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Change vs. Drama Queens vs. Everyone Else by ProfessorSodaMan Change vs. Drama Queens vs. Everyone Else by ProfessorSodaMan
This is my response to Luna's response to someone she used to watch... well, they pretty much changed and she immediately unwatched and blocked them. I don't know when this happened, but I need to get this off my chest in the best way I know how. SONG 

*ahem* I’m going to sing a song, to get this off my chest


I hope you pay attention, even though this song won’t be the best…


Luna, sometimes you make me delirious


Like a great man once said, “Why So Serious?”


Just because someone makes a small change,


Doesn’t mean you have to act… so strange…


I know you regret it,


But this is hard for me to understand…


So please don’t fret,


I still want to be your friend, hand in hand…


Friends always make mistakes,


And that is okay.


You have to remember those mistakes,


To learn from them, to make less mistakes today..


Change is natural, something that happens every day.


Just act natural, don’t act like the world will end in every way.


I’m not saying this because I hate you.


If this was the other way around, I would be siding with you.


Imagine if you made a small change to your style,


And someone said they were no longer your friend, but acted innocent after a while.


You probably would think they were acting silly…


I can’t think of anything good to rhyme with silly.


I hope I’m not offending you, I hope you’re not too upset…


I literally think you’re one of the best Deviants, one of the best yet!


All I’m asking is to not get so worried.


He doesn’t hate you; don’t make your vision blurry… (you know, because of your tears? Forget it.)


I’m not a professional, I’m not trying to act like I am…


But if I were you, I wouldn’t get blue; don’t be such a Sensitive Sam.


Now I hope this song makes you feel not-sad.


I hope I am not making you mad.


Now here’s some lyrics from a song I enjoy…


It could be about you, when you aren’t feeling joy…


“This is the story of a Girl.


Who cried a river and drowned the whole world.


And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her…


When she smiles!”


Okay, my preachy song is over. I hope this song taught you something… if not, maybe Ni Hao Kai Lan will teach you something. Remember that? Tomorrow’s thing will be less serious and more delirious. YAY 

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May 17, 2014
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