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I had just received word that involves my internet, turns out that we are keeping the internet, we are just going to lose Netflix and Hulu, since we can easily live without these programs, I won't need to go up to the library to do my uploads!  The uploading schedule will stay the way I changed it, and uploads will resume as normal on Monday.


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Daniel Fuelling
United States
I'm a Minecraft Zookeeper, paleontologist, and a master at Realistic Paleo-art. My goal in life is to become the greatest paleontologist, and to work my way up to work at the zoo.
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Sunday: No Upload
Monday: ZT2 custom desktop background
Tuesday: Zoocraft upload
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RoverJohn2 Featured By Owner May 29, 2018  Professional Filmographer
This your showcasing the animals in Animal Force 10 can you showcase these guys?Canine Squad - from previous account favourites by Lightningwolf710 on DeviantArt Firetail LegendsHey guys Lightningwolf710 told me about his new story Firetail Legends. The story features a teenage red fox named Kitt Firetail who lives in a medieval-like world, though there are some things like trains in it, as he goes on adventures with eight other animals. The other characters are Xavier Storms, a gold-furred gray wolf who's an expert swordsman, Lina Frostpaw, a female arctic fox who's an ice mage, Alicia Fleetfoot, a female Cheetah who's an archer, Kyle Swift, a Cozumel Island raccoon who's a thief, Alexander Stonehoof, a Clydesdale horse who is the muscle of the group, Adela Abadi, a female Arabian horse who is an expert on desert survival, Olympia McSpalash, a female bottle-nose dolphin who is the group's healer, and Bollo a Black Jaguar who is a bard. I suggested they meet an Ethiopian wolf Princess as Xavier's love interest, a Fennec fox as Kyle's love interest, and a False Killer Whale as Olympia's love interest. And here's the gangs weapons.
Kitt - A golden broadsword, a
Feline ForceHey guys remember these guys Well I was thinking someone could do a spin-off inspired by Thundercats. I was thinking Griff a African Lion, Felicia a female Cougar(Mountain Lion), Melissa a female African Leopard, Smokey a male Siberian Tiger, Fate a female Snow Leopard, Zack a male Serval, Athena a female Eurasian Lynx, Gavin a female Clouded Leopard, Zeus a male Amur Leopard, and Eithan a male Caracal. The same lab the made the Canine Squad made these guys. They live in a Big Cat Sanctuary. For couples I thought Griff and Felicia, Smokey and Fate, Zeus and Gavin, Melissa and a Saber-Toothed Cat(the lab revived), Zack and a domestic cat, Athena and a Canadian Lynx, and Eithan and a Sand Cat. Marine SquadHey guys I thought someone could make a story like Street Sharks where a mad scientist turns 10 ordinary sea creatures(Gil a male Great White Shark, Zelda a female Sliver-tip Shark, Thortan a male Leatherback Sea Turtle, Jet a male Emperor Penguin, Frisbee a female Manta Ray, Vika a female Green Moray Eel, Fin a male Brown Fur Seal, Harper a female Californian Sea Lio, Kane a male Orca Whale, and Riva a female Short-Finned Pilot Whale) into wise cracking humanoids who swore to defend their city. The couples could be the sharks, the pinnipeds, and cetaceans. Thortan can love Lyric from Extreme Reptiles. Jet, Frisbee, and Vika can love some people turned into a King Penguin, Spotted Eagle Ray, and Brown Moray Eel. Their headquarters could be Clearwater Aquarium. Extreme ReptilesHey guys I thought someone could could do something based on Extreme Dinosaurs with modern day reptiles. A mad scientist turns 2 ordinary monitor lizards, a basilisk, a chameleon, a snake, a gecko, a tortoise, a sea turtle and 2 crocodilians Dragar a male Komodo Dragon, Bailey a male Plumbed Basilisk, Diamond a female Panther Chameleon, Slash a male Ring-necked Spitting Cobra/Rinkhal, Lyric a female Green Sea Turtle, Enzo a male Galapagos Giant Tortoise, Trudy a female Nile Monitor, Nora a female Giant Leafed-Tailed Gecko, Marin a female American Alligator, and Tony a male Nile Crocodile and turns them into super soldiers. They escaped and doctor sends mutant amphibians(lead by Sparacus the Goliath Frog) to fight them(they later on plan on global warming to heat the world to their liking). For couples I thought the monitor lizards, Bailey and Diamond, and the crocodilians. Lyric can love Thortan from the Marine Squad. Slash, Enzo, and Nora can find love with an Indian Cobra, African Sp Meta BirdsHey everyone before I continue my Yo-Kai Watch Fanfiction I thought someone could make a story based on Metajets with the masters of the sky. Birds! That's right. In the world The Animal Force 10 lives ten birds a male Bald Eagle called Icarus, a female Golden Eagle named Vega, a male Palm Cockatoo called Sirocco, a female Spix's Macaw named Topaz, a male Mallard Duck called Darius, a female Common Eider, named Volante, a male Common Peafowl called Aarav, a female Peregrine Falcon named Nefertiti, a male Secretary Bird called Apache, and a female Channel-billed Toucan named Zahava form a team of aviary fighters against evil bats. The couples are the eagles, the parrots, and the ducks. Nefertiti could love a Gyrfalcon, Apache could love another Secretary bird, Aarav could love a Green Peafowl, and Zahava could love a Toco Toucan. Their commander could be a Black Swan., and A new story by RoverJohn2?
ProfDanB Featured By Owner May 29, 2018
I will have to finish your first showcase request before I do these, and if I can find these, I will showcase them.  Another thing, I won't duplicate showcases for animals I already showcased.  If you want to see if there is a showcase I have and have not done, you can go into my gallery and search there.
ERA7 Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Stunning! Never forget to believe in yourself! =) It’s very important. Wish you creative inspiration and have a great day! :heart:
ProfDanB Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
Thank you very much :)
RoverJohn2 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Can you showcase the other animals here? Animal Force 10 by Lightningwolf710 on DeviantArt
ProfDanB Featured By Owner May 19, 2018
Can you tell me what the animal species are?  I don't want to mess things up and showcase the wrong animal.
ProfDanB Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
If i can find them, I will showcase them
benuterf2 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2017
dude, a friend made a completed pack of all paranoia mods, including reborn, its been redone by the person who started it, and is now awesome

link to the pack:…

link for a littoral biome hack for 2 plants that are in it:…
ProfDanB Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017
benuterf2 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017
mhm, made an entire zoo full of some cryptids 
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