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Erin Florence St. Celeste - Case Contents by ProfessorDetective Erin Florence St. Celeste - Case Contents :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0
'It's Not a Party...' - Dust Jacket Synopsis
'It's Not a Party...' - A Celestial Agency Mystery
'Today marks Erin Florence St. Celeste’s 23rd Birthday and, honestly, she could care less. She’d rather just go to work, order a pizza, maybe watch a film, and then go to bed. But, of course, her friends can't and won’t allow that, so they decide to drag her to one of New York’s trendiest clubs, with her annoyed all of the way. But, as she pouts at the bar, martini in hand, a blood-curdling scream rings out over the thumping electronic beat as the crowd rushes for the exits in a panicked frenzy. A young dilettante lies dead on the dance floor, stabbed through the heart in front of three dozen club-goers. Now, Erin must untangle the web of lies, half-truths, and drunken selfies to find who would go to such lengths to disconnect this poor girls streams for good… and who may even be willing to silence the young detective as well? Will Erin live to see twenty-four? The way things are going, who knows?'
:iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0
Erin Florence St. Celeste - Investigator By Night by ProfessorDetective Erin Florence St. Celeste - Investigator By Night :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 1 0 Erin Florence St. Celeste - Waitress By Day by ProfessorDetective Erin Florence St. Celeste - Waitress By Day :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 1 0
The Gumshoe: Overwatch OC
The Gumshoe
* Name: St. Clare, Erin Florence Margaret
* Age: 25 (biological), 85 (chronological)
* Affiliation: Federal Bureau of Investigation (formerly), Saint Claire Investigations.
Description: Born on the 25th of May, 1995, Erin Florence Margaret St. Clare had always been something of a dreamer. Being raised on detective fiction, gangster films, and educational public access television will do that to you. She would pour over every book her mom and pop would give her: Doyle, Christie, Patterson, Galbraith, and more. Erin knows what she would be practically from day one: The greatest detective the world had ever seen. Thankfully, she had the mind and body to meet the requirements for her goals. By 15, she was graduating high school with the highest honors and by 20, she had doctorates in Criminology, Criminal Pathology, Psychology, Anthropology, and English Literature. She joined the FBI soon after, being tasked with kidnappings and serial killers of all stripes. That is, until jus
:iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 1
Victoria Lunavera - AI Captain of the SS Gallifrey
Name: Victoria Lunavera
Age: 7y (chrono.), 21y (avatar)
D.O.B.: 12/28/2099 (first boot-up)
Sex: N/A
Gender: F
Ethnicity: N/A, Sapient Artificial Intelligence
Nationality: USA
Sex Preference: Not Sure Yet
Hair: Brunette, short, unkempt (avatar)
Skin: Medium Brown (avatar)
Eye: Violet (avatar)
Height: 5'8" (avatar)
Weight: N/A
Measurements: 36"–28"–37" / Size S (avatar)
Blood Type: N/A
Occupation: Navigational AI for the USS Nashville (formerly), Logistics Officer of the USS Nashville (formerly), Owner and Captian of the SS Gallifrey, Courier, Transportation Specialist.
Politics: Unaffiliated
Philosophy: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Drink Order: N/A
Fav. Colors: Hunter Green, Silver
Fav. Music: Future Funk, New Wave
Fav. Artists: The Midnight, Electric Light Orchestra, Spandau Ballet, Discoholic, Twilight of the Neon Cosmos
Fav. Season: N/A
Likes: 20th-21st-century speculative fiction, vintage video games (16-bit), interstellar trave
:iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0
Nancy Gnarly Hollister - Avatar of Nyarlathotep
Name: Nancy ‘Gnarly” Hollister 
Age: 19y (phys.), N/A (chrono.)
D.O.B.: N/A
Sex: N/A
Gender: F (apparent)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (apparent)
Nationality: USA (apparent)
Sex Preference: N/A
Hair: Silver, Pixie Cut
Eye: Golden
Height: 5'11" (apparent)
Weight: 130 lb.
