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Heroes In A Half Shell

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These turtles took a while to finally get done, but I like the result. While I tried to keep a consistent art style for all four turtles, there are some subtle unique qualities to each one that kinda enhances their traditional personalities.

The background is comprised of photoshopped screenshots from the original 1987 TMNT cartoon opening.
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T5-Comix-CartoonzProfessional Filmographer
Superb! I utterly love it! :)
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Cowagbunga!!  I remember enjoying the original cartoon, as well as the old black-n-white comics, of which I still have many.
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87 version still had the best rendition of Usagi.
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ProfessorMegamanHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's a shame. If the Mighty Mutanimals TV show had made it, there might have been hope for a Usagi Yojimbo series as well.

I honestly wouldn't want one today, not if "Nickelodeon" does it.
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yoshi3000Student Writer
Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!
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TheAlmightyFezBirdStudent General Artist
I love TMNT, and I died inside seeing the trailer for the Michael Bay film. THE TURTLES LOOK LIKE FUCKING SHREK.
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Wow, this is great! All of them have such cool poses and you did a great job with the colors.

Michelangelo's expression amuses me the most though for some reason, lol
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ProfessorMegamanHobbyist Traditional Artist
When I drew it, I wanted to loosely reflect the style of  Riche Hedden and Tom McWeeney as seen in these old B&W TMNT comics that ROFL'D and inspired me when I was young.

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as yes, I remember these. Out of all the mirage comics, these always stuck out the most for me. I really liked their cartoonish style and humor, but at the same time it seemed strange that these were technically part of the mainstream mirage comics opposed to being side stories/side issues. 

Nothing against them, again, I liked them, It's just a funny contrast to most of the other volume 1 original mirage comics.
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This show was the best, especially since it had James Avery in it, God rest his soul.
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