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Professor's log, supplemental: My website's Commissions page has been updated with a dynamic order-placing system that allows the user to pick the sizes and detail level of pictures they want to order. There are even passwords for members of my Patreon page to use for discounts as huge as 50% off. I like it.

My medication has cleared up some muddle-headedness that I've had, and on good days I can focus enough to do useful things like add more pictures to deviantART. ADHD is a bitch.

As always, a big thank you to all my supporters here on dA. Notifications of your faves and follows have kept me going for many years. Remember, I give llama badges to people who follow me, and automatically favorite any fan art done of characters and situations from the Snipe Hunt! universe of comics and art. If you have anything you would like drawn, I hope you'll commission me to bring your ideas to life.
I just finished a great piece for BooDestroyer89, and have got several more Post-It notes on my monitors for other commissions to be finished. I love my work! But it is slow and for that I apologize.

Upcoming pieces in no particular order:

theldara - Captain Toad's hand-washing process (learning aid)
ClickOutMets - Time Mage Mets (Final Fantasy)
FlameLordSpence - Monk Sasha (Final Fantasy)
FlameLordSpence - Dark Knight Vannah (Final Fantasy)
FlameLordSpence - Onion Knight Booyah (Final Fantasy)
FlameLordSpence - Gambler Flame (Final Fantasy)

For those of you who have been curious about my commision prices, it's a base price of $30 for a 600x600 pixel piece, full color, paid in advance. I may take a few weeks, but I get the job done. sashafiero is working on a dynamic pricing tool for custom dimensions, more characters, etc. so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for your interest!
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As you've seen in recent pages of Snipe Hunt! (… ), Booyah and Prof are about to head to the part of El Teatro known as the Wardrobe.

As you can probably imagine in a gymnasium full of luchadors, it's going to be huge and full of masks. So here's your chance to have a mask of your design featured in the comic!

All you have to do is cobble together a mask design. You can draw it, sew it, patch it together in Paint, paint it with actual paint! As long as your design is somehow visually expressed, it will be contained in the massive costume department.

The prize for this contest is, logically, that I'll be re-drawing your masks as part of the vast collection of costumery that the Wardrobe contains. But for the mask that I like the best, I'll draw your character and Señor Booyah together, with him wearing your mask design. Not too shabby!

Legal blip blop: The mask designs you submit will appear in the comic, but I won't lay claim to them. Feel free to use them from now on on your own time.

Here on dA, you can get me your designs by linking to them in comments on this journal entry, or by just drawing them with Muro in your replies. You can also post them on the Snipe Board (… ). Thanks, and good luck!
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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 25, 2011, 12:26 PM
They seriously haven't applied Muro to this? I was going to start doing little doodles here for people to see, but I guess this hazard striped journal theme will just have to suffice for a reason to post.

As always, thanks for all the :+fav:s. For those of you that leave good comments or add me to their :+devwatch:, I try my best to always give you a Llama Badge in return. Special thanks to MisterChimpo for working hard to see that my work is getting submitted to all the right groups to help it get widespread exposure. And for buying me a premium membership. And for buying me Steam games whenever I mention wanting them. And for being a good 2v2 Arena partner in World of Warcraft.

My latest Snipe Blog feature, GLOBULORB, has me taking suggestions via haiku from the Snipe Board for which circular character to draw every day. I am enjoying the experiment thus far, and encourage you to join in on it (if you can manage to bypass our forum's robot-proof security system).

I haven't mentioned this in a while, but for those of you that are new to my policies: I only :+fav: works that feature my characters, or characters whose image I designed; but by that same standard, I :+fav: every picture that falls under that distinction. So if you want some easy exposure, create something featuring one of my many creations. If it cuts the mustard, it'll get added to the SnipeHuntMedia group.

Periodic Table of Relevant Links:
[Fb] | [Wc] | [St] | [Tw] | [Twp]

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I mainly just use deviantART to get a feeling for what the public likes the most out of my pictures. It didn't take a ten year, thousand-man study to figure it out: video game art, especially that which features sexy ladies.

Every weekday, I draw a sketch in the Snipe Hunt Media weblog for a series called Drawn & Quintered. People submit five-word suggestions on the Snipe Board, and I turn them into pictures.

