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Half in the Bag

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The actual title of this piece is "Leaked production still from [adult swim] 'Half in the Bag' pilot (Abso Lutely Productions - Exec. Producer Tim Heidecker)" but for brevity's sake we'll just call it "Half in the Bag".

I've always wanted to draw Mike and Jay from Red Letter Media as Fred Flintstone and Shaggy Rogers, and today I felt like finally making it happen. It was a fun departure into a different style with all these desaturated colors and Hanna-Barbera style crooked lines. The color fades and splats on the otherwise flat colors were meant to make you think that, like in BoJack Horseman, animation has gotten to the point where that sort of detail can be present in the coloring process.

Occasionally I like to see if I can trick reddit into believing that one of my pieces is legitimate, because that's a big ego boost for me, and the first comment on this post in the RLM subreddit was "is this real?" So, mission complete.

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Hey! I have a passing knowledge of these video reviews! The character choices do seem to suit them and that sure is a Fred Flintstone if ever I saw one!

And hey, confusing some fans is high praise indeed, maybe it will inspire such a thing to become a reality!
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Nice work! This captures the Lightning Fast Repair characters perfectly.
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Thank you! I got a Like from Jack Packard on Twitter for it.