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Some art that I love. If I request a drawin from you and you draw it, I will fave it.



You may not be proud of it but I think this is an excellent piece of artwork! The consistency of the lines everywhere makes Steven's ey...

the reason I rank this with five stars in originality is because I have never seen anyone try to recreate this exact scene in the song,...

I absolutely love this image, and not just for the obvious reason (although I'll definitely touch on that, pun not intended). The color...

I think the vision of this art piece (aka the idea of it) is shown pretty well- the simple background compared to the detail of Natsuki...

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Squidward-Enid Swap Part 2: Enid's Side
Enid slowly woke up, smacking her lips together and yawning loudly, feeling that her bed seemed a bit different but shaking it off as just being something her brain was making up. What her brain wasn't making up, however, was how different everything else looked.
Her room seemed way different. First off, the bed had a large straw overhead hanging on it. She could see the room was mostly painted an off blue with a couple of...uncanny looking paintings decorating them. To her right was an alarm clock which was going off and a small schedule beside it. There was also a window in the same direction, where she could see another building, which vaguely resembled a giant pineapple.
She groaned, hating the sound of an alarm, and turned it off quickly.
"Whoever painted these must have some issues," Enid muttered before taking a look at the schedule to see what she had to do, and upon evaluating both the new surroundings and her masculine voice, she figured she was in someone else's body.
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 3 2
Squidward-Enid Swap Part 1: Squidward's Side
Squidward woke up with a slight headache. His bed felt different. He didn't seem to care at first. He thought everything else'd be normal and he'd continue his awful life with his annoying co-worker and neighbors. He rubbed his eyes... before realizing he didn't have tentacles. 
"What the?!" he cried out, realizing his voice was more feminine. He looked around his/her(?) room.
His room was surprisingly gothic, although the things that stood out were a ninja outfit that was hanging on the wall. Then, there were many pictures depicting a family of a werewolf dad, a vampire mom, and a half-vampire, half-werewolf, human-looking daughter who stopped looking enthusiastic in the pictures the moment she became a teen.
Suddenly, the door swung open, with the vampire mother being the one at the other side exclaiming enthusiastically, "You better get up sweetie, you can't skip work! Weird, you're usually up and out already!"
He yelped a bit before running out anyways. As he did, he took a gl
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 7 3
Spaceships and Spears Ch.1: Crystalductions
(For anyone confused, this is a retelling of the events of Steven Universe as if it was a DnD-Style campaign, in a universe where the show never existed, and Rebecca Sugar most likely just continued to work on Adventure Time, with other ripple effects happening as a result, but those aren't the focal point; the focal point is seeing how events of the show play out differently and are explained in this campaign setting, so enjoy!)
The first one to enter the slightly dusty but otherwise clean basement where all of the campaigns were held was a tall black-haired man with some square glasses, a green jacket, a plain white T-Shirt underneath, and some yellow sweatpants with sandals. He came in carrying the case of the game they played, and he carefully opened it and laid the board out on the table, putting everyone's character sheets carefully at each assigned seat. His name was Beck, Beck Silver, and he was so used to being the first one there that he could hardly get angry at his group fo
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 5 10
Frisk's Birthday Brawlers
Today was a glorious day in Frisk's new home on the surface- it was Frisk's birthday! The fact she could remember her birthday at all was cause for celebration, but she was officially thirteen years old! The monsters felt embarrassed that they had no idea she was twelve, since many assumed she was eight years old or younger, but she didn't hold it against them. After all, she was the one who never told anyone her name until after she nearly died saving their lives. 
People were very grateful for this, so much so that they thought someone as heroic and brave as her deserved something special. Toriel was going to get something practical, Undyne was planning on getting something dangerous until Toriel told her she can't use weapons until she's an adult, so Undyne changed her plans to getting her something that just looks cool, and Alphys explicitly stated she was seeking to find something as educational and enlightening as possible without being too complex for someone her age. Then,
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 9 9
Mature content
Peridot and Lapis's Love :iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 6 9
Captured Carmen
The last thing the cactus girl remembered was sitting down at her lunchtable to enjoy a good meal. Now, she was waking up unable to move in a very dark room, and she didn't recognize anything she managed to see, meaning this was most likely not at the school or in her house.
"H-hello?" Carmen called out in slight fear. "W-where am I?"
She then saw someone begin to enter the room, and from their shadow, she made the assumption that it was her boyfriend Alan and began to feel excited.
