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Glorfindel by ProfDrLachfinger Glorfindel by ProfDrLachfinger
inshinsu Featured By Owner May 22, 2016
Wooooooooo! <3 So magnificent!
I wonder why Peter Jacks... oh wait, we needed more Arwen. As much as I don't dislike her, because I learnt to treasure every female accent in movies dominated by men, I mean, well... WHY. (especially knowing that Liv Tyler had some fighting scenes too, which got deleted in final edit... I cannot imagine that tho, no matter how hard I try, as she could be anyone but a warrior (but we all know she was mostly daddy's gurl)... XD unlike Eowyn, my bby.)
Ok, I understand why, it's just the hour that makes me talk too much.
Maybe it's for the best, I'd rather not get more elves than see some shit like in The Hobbit. And I can get pretty art of yours instead!
But still, Glorfindel needs more appreciation. :D
Exams are coming, so I guess I'm not gonna study but stalk your art again, be prepared! :D
ProfDrLachfinger Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you so very much for your lovely comment! .:Bunny in love: 

And I think you are right withe the female representation in the Tolkien movies and for that part in the books ... I still adore them, but I know what you mean! .-. I really loved Eowyn too, because she was so very fierce, not so good at cooking and brave <3

Can't wait for that! ;3
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May 22, 2016
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