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Boy, I was lucky to get that last picture out.

It seems as though the file I was working on for the recent Smash pictures has become corrupt and I've lost quite a lot of work.
"Luckily, I had rendered most of them yesterday so I can at least upload those" is what I'd like to say, but apparently those rendered files have also become corrupted, including the Dribble & Spitz one so I don't know how I was able to get that out.

I think it's my external hard drive that's causing the problem (at least I hope it is, otherwise I've got much bigger problems), it has been making threats that there were 'problems' with it when I plug it into new devices for a while now but I was always assured that it had been 'fixed' later, and of course it's pretty stupid of me not to be backing these up somewhere but it does mean there'll be another delay in updates. Sorry!

EDIT: Aha! It was just the fully backgrounded characters that are corrupt, the solo character art is still fine so I might get away with some of this, though I did still lose the rest and there will still be a delay.


I left this one until last only because it's technically a guest character, but it's also the last of the original Smash 150 rejects:…

I also didn't include Jibanyan in the original project because I already had a character from Level 5 (Professor Layton) and didn't want two guest characters from the same company.
And the only reason I included Layton is because he was already part of a previous project of mine; I actually think Jibanyan would fit into Smash better!

So Jibanyan is the mascot character of Yokai Watch, a monster fighting/collecting game. What makes it interesting is that all the monsters are based on Japanese 'yokai' which are sort of spirits who are said to influence all sorts of aspects of Japanese culture. Sure, there are some monster-style ones like animated skeletons and ogres but there are also ghosts (both of people and inanimate objects) and just about any human foible can be attributed to a yokai, from a runny nose to the tendency to overspend.

I loved the first Yokai Watch game. The fact that the creatures were based on real myths (but explicitly so, not in the oblique Pokemon sort of way) but adapted slightly to fit a more modern time made it really interesting to me and the battle system was quick and streamlined so I didn't have to be especially tactical, just a bit more reactionary.

The second game was slightly more disappointing. Sure, the new monsters were great and the story involves you travelling back in time so there a new yokai who are even more heavily based on the real old 'classic' creatures of legend but this was where they decided to really tighten the screws on the money making machine and produced three different variants of the same game, with different monsters in each and there was no way to get them all in just one version! Sure there was online trading, but only with people on your friends list and I was not prepared to start curb crawling around internet forums to beg someone to give me the rice bowl monster.
There was even a special area that could only be obtained by linking to games together locally, so suffice to say my copy of the game has a big sad hole in it that may never be filled!

Yokai Watch 3 is on its way too, and I'm less enthused than ever. This game takes place in America and introduces lots of new "American Yokai." You might think that's a great idea as it plays on lots of American legends like the Mothman, Jersey Devil, aliens etc but in fact it's just a bunch of puns based on Japanese jokes about Americans so one of the things that endeared me so much is now completely gone.
It also seems like the games are being dictated more and more by the incredibly successful cartoon, because the characterisations in the second game are nothing like those in the first. The player character is now a cynical jerk and Whisper has been demoted from helpful partner to insult sponge and whipping boy.

Despite all this I know that the series is absolutely huge in Japan and a cat spirit from a monster battling game would be an easy fit for Smash Bros (and I couldn't include Jibanyan without Whisper for this picture) but with an obvious parallel between Yokai Watch and Pokemon, what are the chances of this guy showing up alongside Pikachu?

That's a wrap on this set! I hope you've enjoyed them, I might get around to another set before Ultimate is released but don't hold your breath! Feel free to keep suggesting characters to me though, I've got a list with a few more ideas on but for now let's see what other announcements we get before release!
SMASH 150 - 169 - GOKU
I really wanted to get this guy in the main project, naively thinking it was a joke nobody else had done but when I found out he'd already been considered by other artists (in earnest, sometimes) I conceded that there were more important characters to consider.

If you're not already familiar with the concept, there are a number of people out there who (I assume jokingly) call for "Goku in Smash!" referring to the character from Dragonball (or more likely Dragonball Z because some people have no imagination) since it's such an outlandish and unlikely character (originating from a comic rather than a game.)

