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Indieville ~ Lusokos by ProfessionalVillain Indieville ~ Lusokos by ProfessionalVillain


 Name: Lusokos
 Alternative name: Ludvik Ivanov.
 Class: Hero.
 Favorite Food: Seafood.

A pair of sunglasses.

A phone that he is still trying to figure out.

A wallet with money.

More might come later because I cannot think of everything a person needs in one go.


▫ Is easily amused and has a black, morbid sense of humor. His laugh is often wheezing, and he can have laughing fits if something is particularly funny.

▫ More or less thinks of himself as an invincible god – which is probably one of the reasons why he sometimes ends up in tense situations – yet also as a reasonable person – which is probably one of the reasons why he sometimes gets out of tense situations. He is too lazy and casual to make a serious number out of his ego, but it will be noted if you try to damage it.

▫ Ludvik has no problem with people calling him a plant squid or whatever, if it is to help them grasp what he is. If it is to mock him, he does not like it so much.

▫ Will do almost anything for his friends – even make baked egg toasts for breakfast if they stayed for the night. It is actually not that hard to befriend him.

▫ Shrugs off most things that cannot be done anything about. No use to linger, got to move on.

▫ Is not one to lose his temper that easily as he has learned it will benefit him in the long run to stay friendly more often than not, also he is generally patient and prefers non-violent solutions to a problem – though, if he senses that someone is asking for trouble he will quickly try to knock some sense into them in one or another way because he cannot bother with those kinds of people for too long. He may fire back with clever insults when the opportunity is too good to let go.

▫ One of the few times that you might experience an angry Ludvik is when he is physically exhausted with no chance to take a break.

▫ Takes every opportunity to entertain himself and have fun.

▫ Probably into some kind of hyper realistic, non-fan service vore.

▫ Does not really feel sympathy or empathy to the extent that most humans do and so he may seem callous if others are sad or if someone died. His compassion is luckily working just fine, so even if he cannot understand a person’s emotions he is still willing to help cheer them up in ways he knows – if they are someone he cares about.

▫ Occasionally gets the craving for murder. Sometimes he makes a big scene out of it with building suspense and the whole caboodle, and other times just gets over with it quickly. It all depends on what kind of mood he is in.


 Stats: 15 + 3 + 15 + 15 + 15

     TOUGHNESS: 30
     LUCK: 5


The true origin of Lusokos is unknown, but 199226 years ago a sulfurous rock at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean cracked, and out came a primitive creature. It began a predatory life, gobbling up every living thing it met and growing in size. As it got smarter thanks to the things it ate the creature evolved a curiosity for what was further up. There, it began feeding on more intelligent life, namingly squids and dolphins. It even met other supernatural sea creatures, and where it simply just ate some of them, with others it made pacts for the benefit of both sides.

The creature went on land and found a human tribe that treated it like a god and named it Lusokos. In return Lusokos protected them from threats, but eventually the tribe got extinct because of diverse conditions like diseases and wars with other tribes.

Lusokos then crawled back into the ocean, but inevitably the humans returned and invaded the waters. It found delight in sinking the ships and filling the humans with terror before filling itself with them. It went on like that till the middle of the 17th century. At that time Lusokos had reached intelligence equal to humans, and being a biologically superior creature it created its own human form.

Lusokos went ashore France as the human Ludvik and absorbed the human habits and languages at the docks, ending up as a pirate, which suited him fine as he would stay in familiar surroundings and cause havoc. 100 years later he got tired of pirating and sought further inland to learn more and be a complete pest to the unfortunate souls who happened to encounter him when he was bored – churches were favored places to cause some mayhem because of the humorous fanatics.

Seeing that the whole partner situation was a big deal for humans Ludvik wanted to try it out and did actually find a human woman that he assume he fell in love with, based on what he heard it felt like. They had it quite nice for a period with the wife unknowing of Ludvik's secret, but when she gave birth to a demonic child Ludvik had to tell the truth. Of course the wife was scared to death and immediately fled to drown herself in a lake.

Feeling a little miffed about that, Ludvik took on the role as a lone parent of his new son, Boklauk, living in Slovenia in luxury thanks to the valuables he stole from victims. During this period, he made the acquaintance with other non-humans, often mingling with various kinds of vampires, demons and werewolves at secret parties to stimulate himself and Boklauk. The two have also had some less pleasant encounters, sometimes fighting other monsters and exorcists, each with their reasons.

Somewhere in the 1800’s they met a powerful exorcist. Boklauk managed to escape on Ludvik's command, who then got helplessly sealed within a jar by the exorcist. For years the exorcist traveled across Europe and ironically settled down in France. After the exorcist had died of old age an unfortunate human who had searched the house for valuables accidentally released Ludvik from the jar and got eaten in the same second.

Ludvik then began roaming the world in search for his son and recreation; among other things he threw a massive orgy for the local monsters in a large grocery store out in nowhere, crashed a couple of weddings, temporarily joined a violent gang after world war one and sought out his old supernatural acquaintances to hear if they knew something. Someone said they had heard someone else say that Boklauk went to the west, and it did not take many years before Ludvik found him living in Indieville. Both were beyond happy to see the other, but when Ludvik wanted to move on to Italy, Boklauk, now named Bostjan, had made a life in Indieville that he could not just give up yet. Wanting to stay with his son Ludvik settled down in the town, realizing it is so far not the worst place to hang out. He is still secretly waiting for Bostjan to grow tired of it so that they can leave.

 RP Method: Discord - Google docs
 Shipping?: Generally uninterested.