I do commissions, but the queue is very long indeed at this point. Feel free to toss in your money and wait your turn, because the longer you wait, the more things will be added before you.

I tweet occasionally. I use Facebook. And I play World of Warcraft.
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UPDATES: I try to upload one new picture every week, at the very least. It's my 2008 New Year's resolution. As for 2009, they happen when they happen. It's been a busy year, and I've been concentrating more on my ongoing comic strip, "Snipe Hunt!".

COMMISSIONS: They're for sale. Check the Shop section at Snipe Hunt Media ( ). Prices range from economical to less economical.

ART TRADES: Just ask. I'll probably be up for it. You draw your side of it first. If it's at all relevant to my interests, I'll match it in quality and size.
People keep asking me, "Hey, professorhazard, why won't you put your web comic - "Snipe Hunt!" (… ) - on deviantART, so I can :+fav: it and tell everyone I meet to look at it?" And I laugh, ho ho ho!, and say, "ME DON'T WANNA."

The truth of the matter is, I don't feel that they would be well represented in a format in which you cannot read through them, one after the other. But fret not, my nuggets. You can always visit Snipe Hunt Media and see the latest page of the comic, whenever you like. It is your God-given right as citzens of the Internet. There is also a forum for discussion of it, and clowns, and candy, and a big inflatable MAX Virus you can jump around in.

The comic seems to be updating every two or three days, so put it in your Bookmarks, use the RSS feed, whatever you like! But no, I don't think I'll be uploading the pages here. It just doesn't tickle my pickle.
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With 4,000 hits on the near horizon, that means 5,000 hits is right around the corner.

2500 GET by professorhazard 5000 GET by professorhazard

Ciono won the 2,500 hit picture last time, to win the above portrait. The winner this time around will get the same prize: a 500x500 portrait of themselves in the style of their choosing.

You know the drill: Just send me a screenshot of your proximity to 5,000 hits. The closest one wins!

UPDATE: WINNER SenorBooyah. Congrabulations!

Shout-outs to my Snipe Con homeboys:

:iconprofessorhazard: :iconsenorbooyah: :iconbumblefly: :iconprofessorfandango: :iconflamelordspence: :iconspeed-lancer: :iconjeffmillennium: :iconclickoutmets:

And, of course, my stamp collection:

Deviant Stamp - MAX Virus by professorhazard Stamping Out Elitism by professorfandango
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Thu Jul 3, 2008, 11:44 AM
Summer lovin', happened so fast.

Snipe Con 2008 has come and gone. It was good to see everyone together in one place:

:iconprofessorhazard: :iconsenorbooyah: :iconbumblefly: :iconprofessorfandango: :iconflamelordspence: :iconspeed-lancer: :iconjeffmillennium: :iconclickoutmets:

If you weren't there, you missed a party. Make it next year!

With the cessation of this most hallowed of Snipe Hunt holidays, I'm back to the grindstone and ready to rumble.

So think short and hard - is there anything you'd pay money to see drawn? If so, visit the Professor Hazard's Commissions page under the Shop section at Snipe Hunt Media. There you'll find pricing, details, and other such fineries.

I'm also looking forward to seeing more fan art of all my many and various characters and designs! Any such picture is guaranteed a :+fav: from me, and will be introduced into my social network, where it may find even more :+fav:s.

Let's get to work!

Deviant Stamp - MAX Virus by professorhazard Stamping Out Elitism by professorfandango

You know, I'd like to change my Mood from "Enjoying The Show" to something else, but it won't let me. I guess it's a good thing that I am, in fact, enjoying the show.
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A lot of people have found their way onto my Friends list recently. No, they didn't do the requisite amount of fan art necessary to gain my subscription to their complete body of work - that tribute is still reserved for those that hit that magic number of pictures. These people have just done one or more fan arts, and also have the distinction of having Neutral or better reputation with my particular faction.