Measurements: 35"–28"–35" / Size M
Blood Type: N/A
Occupation: N/A (apparent), Avatar
Politics: Anarchistic
Philosophy: Anarchistic
Alignment: N/A
Drink Order: Anything
Fav. Colors: Platinum, Crimson
Fav. Music: Punk Rock, Dark Cabaret
Fav. Artists: N/A
Fav. Season: Summer
Likes: manipulation, parties, crowds, ancient tomes, loyalty, proper threats
Dislikes: disloyalty, cleverness, blind fools, proper threats
Prized Possessions:
Shining Trapezohedron (worn as choker around neck)
Leather-bound notebook (Book of Azathoth)
Character Inspirations:
Nyaruko (Nyaruko: Crawling with Love),Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)
The music of The Scarring P
:iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 1 0
Erin Stout - Critical Miss - Cosplay Guide by ProfessorDetective Erin Stout - Critical Miss - Cosplay Guide :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 1 0 Erin Florence St. Celeste - Celestial Agency Card by ProfessorDetective Erin Florence St. Celeste - Celestial Agency Card :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0 Erin Florence St. Celeste - The Velvet Room Diner by ProfessorDetective Erin Florence St. Celeste - The Velvet Room Diner :iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0
Erin Florence St. Celeste - Character Sheet
Name: Erin Florence St. Celeste
Age: 23y
D.O.B.: 05/25/95
Sex: F
Gender: F
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: USA
Sex Preference: Pan
Hair: D. Blonde, Pixie Cut
Eye: Dark Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lb.
Measurements: 35"–27"–35" / Size M
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Waitress (full-time), Private Investigator (part-time, unlicensed)
Politics: Centre-Left, Social Liberal
Philosophy: Egalitarianism, Naturalism
Alignment: Neutral Good
Drink Order: Lemon Drop Martinis, Blue Moon Beer, Angry Orchard Hard Ciders
Fav. Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green, Royal Purple, Platinum, Rose Gold
Fav. Music: Electro Swing, Bosa Nova
Fav. Artists: Postmodern Jukebox, Metronomy, Etro Anime, Caravan Palace, Everything but the Girl
Fav. Season: Autumn 
Likes: Crime fiction, cheeseburgers, Tabletop Role-Playing Games, peppermint, My Little Pony, honesty, being helpful, Doctor Who, appreciation for being helpful. caramel, Cosmic Horror.
Dislikes: Liars, pickles, regr
:iconprofessordetective:ProfessorDetective 0 0


Aigis - The Chariot by polarityplus Aigis - The Chariot :iconpolarityplus:polarityplus 656 48 Chie Satonaka - The Chariot by polarityplus Chie Satonaka - The Chariot :iconpolarityplus:polarityplus 765 72 Chie by Kuroonehalf Chie :iconkuroonehalf:Kuroonehalf 420 18 Chie Satonaka by Sayuki16 Chie Satonaka :iconsayuki16:Sayuki16 201 4 P4 Manga Coloration - Chie by Twilight-Rion P4 Manga Coloration - Chie :icontwilight-rion:Twilight-Rion 16 0 P4 Manga Coloration - Detective Prince Naoto by Twilight-Rion P4 Manga Coloration - Detective Prince Naoto :icontwilight-rion:Twilight-Rion 80 2 Persona 4 - Naoto Shirogane by ShadowAris Persona 4 - Naoto Shirogane :iconshadowaris:ShadowAris 272 11 Naoto by Koyorin Naoto :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 714 26 Kim Pine by ari-6 Kim Pine :iconari-6:ari-6 156 3 Penny Polendina by arusuzuki Penny Polendina :iconarusuzuki:arusuzuki 221 5 Neopolitan by arusuzuki Neopolitan :iconarusuzuki:arusuzuki 268 4 Sassy Neo by ari-6 Sassy Neo :iconari-6:ari-6 417 25 Princess Anna Queen Elsa Naturist Frozen by alugok
Mature content
Princess Anna Queen Elsa Naturist Frozen :iconalugok:alugok 520 72
Inktober 2018 day 18 by Lipatov Inktober 2018 day 18 :iconlipatov:Lipatov 139 10 1705 by talionn
Mature content
1705 :icontalionn:talionn 281 3
Witch by mullerpereira Witch :iconmullerpereira:mullerpereira 578 10


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