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Colored Glass VS for XP

I originally put together the visual style called "Red Orb" because the only red ones I could find are dark, and are usually combinations of red & black. (Also, I wanted something WITHOUT the Microsoft logo on it!) While those styles are excellent, I wanted something brighter. "Red Orb" was the result of combining some styles I found here at deviantART.

I was encouraged to add more colors to the "Red Orb" visual style. Here is the result - Colored Glass.
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Downloaded this 1 year ago, and love it very, could you put in download links for those gorgeous wallpapers? PLZ? :iconbegplz:
      You know it's been so long ago, I don't remember which one is which. If I can find them, I will upload them.
      They probably belong to someone here on DeviantART. So if I post them (providing I can actually find them) and the original creator wants me to take them down, I will, of course, do so.
      First things first. Ive got about 500 gigs of images to go through. Might take a while....
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Looks like a delicious candy xD;

OMG, well this is pretty amazing XD. Thanks for the advice on my one and hopefully with practice i might be able to create something along these lines! Thanks alot
You're welcome & thanks to you for the compliment.

You are right about the practice part. A lot of trial & error goes into it as well. I was disappointed to find out it involved time and hard work....

- Mike P.
Haha yeah, that's the annoying part =/ and you know you could actually probably sell your visual styles online if you can keep at that standard ;) also, you mentioned something earlier about using resedit...what's that about?
I wouldn't sell Visual Styles; If everyone shared, Photoshop, Word, and other software wouldn't cost hundreds of dollars.

I'll send you a private note about ResEdit, rather than use this page as a forum. Talk to you soon.
Wow, that's a great way to think of it...haha, even if i do get anywhere near as good as you i wont sell =] And ill check out the notte now, thanks.
Cracp, ok right now i'm using a different PC because my one is not working -_- It comes up with the error 'the aplication failed to initialise properly (0cx0000142) Click Ok To Cancel. And the shuts itself down. HELP!
If you are using Vista or Win 7 on a Compaq computer, tap the "F11" key as soon as you turn on the computer until you get the system recovery options. Select System Restore. Follow the prompts & select a date before this occurred, and let it restore.

If you are using XP, try safe mode. As soon as you turn the power on, start tapping the "F8" key a couple of time per second until you get a screen with choices that include Safe Mode. If you are lucky you will be offered the choice of using system restore just before Safe Mode starts. If you are, USE IT! Follow the prompts, and pick a date before this happened, and let it restore (it will take a little while).

Good Luck!
Mike P.
Hmm, luckily i managaed to load up windows finally without it shutting down (after trying about a thousand times xD) and with serious lag managed to change the theme back to my one. Seems to be running fine now, not criticising ur theme it was probly just my shitty laptop not being able to cope =/ (im running Xp btw) But yeah, im upset that i can't use your theme =[ ahh well, mine will have to do! Thanks for the info though, if this happens again (which would mean it wasn't the theme) then i will definitely try it.
Very Welcome!

- Mike P.
This is amazing! I love it.

I have an updated version that has an orange scheme also. I'll re-post it in the next couple of days.
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Ooo it's pretty... makes me want to lick my display! :D
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Looks quite nice!

Giving it a go!

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JoshuaLangit123's avatar
woah!!! soooooo.... EYEPOPPING!!! hehehehe...
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