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Profile: The Rose Queen
1.Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: The Rose Queen
Age: Unknown.
Gender: Presumably female.
Height: 7' 3'' usually, though it varies.
Weight: Varies.
Build: Average, leaning toward slight.
Skin/Race: Burnished bronze, faint African traits.
Eyes: Cat-slitted gold and green.
Facial details / structure: High cheekbones, very sharp, angular features. Thin, blood red lips.
Hair color / length / style: Auburn curls down to mid-thigh.
Typical / current clothing: Sweeping gown of emerald green and sunflower yellow silk with ladybug highlights and accessories.
Accessories / makeup: None
Unusual features: Pointed ears.
Posture: Erect.
Gait: Smooth and graceful.
Voice and speech: Alto to contralto, varies based of her mood and mannerisms. She has a very flexible and expressive voice.
Minutia: Very expressive body language. Alternates between cold austerity and smoky, sensuous candor.
1.Physical Description / Basics ? Non-Human: Omitted
2.Special Abilities:
Name: Empathic Touch
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 1
Profile: Mange
1.Physical Description / Basics – Human: Omitted
1.Physical Description / Basics ? Non-Human:
Name: Mange
Age: 3
Gender: Male.
Length: 3' 4'' from nose to base of tail, and an additional foot of tail.
Weight: 80 lbs.
Morphology: Mange is a cat the size of a large dog.
Body material: Organic living tissue, warm blooded.
Structure: Quadruped.
Skull / head shape: Feline.
Number and function of appendages: One tail, four legs.
Internal organization: Mange has all the normal insides of a cat, except bigger.
Noteworthy biological features: Cat features – fur, teeth, claws ect.
Skin: If you shaved him, his skin would be reddish pink, and then he would kill you.
Eyes: Yellow-green, vertically slitted.
Facial details / structure: Sneaky, almost foxlike pointed face. Blood red dot on brow between eyes.
Hair color / length / style: Dirty, snarled auburn fur, with a slight patter of darker blotches.
Typical / current clothing: None.
Accessories / makeup: Fleas.
Unusual features: Lots of
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Profile: Briarlight
1.Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Briarlight
Age: 300 or so.
Gender: None, though she is female-shaped.
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 95 lbs.
Build: Very slight.
Skin/Race: Skin the color of oiled hardwood, with a faint wood grain pattern.
Eyes: Large, expressive brown eyes.
Facial details / structure: Soft, elfin features. Small nose. Dimples.
Hair color / length / style: Straight pale green tresses down to calves.
Typical / current clothing: None.
Accessories / makeup: Sge often braids leaves or flowers into her hair.
Unusual features: (freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks ect.)
Posture: Taught.
Gait: Briarlight doesn't move around much, but when she does, she ghosts around on tiptoe.
Voice and speech: Breathy childlike whisper.
Minutia: optional (anything you want to include to give a clearer picture of what your character looks like, i.e. physical mannerisms like paces when thinking, tendency to talk with their hands ect – or physical details not covered in the oth
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Profile: Foundling
1.Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Foundling
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: Wiry
Skin/Race: Sunburned and freckled Caucasian.
Eyes: Lightish brown
Facial details / structure: Roughly symmetrical features, snub nose, impudent smile. Jaw has a firm set that hints at both a strong personality and strength in the future. Eyes often become distant and facial expression neutral with no obvious cause.
Hair color / length / style: Shoulder length, thin brown braids with sunbleached highlights.
Typical / current clothing: A strange, eclectic style of mostly rough jeans and tee-shirts, but with occasional bits of goth or work clothes. All of his clothing was either found in garbage bins or stolen by Mange.
Accessories / makeup: None
Unusual features: Large, puckered scar on lower abdomen.
Posture: Alert and curious.
Gait: Determined.
Voice and speech: Typical young tenor. He is very loud and enthusiastic a lot of the time, but speaks slowly and carefu
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Break Audition: Adventure Time
She came to him, as she always did nowadays, in a dream.
He was walking in High Noon Forest, pacing leisurely through the low litter of dead leaves and looking up at the warm sunlight that filtered through the branches. This was the eastern section of the wood, and the trees that surrounded him were lofty elms, sleek and towering. The sun warmed his face and brought a smile to his lips, and he laughed aloud at the simple joy of being outside. Closing his eyes, he drank in the feeling of warmth on his eyelids, and when he opened them again, she stood before him.
