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Zero Suit Pac-Man

Zero Suit Pac-Man
October 2010
Wacom Intuos 9x12, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

I never liked all the flak Nintendo got for debuting Zero Suit Samus. I think it's a very cool costume design! So to prove that it's not sexist, I put it on a character even shapelier than Samus Aran - Namco's Pac-Man!
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He's got one for his own!
professorhazard's avatar
You know that's right!
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Nice crossover.
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So, Pac-Man with no botty and boobies.
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Than,he will use the robot that he used in Tekken as his power suit?
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really cool instan Fav :D:D:D:D:D SO EPIC :D
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jajaja great!!!
i like the convination!
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:worship: You can't beat curves like that. But wouldn't Ms. Pac-Man have been more appropriate?
But seriously, I'll have to agree with your comments that the Zero Suit isn't sexist, at least it's better than what most females wear. Skin-tight as it is, Samus is completely covered, unlike Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Cortana, Tifa Lockheart, Supergirl, Hawkgirl/woman, and so on into infinity. If I was Samus, I'd want something between my skin and all that Power Suit... Otherwise one would quickly become very, very sore ALL OVER.
:two cents: I do think Nintendo is objectifying Samus by steadily decreasing her Amazonian proportions, however. And I'm not talking about her curves; she's steadily lost the towering height and large muscles from the end of Super Metroid. By Other M she's almost as small and skinny as, well, every other Japanese character.
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To be fair, Other M was crappy on a bunch of different levels.

But I must admit: It never crossed my mind to have Ms. Pac-Man be the subject of this picture. What a world.
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" be fair, Other M was crappy on a bunch of different levels."

All too true! I finished it, but I'll never bother playing it on Hard. Actually I should probably just sell the dumb thing...
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I... sold it before I completed it.
KeithEKimball's avatar
I can't blame you. Unbelievable as it my sound, the ending was the crusty icing on a very rancid cake. Now join me in a prayer that Nintendo gives Metroid to somebody besides Team Ninja.
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Woooah pacman never more cool 8DDDD great job!
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We'll just put the Hide on those.
Papiwolffox640's avatar
That is an inspiration! :clap:

Nice job on this~! ^.^
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