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Sword Crashers

Sword Crashers
October 2008
Wacom Intuos 9x12

Someone was bound to eventually draw this picture, so I figured heck; why not me?

I spent most of the day drawing this picture. Overall, I have to say I'm very pleased with it. I feel that I did an admirable job not only of aping the Four Swords style of art, but Dan Paladin's style as well.

If you own an Xbox 360 but haven't played Castle Crashers, give it a try! It's fun alone or with a friend.

I attempted to make a video recording of the process of drawing this picture, but in the end the file was so big, it basically collapsed in on itself. If I had to take a guess at how long it took to finish this picture, I'd say it was somewhere in the six hour range.
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SEE!  I really really wish that before making another Four Swords title (and I really hope we get another) that Nintendo / Capcom would spend a year or year and a half, JUST playing Castle Crashers, the old Electronic Arts Return of the King and Dragon Age: Origins.  I'd love a "Zelda" that was not only Multi-player but that was more RPG.
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best battle ever go cc team
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It's like seeing mommy and daddy fight
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I actually requested wizard and boomstick to do this pair. Don't know who those guys are? search "DEATH BATTLE" on youtube. Thank me later.
this should be a game
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Nice style <3
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I had an idea that is similar to your picture! The only difference:

The two groups are working together!

It's just an idea, doesn't mean you HAVE to do it.
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In my opinion the castle crashers would win! but im going to list they advantages reach team has:
Castle crashers
1) They have magical abilities which the links do not posses
2) They have more Armor =More chance of surviving a sword slash \
3) they are more vicious and extreme in battle then the links
4) they have everything the links have example: Bombs bow and arrows

1) Team Coordination better then the knights
2) intellect of fighting = More smarter then the knights
3) more arsenal of items
And if i missed something on the links tell me cause thats all i can think of
Well bye :trollface:
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The fact that they don't try and kill each other over one princess.
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Well technically they each have their own princess that is just the game If more then One person is playing....
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The heroes of Hyrule shall win!
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Next idea for a deathbattle, the castle crashers vs the four links.
can you plz make a sequel to this.
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How would that go?
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castle crashers vs pikmin?

there both cute....

i'm gonna get hated from this am i

sorry but I like the picture ok! But who the victim?
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And then after the confusion and chaos, they team up to stop Ganon and his new allies and rescue the princess(es?) in epic combat!! :iconyeahplz: XD I'm sorry that just came up in my head when I saw this.
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And after they rescue the princesses, they start killing each other again to earn the princess' heart
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That is true. I figured it was more of knocking them out than actual killing, otherwise they just insta-resurrect and work together, which makes little sense.
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