Tall, tall, so impossibly tall. Taller and more beautiful than any creature he had ever seen, in the Fey Lands and certainly in the Lands of Men. She stood with her back to an elm, palms flat against the back and auburn curls cascading down either side of her neck to pool like ruddy froth at her thighs. Today she was dressed in a sweeping gown of emerald green and sunflower yellow silk, with tiny ladybugs as buttons on her bodic
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
AV Audition: War Games
The wind off the salt flats glittered in the morning air, throwing off thousands of tiny rainbow refractions over the heat of the gladiatorial arena. Though the crowd was large and varied, every spectator shared one thing in common: a pulsing excitement that soaked the stands just as the blood soaked the sand below. Over the intercom, the announcer thundered in five languages, volume turned all the way up in order to be heard above the roar of gunfire from the arena as a man in sleek black power armor pulped yet another piece of the competition with a hail of bullets. Seven fighters of varying styles had fallen to the human called Discipline, brains splattered as they exchanged missile weapons and his high-powered sniper rifle invariably prevailed, bodies torn asunder by the bloom of his shotgun barrel when they attempted to close for melee, or killed by other equally hideous methods. The crowd loved him. Every kill was unique and positively dripped style. He said nothing, he wasted no
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 1
A-V Profile: Tuora-Rasvim
Name: Tuora-Rasvim wer Yowethilti Woari, Svataril di Thatheo (Tuora-Rasvim is her given name, the rest are honorifics awarded for significant accomplishments. The literal translation would be "Coveted Treasure the Highest Wanderer, Acolyte of Destiny"). She will condescendingly tell humans that they can call her Treasure since they are incapable of speaking the Supreme Speech.
Age: 46 GSY
Gender, Preferred Pronoun: Female, She
Species: Vykladei
---Physical Appearance---
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 398 lbs
Build: Streamlined muscle on torso and arms, heavier muscle on lower body and flanks.
Skin: Variegated purple and black scales.
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue, with vertical slitted pupils. Vykladei can see UV.
Other defining features/anatomy: Large, muscular tail extended straight behind the body. Retractable claws on hands and feet (feet are basically a second pair of hands in that they also have an opposable thumb). Unhinge-able jaw.
Gait/Posture: Vykladei naturally assume a predatory-looking (t
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
A-V Species Ref: Vykladei
Species: Vykladei
Homeworld and Environment: The Vykladei evolved from a reptilian mountain-dweller on a planet warmer and wetter than Earth. They call their homeworld First Nest (Vy - first, klade - nest). As of the Astrum Venatus, the Vykladei have conquered every planet in their immediate solar system and a handful of the nearby ones as well.
First Nest is mostly dense jungle and high mountains. The atmosphere is very carbon dioxide rich and has a grainy, yellowish tinge due to the high amount of trace elements suspended in it from pervasive volcanic eruptions. The average temperature is 87 degrees with between 60 and 80% humidity.
Appearance: Vykladei are bipedal, digitigrade humanoids with distinctly snake- or lizard-like features. Their heads are flattened ovoids mounted on a long, thick neck. Approximately 2/3rds of the head is devoted to a large, unhingable jaw filled with large carnivore teeth. Eyes are wide set and protected by bony ridges. Ears and nose are pits protected by
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Character Profile: Kurt Lugner
1a. Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Kurt "Rage of Wotan" Lugner
Age: 23.
Gender: Male.
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 195 lbs.
Build: Heavy. He could work as a bouncer.
Race: Garou.
Skin: Lightly tanned Caucasian.
Eyes: Light blue.
Facial details / structure: Square and heavy. Strong chin, prominent brow, largeish mouth. He looks like a fairly intelligent thug.
Hair color / length / style: Would be blond, but he keeps his head shaved.
Typical clothing: Black muscle tee, cargo pants, belt, combat boots.
Accessories / makeup: He wears a polished steel collar tightly fitted around his neck. There is a very faint etching of a heart (the actual has-valves-and-tubes kind of heart) in the center.
Unusual features: Kurt has a number of tattoos. The most viable
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 4
Character Profile: Scharossor
1a. Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Scharossor (The Oiled Blade, Lady of Razors)
Age: 437 years.
Gender: Female.
Sexual orientation: HAH!
Height: Usually around 5'9''
Weight: Usually around 110 lbs.
Build: Willowy.
Race: Succubus.
Skin: Bone white.
Eyes: Grey, pupils only barely defined.
Facial details / structure: Classic beauty with a slightly predatory edge.
Hair color / length / style:Straight white hair that cascades down to the small of her back.
Typical clothing: Her leather suit, or none at all.
Accessories / makeup: None needed.
Unusual features: Black lips, black fingernails, blood red tongue.
Noteworthy biological features: Large black bat-type wings, long white arrow-tipped 'devil' tail, small fangs.</b>
Posture: Elegant.
Gait: Smooth and gr
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Synchronicity: Chapter 00
Chapter 00
He was breathing hard, muscles straining as he lifted the bricks up and set them in place with a dull thud. Reaching down, the boy grasped the next red block, fingers leaving dark smears of mortar and blood as he heaved it on to the top of the waist-high wall. His dark cloak was in disarray, covered in dust and dark stains, revealing the conservative school uniform underneath. Sweat streamed off him, caking on his thin face and running in rivulets down his grime covered cheeks. With an animal-like grunt, he set the last brick of the row and set down another layer of mortar with shaking hands.
As he worked, he talked to himself, a low, feverish counterpoint to the regular thump of stone meeting stone. The words ran together, over and under his gasping breaths, a river of panicked thought. "Had to. It's not a tomb unless it's sealed. He knew what was at stake. Chalk and salt and blood. Had to…" Another row finished, he reached down to grasp the mortar trowel and th
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 3 4
Swiftwater Staff: B. Clayboure
1a. Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Brandon R. Clayborne
Age: 32
Gender: Male.