 Job: Unemployed - Ludvik is not really the kind of guy who has a stable job. He still has lots of money from his past victims, so that is no issue, but if you want, you can strike a bargain with him.
 Gender: Genderless from birth, identifies as male.
 Age: 199226
 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Asexual heteroromantic.
 Race: Eldritch abomination.
 Ethnicity: None really, his main human form is an amalgamation of European people.

Demonic form: Around 40 feet long.

Main human form: 6 feet tall.


▫ Music – Especially Balkan gypsy folk, swing and psytrance, but he likes most music that has a lot of power. On lazy days he will also go for quieter piano pieces.

▫ Street performers – They bring life to the area. He, however, does not like those who try to trick him for money. But then again he has a good excuse to eat them later.

▫ Ice skating – It is a fun and elegant way of wasting energy.

▫ Rain and swimming – He loves to be wet.

▫ Passionate people – They are just more interesting in general.

▫ Driving – He taught himself to drive a car – usually stolen from victims – as it is a very fast, relaxing way of transportation. Usually he follows the law and drives safely, but other times his inner GTA player rises, much to any passenger’s ruined pants.

▫ Salty, sour and bitter food – Olives, strong cheese, anchovies, marinated herring, smoked fish, pickles, garlic, pesto, anything canned, etc. etc. etc.

▫ Creamy or rotten/moldy food – Other flavors/conditions that score high on his endless list of food.

▫ Humans – As food.

▫ Did I mention food?

▫ Alcohol and poison – Thanks to his strong stomach acid and toxin-making skills even the deadliest poison will only give him a severe hangover the next day, at max. Alcohol is much fun. Ludvik becomes overly friendly and poetic when drunk.

▫ Machine guns – Lovely destructive and fun.

▫ Boklauk - He got Ludvik's unconditional love and support.



▫ Rules – Ludvik likes to have the freedom to do what he likes, no matter at what end of the legal-illegal scale.

▫ Physical labor and chores – Especially if it is not fun.

▫ Humans – He does not actively hate every single one of them, but most are pretty unimportant to him.

▫ Fire – Ludvik easily catches on fire when in contact with it. One of the only things that scares him.

▫ Strong light – His eyes are sensitive to it and prefer dim light or darkness. Often wears sunglasses when outside during the day.

▫ Technology – Not that he is not willing to learn, he just sucks royally at it.

▫ Boring people and being bored – He is not particularly in any hurry, but he simply cannot stay interested if there is nothing to work with. Though, sometimes a little peace and quiet to reflect can be nice.

▫ Not sleeping in – He cherishes sleep a whole lot and absolutely hates to get up before he wakes up by himself. If it is early he gets nauseous for a little while.




▫ Paganist – No Christian prayer, holy water or crucifix have any effect on him. Good old spells and magic, now that is something you can count on.

▫ No 2o – Ludvik runs on a system different from humans, and does not require oxygen to survive. Because of this, and other things as well, his blood is black.

▫ Levitation – Ludvik can float in the air as easily as under water.

▫ Tentacles – The three beaked heads function as actual mouths and throats leading to the stomach, and it is also from these Ludvik releases his toxins. All of the tentacles are dexterous and strong enough to rip a man in two.

▫ Lid - Ludvik's true form has a leaf-like growth that he can use to cover his three tentacle heads - and the human body if it is there - all of which will then withdraw into the main body like a turtle's head.

▫ Toxic – Ludvik creates toxins from the waste materials from food that he cannot use as nourishment, and eating so many different things as he does he has a whole arsenal of various toxins that can cause different types of rash, etching, paralyzing, hallucinations, nausea or other things you can imagine within the world of toxins. Some are sticky, smelly and/or flammable and comes in colors and consistence ranging from liquid amber to cherry marmalade to tar. The more severe the effect, the longer it takes for the toxin to affect the host. Most of the toxins can affect a host through porous skin, but some need to be released into the bloodstream or digestive system. Instead of defecating Ludvik converts old, surplus toxins into a disinfectant liquid that he secretes all over himself. It smells of petrichor.

▫ Shape shifting – By consciously altering his very DNA with help from creatures he has consumed - and probably by some kind of magic too - Ludvik can create different forms. Once the formula to a form has been created he can shift to it by will. The form you see on the application was his first form and the one he considers his main human appearance, but he can shift to a myriad of different human forms, and even shift parts like hair or nose. The only thing that gives Ludvik away is that all of his human forms has ptosis on the right eye for some reason.

▫ Regeneration – With the right amount of time and nourishment Ludvik is able to recover cut-off tentacles.

▫ Shinnig – A sort of telepathic skill that allows him to speak in people's minds. He has messed with a lot of people with this ability.


Demonic form.

▫ Speaks French, Spanish, Italian, a little German, Slovenian, Polish and English.

▫ He carries a small dream about being featured in a Castlevania game or a Guillermo del Toro movie, but then again, he would probably have to be killed in both cases, and he does not like the thought of that.

▫ When texting, Ludvik uses a flower icon instead of a smiley to convey happiness.

▫ Ludvik's true form is not cold and slimey like similar creatures are in the movies, but dry and soft and warm, just like snakes!

▫ Knows how to roll a joint.

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InvaderCristi Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy hell I love this guy.  His personality is the most fun I've witnessed thus far, and it even stems and meshes naturally from a logically sound background for such a creature that he is. He's entirely believable, Not to mention his concept is entirely original. His behavior is even the slightest bit relatable as well, or at the very least easy to understand while also giving way into the fact that there is undoubtedly something more beneath the surface.

He is truly spectacular. 
ProfessionalVillain Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha oh wow holy cap thankyou so much for those incredibly kind words!! :D I appreciate it so much you've payed so much attention to all of that, thanks!!!
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Thankyou so much! He's not a completely new character, so he's had some time to grow. :D
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