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Hollena Guadalupe

Holleña Guadalupe
SEP 2019

This commissioned piece features Holleña Guadalupe: werewolf, smartass, material girl. She's descended from a nomadic tribe of Mesoamerican people afflicted with lycanthropy, the genetic condition that causes the victim's body to be covered with thick, dark hair. Her forebears made a pact with a wolf god in an attempt to relieve them of their ostracizing curse, but the wolf interpreted this as a plea to make them more perfectly wolflike - thus, the damp nose, pointed ears, paw pads, and claws. Holleña doesn't mind the outcome. She thinks she turned out fabulous!
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Awooo. Nice.

I'm not familiar with this lady but she has a fine collection of features.
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She's one of those blessed additions to the Snipe Hunt Media family that was originally a real life friend and became a fan of the series.