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 186 lbs.
Build: Toned muscle, swimmer's build.
Race: Caucasian.
Skin: Tanned.
Eyes: Green.
Facial details / structure: Handsome, symmetrical face. Clean-shaven, square chin; strong brow, very white teeth.
Hair color / length / style: Crew-cut blonde.
Typical clothing: Black slacks, white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and matching tie. Black sneakers. Top two buttons on shirt always open – in a word, casual chic.
Accessories / makeup: None.
Unusual features: None.
Posture: Usually leans weight on one foot, crosses arms. Lounges around.
Gait: Casually powerful, dominant walk.
Voice and speech: Average tone and p
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Swiftwater Staff: J.C. Taylor
1a. Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Julius C. Taylor
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: A matter of much uncomfortable speculation
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 210 lbs.
Build: Normal build, but quite overweight
Race: Caucasian
Skin: Pasty
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Facial details / structure: Prominent, flabby chin. Heavy facial features.
Hair color / length / style: Sparse brown hair, not very tidily managed.
Typical clothing: Sweaters, slacks, loafers - none of which match.
Accessories / makeup: Thick, coke bottle glasses.
Unusual features: Arms are heavily scarred, but only a few people have gotten a look at them, as he usually wears long sleeves.
Posture: Slouched.
Gait: Surprisingly light. Creepily, he never makes any sound when we walks. He sometimes
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Swiftwater Staff: Souad Halabi
1a. Physical Description / Basics – Human:
Name: Souad Ruqaya Halabi
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Presumed to be straight.
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 167 lbs.
Build: Average.
Race/Nationality: Saudi.
Skin: Burnished middle-eastern.
Eyes: Brown. Long lashes.
Facial details / structure: Smooth oval face shape; large, striking eyes.
Hair color / length / style: Long black hair down to the small of her back.
Typical clothing: Sari in dark but rich colors with bright accents.
Accessories / makeup: None.
Unusual features: Burn scarring on hands.
Posture: Erect.
Gait: Easily graceful.
Voice and speech: Liquid alto. Tends to carefully enunciate in order to help counter her Arabic accent. Pacing is even and volume generally uniform.
Minutia: Always crosses he
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 0
Swiftwater Staff: Tousignant
1a. Physical Description / Basics
Name: Brent A. Tousignant
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Assumed to be straight
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 180 lbs.
Build: Thin and bony
Race: Caucasian
Skin: Average shade, not at all tanned.
Eyes: Watery blue
Facial details / structure:
Hair color / length / style: Unruly black hair, average length.
Typical clothing: Ill-fitting suits about 10 years behind current fashion. Tasteless ties.
Accessories / makeup: Square, wire-framed glasses. Lots of pens and small notebooks. Netbook laptop kept with him at all times.
Unusual features (freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks ect.): None.
Posture: Awkward. He tends to hunch his shoulders up a lot.
Gait: Meandering and slow.
Voice and speech: Lowish tenor with a nasal edge.
Minutia: Often described as 'stor
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 1 10
Character Profile: Sooth
1b. Physical Description / Basics – Non-Human:
Name: Sooth-Champion
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Height: 7' 5''
Weight: 385 lbs.
Race:  Vykladei ("lizard person" to the uninformed)
- Body material: Organic living tissue, cold blooded.
- Structure: Bipedal, recurve legs.
- Skull / head shape (if applicable): Saurian - blunt snout, unhingable jaw, wide-set eyes.
- Number and function of appendages: Two arms, two legs, one tail.
- Internal organization: Differing shape and location of organs in general, but all basic functions are fulfilled.
Skin: Pale grey scales.
Eyes: Blue, vertical slits.
Facial details / structure:
Hair color / length / style: None.
Typical clothing: None.
Accessories / makeup: None.
Unusual features: (freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks ect.)
Noteworthy biological features: Enormous sharp teeth, large claws on both hands and
:iconprofessorm:ProfessorM 0 2

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There are a lot of misconceptions about military service in the United States, many of which seem dictated by an individual's political bent as well as the national optempo (operational tempo; frequency of deployment/peacetime/wartime status). In times of peace, those who would like to call themselves 'liberal' popularly consider the Soldier (that is, all of them, as many are unaware of the distinction between the enlisted and the commissioned) someone who is by default woefully underqualified for 'real life' at best, and a brute who simply wishes for a legal venue to blow things up at worst. The conservative thinks little of the Soldier as an individual, but instead thinks of national defense - money for weapons systems, funding cuts for the Veterans' Administration.
In times of war, political necessity dictates that these perceptions change. Conservatives find their aggressive stances on national defense justified in the eyes of much of America, and so liberals must bend. The
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I will be graduating with a BA in Environmental Communication, Culture, and Writing come May. This hopefully will explain where I've been for the past 3 years :)

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