backpack, only to have it yanked back away by Henry. "It's a shame one of us has to die. After all, those are the rules..." 
    Henry tried to ignore the confusing things Stickdude was saying and began searching through his backpack for something he could use to kill him. He took out the Iron Fist, put it on, and attempted to punch Stickdude in the face. Unfortunately, he dodged it, and Henry nearly tumbled off the star and plummet into an icy lake. 
    "You seem confused," Stickdude tells Henry with a look of amusement on his face, "Do you not know? We're just part of a game, for someone's amusement!" He began laughing; the laugh sounded similar to his usual laughs, but more sinister. 
    Henry struggled to get back on the star, but the freezing cold was starting to freeze his fingers away. Stickdude stood up and took out a parachute, smiling deviously at Henry.
    "You won't have much time to think about that, but I'm sure it's blowing your mind." 
    Henry pulled out his own Parachute and hit Stickdude across the face with it, making him lose his balance and lose his own parachute. He grabbed onto one as he fell and began putting it on. "Nice try, but you have to do more than that to-" He then pulled the string on the parachute to discover that it was not his own parachute; instead of the regular parachute item, a bowling ball, a frying pan, and other assorted junk flew out. 'So that explains why it was heavier than usual," He whispered to himself as he fell into the icy waters. The impact with the water hurt enough (breaking some of his bones), but with his knowledge of what he was being submerged in, he began to sink down into the lake and lose his grip on his air.

Henry jumped and pulled the string on his parachute and began gently floating down to the other end of the lake. He put his finger in his ear and told Charles that he needed a ride back.



Nitri: Wow, that was... bizarre.

bIzARRO: I'm an expert on weird, so I'll explain: while Stickdude was able to confuse Henry and even deal a good amount of damage to him, Henry's wits and quick thinking seemed to help him in the end.

Nitri: Plus, Stickdude wasn't the smartest grape in the bag. Sure, he was smart enough to outwit the trolls, but all those puzzles have just warped his sense of logic.

bIzARRO: And Henry's arsenal was enough to catch him offguard and eventually cause his death. You could say that Stickdude has sunken to a whole new low.

Nitri: The winner is Henry Stickmin.

Next time on Death Battle...

"Your methods are stupid! Your prgress has been stupid! Your intelligence is stupid! For the good of the mission, you must be terminated!"

Gir-1 by ProfessorSodaMan



EVE-icon by ProfessorSodaMan

EVE vs. GIR!
Here's the battle! I hope you guys like the battle, or at least don't hate it. If you don't agree with the results, leave your criticism, but don't be jerks. 

Now, who wants to have Peter vs. Homer? I lost interest in researching it.

P.S. Neither UG or Mr. Mxyzptlk will be in the Loser or Winner Royales, as they don't die. Which is why I am doing one more Death Battle before either of the royales.
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Junited Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Aw no! Trollface Quest lost...
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Student Writer
I'm guessing you are a fan of that game series.
Junited Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yea...Sweating a little... 
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Student Writer
Did you find the battle entertaining?
Junited Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yea! :D
TerryAnderson101 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Student Artist
That was awesome!
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Student Writer
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savagesamurai538 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
"If Henry talked" He DOES talk. Select belt of grenades in escaping the prison and he'll say "What the fu-". But seriously great battle :D
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Student Writer
Well, he talks less than anyone else in his world. And thanks. :D
I KNEW Henry would win RIGHT from the get-go. I mean, this guy's escaped a prison AND a maximum-security complex, taken down a huge clan of thieves (With a bit of help), and stole a freaking Tunisian diamond.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Student Writer
I assume you liked the battle.
Badork11 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
Huh that was more entertaining then I originally thought.  Also I'd be more then happy to take Peter vs. Homer, mostly because I could break a few rules and include other stuff like M.U.G.E.N.!
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Student Writer
I hope you have fun doing Peter vs. Homer, I'll have more fun with Eve vs. GIR.
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