"Honeybunches, you've came to save me! Thank goodness, I was so worried-" she began to ramble happily, stopping only when she realized she was wrong to feel safe so soon.
The person there turned on the lights and revealed they weren't her boyfriend at all; instead, they were actually Rob, also known as The Wrecker. Seeing this person made Carmen's smile disappear... and get replaced by a confused expression.
Annoyed by her lack of fear, Rob asked, "Don't you recognize me?"
"Umm, did I do a science project w
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 5 8
Doki Doki Universe Ch. 1: Origins of Friendship
The Crystal Gems had been traversing the Earth for thousands of years, defending the citizens while also keeping themselves safe from Homeworld's forces. It was a bit impractical for them to continue to go from place to place without break, so they decided to find a place for them to stay and call home. The specific place they settled on was an island that would become known as Japan, and there, they began to construct a temple that they could live in just by the ocean. It wasn't easy, of course- they had to become mediators several times when the humans would start fighting nonsensically with each other- but with how interesting the culture was, it made it all worth it. 
Then, sometime in the 20th century, they learned of a human from North America who was going on tour around Japan, and despite it being a bit out of the ordinary, Rose Quartz (the leader of the Crystal Gems) decided she wanted to spend some more time with him. At first they thought she was only interested in him
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 5 0
Caught and Escaped Ch 2: An Unexpected Help
Slowly, Peridot’s eyes began to open, and she saw that she was still in the same tree that she had chosen to hide in before she fell asleep, meaning that no one had found her and captured her. It was now in the early hours of the next day, and as she exited the tree and stepped onto the ground, she could feel that it was incredibly cold during these hours. That wasn’t really the worst of Peridot’s problems at the moment, though- since she was so focused on getting as far away from Garnet and Pearl without really focusing on getting anywhere, she had forgotten which direction she needed to go in. So, she just turned in a random direction where she saw some light shining through the trees and began journeying to get out of the forest.
“This is just spectacular,” Peridot muttered to herself as she shooed away birds and bugs that flew around her, “I have no way to contact Homeworld, the only Gems around here want to poof me or worse, and I don’t ev
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 5 5
Caught and Escaped: An SU Alternate Take Ch.1
"What's your shirt?"
"These are my banana pajamas- OW!"
With that childish move performed, the once tall and mighty looking Peridot was rushing to the bright exit of the basement where countless Gems were currently poofed and contained within bubbles, laughing in a maniacal yet silly fashion as she hopped up the roots to do so. Behind her, the equally sized but far younger half-gem chased after her to try and get her to stop, reminding her that the Crystal Gems would see her.
With an observant eye, she saw as she ran into the unfamiliar room that the Crystal Gems were all sitting around a counter, and they quickly looked at her completely baffled. Then, she turned to see what she recognized to be a door, which equalled escape in her mind. Not wanting to waste a second trying to open it with her unfortunately sized hands, she did the next best thing in order to get out: she continued running full speed and jumped, breaking through the window that was right next to the door. She got a co
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 4 0
Dendy-Wendy Swap Ch. 2: Kappa Falls
June 1, 2012
3:25 PM
Gravity Falls Forest
As Dendy ventured through the woods, using her scientifically advanced backpack to place down signs advertising for the tourist trap that she took a job offering for, she pondered the circumstances that led her to this moment. Her parents had told her that the reasons they moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon were to discover new sights and experience things they never have before, but she deducted a more logical reason: they wanted to get a break from the discrimination they so commonly faced where lived, and because of the rumors of Gravity Falls being a magnet for oddities, they decided they would fit right in. She didn't mind moving here, though, even if it is a bit of an odd transition- going from a humble home under a bridge to a fully furnished house. The most odd of these new changes was the previously mentioned job she decided to get, which is why she's even in these woods.
Her parents were not the ones who thought about
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 3 0
Dendy-Wendy Swap Ch 1: Intro to the Multiverse
On a bright sunny day like this, it wasn’t right for a kid like K.O. to have to spend all of his time working away at a convenience store. Of course, K.O. would’ve been perfectly content with doing so, as he absolutely loves hanging out with his friends and helping people get what they need. However, Mr. Gar had decided to give everyone the day off and close the Bodega for the day, meaning that K.O. could stay home and do whatever he liked. It was especially nice because it was a Friday! So, he decided to invite one of his closest friends over to his house to enjoy their company- Dendy!