But it turns out there IS a character in a Nintendo game called Goku! From Yuyuki, one of those story-heavy action games on the Famicom Disk System. I don't know a lot about the game itself but I do know that it's inspired by the classic story "Journey to the West," as was Dragonball, which explains why the main characters are so similar.

The thing is, with a(n extendable?) staff and a flying cloud vehicle, this guy would probably translate into Smash pretty smoothly and he did actually get a cameo in another Nintendo game.
Kirby's Dreamland 3 contained a few unusual cameos including Rob with Professor Hector, Donbe and Hikari and even Samus! This fellow had to be rescued and brought back to his fried Chao so who knows? Maybe it's only a matter of time before Yuyuki shows up in Smash somehow!
SMASH 150 - 168 - SHERIFF
This one was for my own personal amusement.

Sheriff is another game that I was introduced to by Smash. In this case, his trophy in Melee. An arcade game by Nintendo in 1979, meaning it predates even Game & Watch!
It's essentially Space Invaders with cowboys but it's important enough to keep showing up in Smash. The Sheriff himself appears as an assist trophy where he adopted his far more striking yellow colouration.

I just really wanted to draw a 'realistic' version of the character (using a few pieces of cabinet art for the head and clothes) but maintaining his incredibly squat spite proportions. And of course keeping him bright yellow.

I'm pretty happy with the result, but I think his assist trophy is better off remaining pixelated.
Got a couple of really interesting obscurities to round out this set!

I recently learned about a game called Special Tee Shot, a golf game by HAL for the Super Famicom. You might not be surprised to learn that is was a precursor to Kirby's Dream Course, the experimental game that became the latter and was never released.
At least not at first. Later, Special Tee Shot was released in its original form on the Satellaview and it's really interesting to look at it because it does quite a few things that the Kirby version didn't. It's a lot more straightforward because there are no copy abilities or enemies to defeat but it does have a couple of unique power-ups of its own and aspects of the shot movement itself seem a little bit more sophisticated that Dream Course.

Find out more for yourself here (there's a full playthrough with very bearable commentary):

If there is such a thing as a main character in this game it would probably be the red ball who has eyes and changes into the shapes of numerals to show you which stroke you're on, but there's also this dungareed fellow who shows up in a supporting role but I equate him to the "golfer" who just isn't seen in play for the sake of clarity.

So I decided to group the two together (there's also a flying saucer shaped guy who would probably form part of a hypothetical moveset somehow but might not be integral to the character) in the vein of Duck Hunt Duo.
I think it would be quite interesting to see a release of this game on the Switch Online service (as with all Satellaview games, in fact) and an incredibly fleeting reference to the service in Super Mario Odyssey might give credence to the possibility of more in the future.
SMASH 150 - 166 - CORDELIA
Almost done with the rejected characters:…

I had a gap that I decided to fill with a Panel De Pon character as sort of retribution for Lip, who is possibly the most forsaken character in Smash. Her weapon has been an item since Melee and her theme showed up in Brawl but she never even got a trophy!
I opted for Cordelia, the villain of the game since it fits that "one hero, one villain" theme and also because I thought a giant naked human concealed by hair was a pretty unusual look.
Now, the ending of the game does confirm that she's actually wearing something skimpy but I always thought this was supposed to be some sort of evil god (almost true) so the nudity was a symbol of purity. For me personally there's nothing titillating about it but I'm sure some folks would rather enjoy it that way.

However, once again some more important characters came to the fore and Cordelia was one of the first to go.

I'd love to see just a little bit more representation for this series in Smash - a Lip assist trophy that drops garbage blocks would be fantastic. But more than that I just want another Puzzle League game!


Scottland "Last Resort" Willetts
United Kingdom


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You can certainly suggest character and I'll consider it in the future, but can't make any promises!
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You think he has a good chance? I'm not so sure. With Ryu and Megaman we already have two Capcom characters, a third would seem a bit much.

However, I can definitely imagine him fighting, in fact, he's already done it before!…
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