Repeat turn-ins of Prof-centric quest lines (Draw Something Will Ya!, What's In It For Prof?) and stacks of [Cash Money] can be used to grind your way through the reputation ranks, until you finally hit Exalted and are allowed to purchase a [Swift Labkart].

bumblefly did, however, perform the necessary machinations to achieve getting devWatched, so congratulations go out to her. Now, if she'd just do some fan art that isn't several years old...!
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Professor Hazard Plush!

Wed Apr 16, 2008, 7:21 PM

Everyone needs to drop a :+fav: on this, and be sure to check out the rest of BabyLondonStar's gallery, too!
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According to my statistics, I'm currently at a little over 2,400 Pageviews. Let's celebrate by doing one of those things everybody else does. Whoever sends me a screen shot via e-mail of themselves being #2,500 will get a free 500x500 portrait of their choosing. Don't be afraid to send it in if you're #2,499 or #2,501; if someone else gets 2,500 and doesn't report it, then you'll be the winner.

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For as much as I use deviantART, I thought I should give back to the community. As such, I purchased a subscriber account, and have now upgraded my symbological rank from tilde to asterisk (it is not required that you kiss the asterisk). Since my New Year's resolution this year is to submit a new drawing at least every week, I figure that I will be getting plenty of usage out of my investment.

As always, let me point out my semi-complex social structure of dealing with the esoteric usages of :+fav: and :+devwatch:.

:+fav: - I do not favorite anything except deviations featuring my characters or my designs. If I did, I would favorite just way too many things. I go to many dA pages; I see and enjoy many works of art. Sometimes I comment on them to show my approval.

Another thing I don't do, regarding :+fav:-ery, is personally thank every person who favorites my work. Let me be clear, here; I appreciate the hell out of everyone who enjoys my art. However, I do not wish to go through the entire rigmarole of woodenly thanking each person for enjoying it. If you really want to hear from me, comment on the artwork in question when you fave it. I try to respond to all comments, unless they are extremely stupid and make me want to die.

:+devwatch: - I do not watch anyone unless they have done five pieces that I have favorited. At that time, deviantART itself prompts me to watch them, and I say "Okay, deviantART, you raise a valid point". I don't have anything against watching other artists. I just want them to earn it. This is not an impossible task. I watch several people of varying degrees of talent; I could watch you, too!
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"Why you don't WATCH my deviantART account?"

A question I have heard more than once. Well, as you know, I generally loathe Internet politics, and on top of the list for that subject matter are situations where you are expected to "friend" people, just because you know them.

Well I don't bandy about the term "friend" loosely, and I don't like to reward mediocrity. So for me to watch your deviantART account, you have to have done enough pictures of my characters so that I Favorite your pictures enough times to prompt dA to send a pop-up at me that says "You have Favorited many of this person's works. Do you want to watch them?"

When that happens, I say "yes", regardless of my outside relationship with that artist. So if you want to be on my watch list, don't give me no jibba-jabba about how you saved my dog from that fire that one time. Impress me by showing me how much you can draw the characters that I have designed!

EDIT: It turns out that the magic number of pictures I have to :+fav: is "five". Thanks for giving me a reason to find out, Brainfreeze01!
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I have now come to check deviantART fairly often, and boy howdy do I appreciate all the Favoriting going on. I appreciate it so much, I am considering beginning to Favorite things myself!

So here's how it will go. If you draw a Snipe Hunt Media character (characters I have designed, characters that have appeared in Snipe Hunt comics, etc.), I will add it to my Favorites. This is a cheap and easy way to get a free Favorite, because I will do it no matter the quality! I just love seeing my creations, costume designs, and other historical segments of Hazard Laboratories represented that much.

As always, I am not going to start going around hollering "thmx 4 tha fav", but I will respond to any comment left on any of my art (for better or for worse).

As of now, I believe I have Favorited the brunt of them; but if you have done fan art of my characters that is currently on deviantART and I haven't Favorited it, let me know, and it'll happen!
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(or "Favourite", for foreigners and wankers)

I hardly ever check this thing, but I want everyone who Favorites my artwork to know that I certainly appreciate it. I tried replying individually to each Favorite for a long time, but I got behind and now there are too many. Which is good! However, I do respond to every comment that anyone leaves on my artwork, so if you want some feedback, leave some feedback. I will try to make time for everyone.
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