During their time together at his house, K.O. and Dendy did a large assortment of things they absolutely loved to do- playing video games, watching television programs (anything from the news to cartoons), and even simply enjoying some food and drink. As he enjoyed all of this with her, he began thinking about how lucky it was that he met her, the thought of it making him blush a bit.
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 5 0
The Roommate's Food Fate
Meshi and Lotus had been living together in the same apartment for around a year, and for all the time the two girls have hung out, somehow Lotus never realized that Meshi had magical powers. It wasn't like Meshi tried to hide it from her- in fact, she went to great lengths to try and explain. The problem was that Lotus either didn't care enough to pay attention, was too tired to focus, or was busy and couldn't be bothered to stop and look as Meshi transformed herself. Now, Meshi had very specific transforming abilities. While some people with such powers could change size, or turn into anyone to disguise themselves, she... could turn herself into any food item she wanted. She had no idea why she was limited to such an oddly specific thing, but she wasn't mad about it- in fact, Meshi found it fun to turn herself into food. Maybe it was a slight kink of hers that she learned from the Internet, or maybe she was turned on by the thrill of danger that someone could eat her by mistake. Eith
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 21 3
1220 Kink Street Ch. 5: The Mean Girl
Kasher Mink was one of the upper-classmen (or women), and was taller than most of the other girls. She had a black uniform, with matching pants and high heeled wedges, had c-cup breasts, thick glasses and talked with a slight Asian accent.
The girls had never been too fond of her, especially not Olive, who found that she was always trying to get in the way of her quest to find the perfect boy/girlfriend. As for everyone else, they were always quite annoyed by how she tended to act so judgemental about their kinks.
 If there was one thing she hated, it was gas. One time, in cheer practice, she literally kicked a girl out just for burping 6 feet from her. Sunny didn’t mind too much that she didn’t like it; after all, she wanted to make everyone happy, and not farting was just as easy as farting. Still, she didn’t find it kind that she’d go out of her way to point out if someone’s let out gas.
Tickling was a fetish Kasher had learned about on the In
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 9 6
Stink Serpent Bio
Stink Serpent (Daisy Febrieza)
Human (Secretly a half naga)
She doesn't really have one, although she tends to spend the night-time stinking up the citizens of Seiyoku when she doesn't have a friend over. 
Hostility level
5/10 when not being a villain or 8/10 when she's on the prowl
Daisy stands at six feet tall and has a green pony tail, which she lets down to reveal naturally curly hair when she enters her Stink Serpent persona. She doesn't clean up regularly, and as such her hairy is unkempt and dirty, with some strands hanging out here and there, along with it having a few bits of dust that she can shake out to blind or irritate someone's eyes, or make them cough with. As S. Serpent, she wears a tight green spandex outfit with a scaly pattern. Due to the material, stink goes out slowly while the inside is absolutely putrid. It also lets fluids out while not letting them in, so any swe
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 10 11
The Rubies' Romantic Romp
Dreams of Cookie Cats and gem birthday parties were dancing in happy Steven's head, a smile spread across his face. His dream felt so real, he could almost feel the breaths of all of his friends as they surrounded him and sang songs with him. Actually, that seemed to be the one part that felt real, oddly enough. Slowly, even in his dream, he began to have a sneaking suspicion that something was going on in reality that he wasn't made aware of before. So, to make sure he wasn't going crazy, he slowly began to open his eyes. A scream almost left his mouth, only for it to be silenced by the tiny hands belonging to the people surrounding him.
It was the Ruby Squad, and they had definitely been watching him sleep for way longer than he felt their presence, seeing as how they seemed quite comfortable on his bed. 
Before he could try and say something, or try and move away, Eyeball whispered to him, "Please don't scream, we're not here to capture you- we want you to help us learn somethi
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 4 4
1220 Kink Street Ch. 4: A Daily Desperate Dilemma
Cecilia Maxime began every morning the same way- by enjoying a nice breakfast of cereal with a glass of orange juice to wash it down. The tall glass she often used combined with how she always drank the milk meant that when she got to school, her bladder would be full very fast. Now, this wouldn't be an issue for most people; it shouldn't too hard to just get up and grab a pass, then head to the bathroom so they can enjoy the rest of the school day with an empty bladder. However, Cecilia was quite different than a lot of people.
She was very unassertive, quite obedient, and almost very submissive (as it could be possible she takes enjoyment out of this deep down). Really, though, the best way to describe her is a doormat. Perhaps it's a bit funny for her to be walked all over, with her bladder being full enough that just a bit of pressure could make her leak. Now, let's see what typically happens to Ellie on a regular day of school.
Her first period class was Gym, and by then, s
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 6 5
I'm not a classically trained literacist, but I'm great at taking requests and writing fights between characters!



