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Hello folks!

Thought I'd do a little update post considering my last one ended uncertainly.
I bought a new hard drive, one big enough to accommodate all the work I've ever done and plenty more, so I figured this was the time to finally organise everything - over 700GB of data arranged into an actual coherent file structure that a) makes things easier to find, b) allows me to eliminate gigabytes of duplicate files and c) means that everything I do from here on out can feed into that system and constantly be neat and tidy!
In doing so I also formatted my old hard drive so that can be a backup and wiped my PC because it was playing up in weird ways so I'm completely cleaning house digitally!

But it's a big job. I've been working on it here and there for the last few weeks and I'm close to finishing the first phase - getting things into major project folders. The next step is to go into the project folders and organise those individually.

Because of this I haven't been doing a huge amount of work in this time but I should be getting back to it pretty soon.

I will be updating the SMASH 150 with the new characters that I haven't already drawn (four of them! My predictions are always so terrible) and I'll talk a little bit about my thoughts on the recent direct but it's not going to happen too soon. I am going to predict a final Smash Direct in October so I ought to try to get them done before then...maybe.

Thanks for reading!


Encyclotrivia - INLAW/OUTLAW
This one is a concept that's quite a few years old, and I have many sketches where I tried to figure out the logistics of a dress that turns into a hat when the gravity flips.
In the end I made it shift rather than flip for a much more simple and readable design.
Encyclotrivia - DOGSBODY
Once again we return to the robot database of Professor Fandango - visited not once:… but twice:… in this gallery over the years, but for now I think I can consider this a "complete" version of the concept.
The name Encyclotrivia comes from the fact that the planet which Fandango Laboratories and Cosmopol station orbit is called Trivia (named after the Roman god(dess), much like our own planets don't you know!)

And what better way to introduce this new format than with Dogsbody, the most basic robot in the collection.
The 'Data Dog' is a small microchip that will sometimes pop out of a destroyed robot and picking it up is what will unlock the corresponding Encyclotrivia entry.

Each entry also features three categories -
'Type' is what they are: Robotic, Organic, Virtual, Vehicle, Locale
'Technique' is how they fight: Physical, Projectile, Elemental, Tactical, Unusual
Style is their general personality or character: Cute, Cool, Funny, Scary, Serious

The background also borrows elements from recent robot designs:… so I'm not going to be re-uploading all of those pictures for the sake of the flavour text but I do have a few new robots to introduce this way, including something very, very special!
SMASH 150 - 116 - ISABELLE
...Dogs are known for being loyal! I get it now.

Isabelle in Smash
Isabelle was a very late addition to this project, added at the same time as the Squid Sisters and for the same reason: she's sort of become the de facto mascot of the Animal Crossing games, showing up in all the spinoffs, in general Nintendo advertisements and she even got two Amiibo.
I think she's a good character though. A solid design and works as the mayor's aide - and you, the player are the mayor - so she's about the closest thing to the main character you can get.
But I'd have a hard time seeing her as a fighter. Everything in Animal Crossing is very relaxed and comfortable so the high octane Smash battles seem out of place for most Animals. However...Isabelle did get some kind of oblique battle experience in the form of a Mii costume with a terrifying head and a party popper gun. PLUS she was an assist trophy! So I think that's a lot of evidence of her popularity, though a full playable role still seems unlikely to me.

Isabelle in Animal Crossing
It was quite surprising for Isabelle to be elevated to her such a high profile role considering how late she joined the franchise, but it would be hard to imagine an Animal Crossing game without her now.
So what might the future hold for her? Will she continue to aide the mayor? Will she do something else? I get the impression that character professions don't really change in Animal Crossing world so I wouldn't expect her to become a travel agent or something. On the other hand, if anybody's going to get special treatment, it's going to be Isabelle.


Isabelle in Smash Ultimate

Of course the best thing about Isabelle in Smash is that I don't need to draw her again.

