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April 2012
Wacom Intuos 9×12, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

It’ll take me at least five minutes to move this thing!

The perspective on this piece is a little off – you shouldn’t be able to see the conductor from where Ultros is in the catwalks – but perhaps he is simply moving it into place in order to drop it on Maria’s noggin.
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For an octopus the size of a car he is really sneaky
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That whole scene was so... random. That's Ultros for you.
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Oh yeah, I remember that guy!! And his annoying giant weight dropping from above too! Hey, seriously, you made him awfully cute here. :D Now go get 'em, Celes---I mean, Maria!
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Ultros: It's goin take me 5 mins to push this over, good thing I have all these rats to protect me.
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this brings back so much fond memories for me <3
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Me too. It was a real blast from the past.
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Ultros :iconlaplz: , this is very good ^^
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I don't know what the game is but I love the purple monster thing that I assume is Ultros! :dummy:
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That's him, all right. He's a villainous octopus from Final Fantasy VI.
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Love it. Great game, great scene from the game, great character, and great pictorial representation of all of those things.
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Well, thanks for everything! High praise!
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