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Favourite genre of music: VG Remix
Operating System: Windows 7 (It was my idea)
Favourite cartoon character: Dan Jaaren (R.I.P. Life of Riley...)
Personal Quote: Sticking together is better than just letting things fall apart.

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Undecided (There's so many talented people...)
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Back to the Future (All of them.)
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Megaman series (ALL of them!)
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Photoshop CS5, Manga Studio EX4, Cintiq 12WX Wacom tablet, pencil and paper
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Comics and Video Games

Re: 1000th Page View Poll

Re: 1000th Page View Poll

Bet you thought I forgot about this, huh? Nope. Chuck Testa. I wanted to go truly all out for this and headed to the store today, picking up some supplies. Yup. Good old-fashioned hands-on art supplies. I do alright in the digital realm, but I am tons better with analog. The store had everything I wanted--almost. No sketching pencil sets. >:I The one thing I needed to TRULY get it off the ground, and it's not there. Guess I'll have to make a trip down to Ala Moana to see if the Barnes & Noble have any in stock. Edit:  Found a sketch set at the local Wal-Mart, surprisingly enough. Did a little doodle for practice. I'll scan and upload it

Poll: 1000 Page Views

Poll: 1000 Page Views

Well, I let the 1000th page view sneak by me. I'd posted a poll asking what to draw for it, and I got a whopping four votes. :p Weighing in at two votes was "Boobs", with "Two of the Centa Sisters" and "Two CrossWorlds Characters at random" coming in with one vote apiece. Interestingly enough, I can fit all of those bills in one go. The Centa Sisters are CrossWorlds Characters, after all. I just have to pick the two with fan service cleavage. So to those who had voted: thank you! Your reward of Migi Centa and Mel Centa from CrossWorlds showcasing their boobs is now underway. EVERYBODY WINS. Unless you didn't vote. Then you aren't allowed t

The 1000th Pageview is moments away! What should I draw...

  |  5 votes
  • Hidari Centa and Jaxen Vanderbilt
  • Renee Marquant and Henry Marquant (Michael Lapine)
  • Denise Richards (Marianne Foster) and John M. Fox (Quinn Leaper)
  • Mai Kaiten-Anderson (Hidari Kitsusagi) and Ritsu Ritsumaki
  • Two of the eight other Centa sisters (At random--I know, haven't posted any of them yet aside from Migi)
  • Helena Zephyr (Anya the harpy) and a random Character from Random Encounter
  • Two random characters from CrossWorlds
  • Two random characters from Double Soul
  • Two random characters from Random Encounter
  • Boobs

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broham, i just noticed you liked my Shadow Costume haha. Thanks!
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Thanks 4 the watch!
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Thanks for the watch!
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Thanks. ^^; I just randomly remembered I had a dA account and then I randomly remembered the password. o_O
Yo, you're back. Sweet.
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Comment courtesy of DAVE's randomness :)
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