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The Leprechaun: Cereal Killer

We all feel some sort of sympathy for those oppressed cereal mascots. and some deranged individuals (like myself) would like to see justice done. So here it is... Lucky's revenge against those "wee bastards" who stole his Lucky Charms.
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Oh wow... Now that is scary...
Killer Lucky, bound to happen soon.
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Great! Now Lucky act like areal Leprechaun [link] now I just thinking him with the same voice of the movie !
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I typed in "Yuri"...I got this.
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weird. Well, this is from 2006, in the old days I slapped random, popular search tags onto my deviations.
TheDonkeyKongGuy's avatar
It is funny. XD
Lucky- the fucking evil leprechaun.
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Reminiscent of the movies starring Warwick Davis. I must say that Lucky has gone "CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!!" LOL
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You should do the Trix rabbit next :lmao:
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It was bound to happen sooner, or later. ;p He always reminded me of that Horror movie Leprechaun.
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