44 deviations
For the first Comedy Clash in a while, I plan to do Peridot vs. Dendy, and while I don't plan on deciding the winner via poll, I'm considering doing a poll to see who people are rooting for anyway- do you guys think that'd be fun?
It's surprising how many people participate in my Dendy Experiment RP that aren't even familiar with the show. I hope my RP abilities are able to win them over into watching it, as I always try to play the characters accurately.
Yep, I am going to start RPing on Discord now instead of DeviantArt, for convenience, organization and whatever else! My main gripe with using Discord for RPs was the mere fact that I already had so many RPs on here, but I think this is going to completely solve that problem! I already know plenty of people who RP with me here who'd prefer me RPing with them in Discord, so this will work out for everyone! Now, in case this is the first RP starter someone has read from me, I'm going to go over my fetishes and fandoms, as I want to also attract new people to RP while also spreading a message to all my current RP pals. So, here are my fetishes:

Tickling/Tickle Torture 

Farting/Fart Torture


Omorashi/Pee Desperation

Inanimate TF (Inanimate Transformation)

Vore (as long as the RP is detailed and interesting enough to not make it stale)


Femdom (Female domination)

Others, just ask! 

Here are my fandoms then:

Steven Universe

Adventure Time

OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes!

We Bare Bears

Amazing World of Gumball


Regular Show

The Powerpuff Girls (original series)

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Codename: Kids Next Door

Over the Garden Wall

Fairly Odd Parents

TUFF Puppy

Invader Zim

The Loud House

Rick and Morty

One Punch Man

Pop Team Epic


The Lego Movie


Marvel Comics

Star Wars 



Doki Doki Literature Club


Portal 1 & 2


Now, here are some general rules:

1. Use good grammar, spelling punctuation, or at least try your hardest. I can forgive minor mistakes, but I want it to be as legible as possible.

2. Be creative, don't just settle for a bare bones reply! Here's an example of an uncreative RP message: "I tickled her belly." Here's an example of a better version of that: "With a wide smile on my face, I proceeded to begin dancing my fingers across my stomach while watching intently for her reaction." Now, I don't expect novel-quality descriptions, but just put in as much effort as you can!

3. God-modding (aka controlling the characters that I am playing as just to get to a certain point faster) is not allowed! It's kind of the point of roleplaying- you play as a certain role, I play as a different role, and we interact with each other, not control each other through some magic!

4. Have fun! This is mostly meant as a silly rule, but really, do tell me if you're not having fun. No need to feel obligated to keep RPing just because.

So, note me if you want my Discord, and I look forward to RPing with many fun people!


ProfessorSodaMan has started a donation pool!
951 / 121,201
Do you want me to write a story for you, whether it is a fetish-based story, a fluffy cute story, or some kind of crossover of different fandoms? Or anything else besides those examples? Then you've come to the right place (as long as you have some points to spare)!

The fetishes I do stories of include: farting, tickling, omorashi (aka pee desperation), wedgies, Inanimate TF, and possibly others, if I am given an idea for a story I like enough.

The main fandoms I write stories for are Steven Universe, Undertale, Adventure Time, OK KO: Let's Be Heroes, Nintendo, and others. If you have a commission idea with a fandom not included, just tell me what it might be and I'll tell you if I'm familiar with it, perferably before making the commission.

Things I am strictly against in my stories: anything too dramatic, as I don't write that very well and don't tend to enjoy writing it, graphic violence, rape, torture (unless it might be fetish-based, and even then, I'd prefer it to not be too brutal unless there's some kind of healing or it is cartoony), actual sex (since I'm not particularly great at describing it with my limited knowledge), and other things I can't think of. Same thing with the fandoms, just ask if I'm okay with something and I'll tell you.

The only thing left for me to say is, don't be offended if I deny a commission. It doesn't mean I hate you, it just mean I didn't think I would've been able to write the idea well enough. Still feel free to commission me! Send the points to me after I have accepted it!

You must be logged in to donate.


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