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Wraith Cast by Professor-R
References for the cast of my 2012 & 2014 NaNoWriMo.

When Melantha Caylao visits her mom’s old friend to ask for a favor, she doesn’t expect to walk in on said friend summoning a wraith and opening a portal. Now she’s on the run in a bizarre world of floating islands, airships, and monsters, and must join forces with a runaway magical lab experiment and an ex-stage magician who’s also from Earth---and who is currently possessed by a world-destroying creature. Can she save the Otherworld and make it home, preferably before Christmas?

Name: Melantha (Lani) Caylao
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Short and stocky; round face; brown skin (she's Filipino-American); long, straight dark hair with side bangs
Clothing: Blue robe with a collar and buttons over a black tunic and trousers with black boots
Background/Personality: Melantha is trapped in a strange magical world and trying to find her way home. She's a bit ditzy, quick-tempered, lapses into Buffy Speak under stress, thinks quickly, and makes friends easily. 
Melantha - Commission by eliort Melantha by Professor-R Lani by lemonjed
Name: Murry
Gender: Male
Age: He has the appearance of being in his late teens.
Appearance: Paper-white skin and messy white hair; green eyes that glow in the dark; short and skinny build; long fingers and toes; pointy ears. He rarely walks 100% upright, and goes full-on knuckle walker when in a hurry.
Clothing: Same thing as Melantha, except his robe is slightly big for him and he goes barefoot.
Background/Personality: Despite his creepy appearance, Murry is actually a shy bookworm who lives in the library of a magical experimentation facility. Due to spending his entire life in a library (combined with his lack of need to sleep, being nonhuman) he has a lot of theoretical knowledge. Unfortunately he also has no life experience. He's eager to be liked and so will usually be nice, but misses social cues and can be blunt. He was named after Jacqueline's cat.
Professor-R contest by Ravna-Resta Murry! by BlueVenture
Name: Malcolm Rook
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Appearance: Average height and weight, light brown hair, blue eyes.
-Alternately, when he's possessed (long story) his veins, eyes, and teeth glow pale green.
Clothing: Either a black suit or the same outfit as Melantha and Murry
Background/Personality: When Malcolm was eight, he, Jacqueline, and Melantha's mom stumbled through a portal into a bizarre magical world of floating islands and strange creatures. As an adult, he prefers to forget this. In fact, when he's not doing mediocre stage magic, he works on debunking the possibility that real magic exists. His life philosophy is to ignore things and hope they go away. He's rather vain, sarcastic, and prone to freaking out. Honestly he just wants to go home.

Name: Jacqueline Swift
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Appearance: Average height, thin; light brown hair in a pixie cut, light skin, and hazel eyes
Clothing: Either a white winter coat like this i.pinimg.com/736x/c0/0d/ab/c00… or a maroon and black robe-like dress
Background/Personality: Ever since Jacqueline went to the Otherworld, she's been desperately trying to get back. Despite being quite rich, she's bored by Earth. Jacqueline never really grew up, and doesn't care if she has to kill a few people to get what she wants. She and Malcolm fight like an old married couple.
Jacqueline - Commission by eliort Jacqueline Swift by Katherine-Olenic
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