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A somewhat overdue trade with :iconprofessorhazard: who wanted me to recreate my favourite scene from one of his myriad of Sprite Comics over at Snipe Hunt Media [link] (Yes they're deliberately written like that.)

Well I had plenty of great scenes to choose from, but ultimately went with the opening scene from Hook, Line & Stinker [link]

I felt I had to draw the characters in a slightly different style in an attempt to capture the charm of the 8-Bit characters in a higher resolution. Maybe it worked, maybe he'll like it. Only time will tell.

In the interim, why not poke your nose around the rest of Snipe Hunt Media (Why not?) [link]
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Got MegaMan vibes from this image. 👍
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Very appropriate, since the comic that inspired it was made with modified Megaman sprites!

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I'm sorry, Replay! I don't like it! Because of how much I love it.

Not only does it capture the happy-go-lucky spirit of the 8-bit versions of our family of simpletons, but it's even a beautiful tribute to Carlitos - ridin' high.

I might have to get this one printed and framed. Thanks, bro.
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Well it was a pleasure to do.

As I was reading the comic I almost went with Prof and Booyah riding Carlitos, but when I got to the second page I changed my mind, and this was before I even heard the news but I'm glad of it.

To be honest I wouldn't be averse to doing a few more of these, there were a handful of ideas I didn't go with in the end so who knows!
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Guess what! I wouldn't be averse to you doing them, either!
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The next one definitely needs to be from The Polar Distress.
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If only it were still on the website!
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And now it's up again.
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But who could decide a moment to capture?
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I'll get that fixed in the next couple of days. I read it last night and laughed and laughed.
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So many things to love about this.

Great work.
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Nah just kidding. Cheers Eggs!
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I'm glad you like my dear!

Now we need more comics.
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It's an animated totem pole! :lol: But indeed, I love the wild, fun and vivid expressions all around! :) You never fail to entertain, pal! :)
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Well cheers. They are a jolly bunch!
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