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Professor Crispin Reference Holidays Academy

Name: Christopher Crispin
Age: 36
Birthday: October 29
Gender: Male
Height: 184.7cm
Weight: 72.4523092601kg
Hair Color: Brown and Grey
Eye Color: Bright Amber
Skills: Chemistry and a basic understanding of the different forms of Holiday Magic

Personality: Smart, sometime critical. Generally Kind, but does not want to be your buddy. A man of science (logical)

Background: Christopher Crispin prefers you just call him Professor Crispin or just Crispin. Crispin fell into Santa's Bag on Christmas in a failed effort to gather evidence of Santa and prove he uses science and not Magic. Gets taken to Christmas Town and decides to collect objects from different Holiday Towns for science. While in Christmas Town, Crispin over-hears a conversation about the Academy and offers his help at the school to teach Chemistry. The Tin Soldier on his hat is named Stephen and was found in Santa's bag. Stephen is also the only person (as of now) that is allowed to refer to Professor Crispin as Christopher.

ID: [link]

Art © *zykrinnox
Character, Backstory © Me
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Ah so I guess this is like the 'teaches practical skills' teacher instead of teaching holiday-related magic and such? :D Or am I just misunderstanding what he does?
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No, you're right... if you want to call what he does at this school teaching.
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Professor Crispin: *Shakes Kandi's Hand* Actually i'm not from a holiday town, However I have as of late taken up a "residence" in Halloween town.
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Mr. Kandi: Ah, I see, I see. And you are the... I'm sorry, I'm usually better at knowing who everyone is. What is your position here? And can you please remind me of what your name is? *raises an eyebrow and leans on his cane*
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Professor Crispin: I'm the Chemistry teacher. My name is Christopher Crispin, but I would very much appreciate it if you just referred to me as either Professor Crispin or just Crispin...
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Mr. Kandi: Ah, yes! Professor Crispin, that's right. I did hear word you were coming, I just didn't recognize you and they didn't list a town. So, are you from the real world? *strokes his chin*
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Professor Crispin: Yea... I'm from the real world, I guess you could say...
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Mr. Kandi: That's remarkable! How on earth did you get here, if you don't mind me asking, of course.
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Professor Crispin: Well actually that's a funny story... I stowed away in Santa's bag... that's where I found Stephen *takes Stephen off of hat*see? * holds out Stephen* Him and i were the only two living things in Santa's bag... Stephen was the toy that never got delivered... *lost on thought*
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Mr. Kandi: Ah, yes, I see. I'm surprised my Uncle didn't notice you! You must be quite stealthy!
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fdjka;gja No really I will never get over this guy

Mr. Kandi: Ah yes, hello! You must be our--... What town did you say you were from again? *offers his hand for a handshake*
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