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Drips the Desperate Robo-Boy by ProfessorSodaMan Drips the Desperate Robo-Boy by ProfessorSodaMan
One day, a mad scientist came home with his friend Dylan, drunk as a skunk. He told Dylan an idea he had: "What if a robot was programmed to always need to pee?" Dylan chose to encourage his idea and even volunteer as the subject, not knowing that his mad scientist friend would actually do it. Several months later, Dylan became Drips, the Desperate Robo-Boy. From his drop of water-shaped head to his blue clothes and the images of waterfalls that would play through his head every minute, he was constantly reminded of his constant need to urinate. Once he relieves himself, it only takes a short time before his bladder fills up and he must find another restroom. This restroom happens to be out of order, for some reason. 

Age: 22. 

Gender: Male. 

Real Name: Dylan Waters

Best Friend/Creator: The mad scientist, Omar Rashi. 

Personality: He is a cheerful and optimistic type, but has trouble concentrating due to his bladder. He is sensitive in more ways than one, and has a tendency to run away when his feelings are hurt. He is also easy to impress, and will always try to get on everybody's good side.

Likes: The feeling of his full bladder, the feeling of emptying it, the color blue, reading (it takes his mind of it a little), jogging, roleplaying, learning, being tickled, cactuses. 

Dislikes: Not being allowed to go to the bathroom, Styrofoam, swimming, the sound of dripping water, waiting, stairs, the color red, the sun, and sitting down. 

I hope some people might want to roleplay with this sensitive fellow, and don't worry, I will be sure to get to everybody's story requests.
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August 16, 2015
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