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Uri Malcovich

MAY 2018

Today we've got a new portrait for an old Haz Labber! Uri has returned from the wilderness beyond the Internet and ordered a piece of art to commemorate it.

Uri's never appeared in a Snipe Hunt Media comic so far, but eventually Hazard Laboratories University of Cryptozoology gets staffed with lots of different characters - generally people that have hung around the website for years and deserve some acknowledgement - so it stands to reason that Uri's some kind of mechanic that helps keep things running. He's got a lot of robot parts that he maintains himself, so you can tell he's good with machines.

Fun Fact: Uri's last name is "Malkovich" (or Malcovich? One or the other) and the little grinning face that he wears as an emblem has sharp teeth that make an M shape! Was it designed that way? Only Uri knows for sure. Unless I streamlined it that way, in which case only I know for sure.

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I always found that steel plat under his eye a little unnerving, but it's also his most distinguishable feature.
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We used to draw it as a pacifier back when he was just a li'l baby Haz Labber.

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I see you didn't call me out for "steel plat."

My typing has been getting markedly worse in recent years...I think my brain is deteriorating!
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It is, unfortunately, a mutual problem.