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Day 15 - Silt
There is a downward pull that begins slowly –
Forty years of fine red silt cease flowing through your veins
And settle like sedimentary rock.
Things, and you, begin to taste of copper.
Lavender mists condense as you walk out to fetch the paper
The kettle is whistling or the coffee roiling when you return to the kitchen.
Your lover is waiting, his beard and hair greying slightly:
Sometimes he still kisses you like he did when you were twenty three.
You start to spend your evenings in the ochre light
Of sloppily-painted sunsets which begin around the time the theme for Final Jeopardy fades out.
Coffee cups are washed, sinks drained.
Everything smells of earth and book pages with a hint of Pine-Sol.
The window is filled with the amber radiance of marigolds –he likes to garden,
While you are more careless, killing houseplants by neglect.
You promise to stop disassociating yourself, and to write less in the second person.
You get drunk less often and even jog once in a while.
:iconprofessor-kirby:Professor-Kirby 2 0
Day 4 - Quiet
Autumn began and ended quickly
So now the sun sets early and I spend my evenings in the dark.
Today’s thoughts are quiet ones -
Where we love is where we live and die.
:iconprofessor-kirby:Professor-Kirby 1 0
Day 2 - Detritus
I squint my eyes as you kiss my freckled face
my sunstreaked hair out behind me like a banner
As I emerge from the lake with foam and seaweed clinging to my calves.
I make a face. You laugh.
Longing is a savory dish we must sit down to dine,
even as we cling together
in a tired knot with mouths that taste of lemonade and alcohol.
I whisper in your ear “I don’t want you to go.”
     The night before we left a storm broke
     with rain and thunder, and lightning webbed across the sky like lace.
     I came to where you slept,
     weaving myself into your arms.
This is the detritus of summer:
pearlescent driftwood grasped in hands worn down by sand.
Filling up our pockets with stones, memories.
A wall of tiny meaningful things we build to keep out the coming of the night.
There are no secrets here but many mysteries
And subtle, half-veiled truths waiting to be made known
:iconprofessor-kirby:Professor-Kirby 2 0
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Hey, look at all these great pieces of art - they deserve lots of love. rose - revamped by mintyy


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Sorry that I'm never on here anymore, or really posting photography anywhere except to my personal Facebook page. I did get a Nikon D5300 which is a HUGE step up from my D50 :giggle: Hey, I still remember how to use emoticons on here...

Hmm, let's see in the past three years I: got married, got a job in publishing, made some cool new friends, got into board games, and bought a house.

Just logged on to look into ordering a couple prints to hang up in the new house and was filled with a ton of nostalgia - so many fun memories with my friends like :iconsage-of-winds: and :iconharumeau: :)

I have some points but not enough to order the prints I want in total, anyone know if I can place a mixed points/credit card or Paypal order? Or if you have a few points lying around you don't want, I wouldn't mind donations either…

I think everyone I chatted with regularly I already follow elsewhere, but please link me to your tumblrs/instagrams/facebook fanpages if you want to keep up!


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