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Solid Peach

Yet another costume change from yet another Snipe Board forum discussion. This time, we see Princess Peach in Solid Snake's outfit. And why? Because it's sexy as hell, that's why. From her four-way night vision crown to her C-4 earrings, she's ready for some tactical espionage action, despite her absolutely visible blonde hair. Ah, who could bring themselves to shoot her, anyways?

It brings me to a subject I just have to address: is it ultra gay that men find it sexy when women dress up as men, or what? Should I feel insecure about it? Because I don't. I mean, there's a limit, you know. And that limit is Annie Lennox.

The style is cribbed... basically entirely from official Nintendo art. Nobody can match that style, so I decided not to even try, opting instead to just follow the masters in the footsteps of their craft. Such form, such linework. So in truth I can't take a lot of artistic credit for this picture. I just glued it all together and then painted it up real nice.
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This is a dangerous woman.

To her enemies, ... she is their worst nightmare... for she can't be reasoned with, ... she can't be bargained with.

For those unfortunate to stand between her and her target, she will feel no pity, ... no remorse, ... no pain, ... no fear.

And she is out for the blood... of the ones who hurt her best friends.

Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom ... is ... the Solid Snake.

Oops! Sorry, wrong movie series... Sweating a little... 
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Looks like Peach is done taking Bowser's crap.
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i wonder if this artist watches much youtube
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peach?! do you copy?! peach!!! peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach!!!!!
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She looks so solid!! Lol!!
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I looks very cool! Nice job! :clap:
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I would actually love if this happened, I love this so much... ^^
But then... That would mean that she would fight Liquid Peach at the End and boy that'll be ONE awesome Cat Fight for DAMN SURE! XP
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bowsers so screwd or is peach bieng a poser.... NAH bowsers so screwd >: D *3 years later 5 mario sequels come out all involving peach bieng kid napped*
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I had a solid peach once before; turns out it spent last night in the freezer!
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If this was peach, i would marry her
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Peach: Try to kidnap me NOW, Bowser!
*Bowser summons tons of Koopas to try to capture Peach, but shoots some, knifes some, and snaps the necks of the rest of them*
Bowser: Eep!
Mario: *Eyes have been replaced with giant hearts, and he's drooling*
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when i see her like this...... I FUCKIGN WONDER HOW BOWSER MANAGES TO NAP HER ALL THE TIME @____@
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Peach is....:drool:
An no it's not gay to think girls look hot in mens clothing :)
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