This was one I didn't see coming, though I had already "predicted" that if there was going to be another new Animal Crossing character it would probably be her.
Having never played a game in this series I have no investment so my reaction was neutral. I'm neither excited nor disappointed, but I do still like her as a character! And it is at least appropriate for Animal Crossing to be represented by an actual animal.

I think one of the surprising elements is her moveset. While she does share a few techniques with the Villager she isn't an Echo Fighter, but most of her abilities (as far as I'm aware) are standard AC tasks and could just as easily have been Villager moves...right? Is Isabelle actually associated with fishing more than the player avatar? Maybe somebody can clue me in on that.

I had assumed that the Villager's inclusion was to represent the AC series as a whole so there was no real scope for another character in the series. But, as previously stated, Isabelle is extremely popular and has somewhat become the face of the series so I guess they felt she could be shoehorned in there, but as a bit of a "Villager 2" if you will.

But that's fine by me. There seems to be a concerted effort to bulk up the under-represented franchises this time around and I'm for that, and since Animal Crossing is a pretty big series now I think it's fair to see a second fighter from it (though I think I still would have slightly preferred Mr. Resetti.)
I wasn't sure at what point to actually call this finished, but I couldn't hold onto it forever!

Unlike my other recent Smash pictures, this one wasn't planned for ten months to finally be realised now - in fact, it was only after the latest Direct that I realised I hadn't appended the SMASH 150 with another appeal for my most wanted character.
It's become a bit of a tradition since I've investigated Captain Syrup not once: but twice: before!

Now, after those first two prefaces, let me preface this by saying:
I do not expect Captain Syrup to be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
I do not expect Captain Syrup to even appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
I do not expect Captain Syrup to even be referenced in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
I do not expect Wario Land itself to be referenced in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
I do not expect another Wario Land game for at least ten years.

But if Daisy, Ridley and K. Rool have taught us anything, it's that shouting and complaining is exactly the right way to get your favourite character into the game.
Now, I kind of feel like Captain Syrup simultaneously has really good and really bad chances to become a playable character. On one hand, she is fairly obscure and has only appeared in three games but on the other hand, if there's ever going to be another Wario representative, aside from a handful of WarioWare characters Syrup is probably the most prominent character to pick.

So this time I decided to go all out - not only is everything fully coloured but I've offered several options for various attacks covering all my bases!

For this set I attempted to stick as closely as possible to attacks and abilities only used in Wario Land games that Syrup appears in and - as far as I could - by Syrup herself.

Counterfeit Coin - Wario Land
In the first Wario Land game the exit door in each level needs to be unlocked by dropping a coin into a slot. Often this has already been done for you but sometimes Wario actually needs to pony up the cash and pay his own way through. This coin throwing ability is a pretty overlooked one, but it can actually be used as an attack! Of course, there's no good reason for Captain Syrup to throw away perfectly good money so here she uses a fake token.

Escape Bomb - Wario Land 2
I've used this basis before, but it functions a bit differently here. The bombs that Syrup drops in one of her fights in Wario Land 2 send a column of fire along the ground which will catch Wario and throw him out of the room. Here it produces a wave of flame that travels along the ground. Charging it up will produce a huge bomb (like the one she uses to escape the castle in the first Wario Land game) which, naturally, produces a larger, stronger flame.

Wish - Wario Land
In the final fight against Syrup in Wario Land, the captain commands a huge genie who is too high up for Wario to stomp on. The key to this battle is for Wario to throw the magic lamp around until it lands the right way up, at which point a puff of smoke pops out and can be used as a platform up to the genie's head. The smoke then turns into a miniature genie who floats around blasting magic onto the ground. That concept manifests here with Syrup producing a magic cloud from her lamp and riding it upwards then, at its peak, it bursts into a lightning bolt.

Alarm Clock - Wario Land 2
I struggled for something to put here but it kind of works. The beginning of Wario Land 2 shows Syrup's pirate gang breaking into Wario's castle, stealing his treasure, turning the taps on and leaving a big alarm clock in a back room somewhere. For this attack Captain Syrup pulls out the alarm clock which, after a certain amount of time, will go off, sending out shockwaves.

