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DETERMINED GENENNESNNE for Marceline and Bad Cop by ProfessorSodaMan DETERMINED GENENNESNNE for Marceline and Bad Cop by ProfessorSodaMan
So I did a thing where I flipped a coin for what attribute both character's child would get. What two characters? Marceline and Bad Cop/Good Cop of course! I totes ship them forever now! Let me tell you what they ended up with! 

Gender: Girl like Marceline. 

Hair: Midnight black like Marceline. 

Skin: Light blue-grey skin like Marceline again. 

Eye Color: Bad Cop/Good Cop. I will pretend it is blue and move on. 

Taste (food): Croissants like Bad Cop/Good Cop. Everyone says he loves those so the child does now too. 

Attitude: Constantly going back between Malicious and Kind like Bad Cop/Good Cop. 

Athletic Skills: Well, she can do awesome parkour and fly like Marcy. Not sure if she can actually transform into monsters yet. 

Fears: Marceline's fears... sunlight, I guess... maybe ghosts.... perhaps... what are other things Marceline is afraid of? Leave it in a review of this and I will edit this thing to make it more accurate. 


Her name would be Fang Cop, or Fang for short. She wears a little police helmet and a police jacket, and pretends to be a police officer all the time. She has moments where she will suddenly act aggressive towards someone, and then switch back to friendly. She gets upset when people comment on it, naturally running into her room and writing a song to help calm herself down. She loves croissants, and is into a variety of french foods, along with giant sausages. She is pretty good at climbing up walls, jumping off of walls, and flying around, along with other parkour skills. She is still training to transform into scary monsters. She wants to be the first vampire cop ever, and her parents encourage her on that goal. She is deathly afraid of the sunlight, as it could kill her. That is her second reason to wear her helmet, besides the fact it looks cool. She also wears black gloves, and red boots. She has midnight black hair, blue eyes, and light blue-grey skin. 

Do you like this character? Want more of it? Leave a comment saying so and I will be happy!
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July 24, 2014
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