Final Wish
Naturally the Final Smash should be a big genie summon. I think was can all agree on that.

Smash Attacks Options
I had a couple of ideas for how smash attacks could work. The first is to swing the anchor (an item from Wario Land 2) which is appropriately nautical but kind of suggests that Syrup is very physically strong, but the fact that she has never been fought hand-to-hand would suggest otherwise. The other idea - and my favourite one - is for her to use her magic lamp to summon big genie fists. Granted, it's a bit Bayonetta-ish but with seventy characters, I don't think a little bit of overlap will ruin anyone's day.

In fact, I've always associated Captain Syrup with the magic lamp, even though she only used it once. I think it's one of the reasons I liked her so much.
She's a pirate, but instead of using standard pirate fare like cannons and cutlasses, or incongruous robotics like other final bosses (though she did that exact thing the very next game) she used a piece of treasure against you.
I loved the notion that she steals so much treasure that the occasional magical artefact would show up and would become part of her defensive arsenal. I tried to integrate the lamp fully into her design above, but here I explored that a bit further - using only treasure that originated in Wario Land games, of course.

Merfle Syrup
A throwable item, this little jar will smash on impact and either create a puddle of sticky syrup on the ground, slowing down anybody who walks through it, or land on an opponents head whereby their motion is hindered until it shakes off. (Technically this doesn't have the be the "treasure" Merfle brand, it could just be Syrup syrup and used in any other moveset!)

Magic Carpet
From the ending of Virtual Boy Wario Land, this can either be a dashing side special or a recovery.

Glass Slippers
From Wario Land Shake, the joke in that game was that there is only one and it is therefore useless, but I've added a second one here so that the pair can function as either a recovery or some sort of magical spin kick.

The other possibility, though probably far less likely, is to come up with a brand new way for Captain Syrup to fight. It has happened for a few Smashers so I thought I'd at least offer a possibility.
Once again I wanted to shy away from classic pirate imagery so instead continued the theme from the very first Wario Land. Captain Syrup's base of operations in on Kitchen Island, a place whose regions are all based on mealtime - Mt. Teapot, Stove Canyon etc, even Captain Syrup's pirate ship is the SS Teacup. So I gave her a big knife and fork to use as weapons! Functionally similar to a sword but different enough to be noteworthy, I think.

Since Ultimate is getting a lot of mileage out of Echo Fighters (a practice I definitely endorse) I wondered how the trend might fit into this proposal.
I actually think it's just about possible to squeeze a Syrup Echo out of Zelda by replacing the glow of Zelda's magic with colourful puffs of smoke (from the lamp) and replacing the Phantom with the Mechagoom but I wasn't prepared to draw of that, I'm afraid!

However, if I was pitching Captain Syrup as a character, I feel like offering an accompanying Echo and thereby getting two characters for the price of one (in a manner of speaking) might give her a better chance of being accepted. And, since we know Ashley isn't playable and Mona has the most similar size and build, I thought she'd be a good fit. I've shown how the Adventure Scheme could be altered to make Mona representative of the WarioWare series in general, using a Diamond City coin, the iconic Wario Bomb, the Wario Watch and Orbulon's Oinker.

Not necessarily a bad scenario, but it would certainly deflate me a little if this ended up being the case. But I do think that a Captain Syrup costume would be suitable for any type of Mii Fighter!


Whew! And there you have it! Once again, I don't hold any hope of this actually happening but I would be happy for any type of playable Syrup. If they want to just give her a cutlass and make her a boring pirate, I'd still be over the moon with that. I'm lucky that my other favourite characters are already playable (King Dedede and the Koopalings) so I don't want to sound petulant but this would be the last thing I ever ask for.
If they make Captain Syrup playable I wouldn't complain about anything else in the game. They could make Bandanna Waddle Dee playable, they could make Dark Metaknight, my most loathed character, playable and I wouldn't complain, but I really don't think it will happen, and I'll still be very happy with Ultimate even if the entire Wario Land franchise only exists as a forgotten dream.


Scottland "Last Resort" Willetts
United Kingdom


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