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He sees you when you're sleeping... by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor He sees you when you're sleeping... :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 5 2
Biker Mice Rock n Roll will Never Die 4
I only hope we don't lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse.
-Walt Disney
“They (wheeze) got away, did they? Well, two can play at that game.”
Limburger watches around his bulbous belly as Carbuncle pulls a remote out of one pocket. He pushes the button, chuckling.
Throttle is halfway across the garage when he stops abruptly, putting a hand to his head.
“you alright, bro?”
“I, ah, I can't see.” Throttle says.
For a moment he is blind, then the world comes in eerie half-sight, psychically sensing energy. His friends become vaguely shaped bursts of energy. Vinnie throbs so bright it's almost blinding, Modo burns cool, and Charlie in a smooth glow that begins to spike nervously.
A second later crippling pain begins to throb behind his eyes. Throttle stumbles to a chair and sits down before he falls, leaning forward to cradle his head in his hands. Vinnie is upset by Throttles distress, he quickly crosses to his friend
:iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 1 0
Biker Mice Rock n Roll will never die 3
All men are equal before fish.
Herbert Hoover
For two weeks, Chicago sits in silence. The insect-legged digging machines have evaporated into the still air, the RCO logo has vanished, construction projects have been abandoned, they mysterious Zee has failed to make another appearance.
Her dog, however is another matter. Molly showed up the day after Zee left and has been hanging around ever since. She slinks in and out through the garage door, always managing to get in just before Charlie closes up for the night. She even takes to sleeping in Charlie's bed, a courteous bunkmate she makes herself small at the very foot and moves immediately if touched.
Charlie is on the phone with Blackwood Motorcycle Supply when Molly starts barking. Not her usual welcoming yelp, this is an angry, deep baying that makes her sound three times her size. She leans around to look at the dog, who is focused on the door.
The door explodes inward. Three goons stand on the other side, one gig
:iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 1 0
Biker Mice Rock n Roll will never die 2
There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and is another theory which states that this has already happened.
-Douglas Adams
An expensive silver sedan pulls up and parks in front of the Chicago Governors office. The driver hops out and hurries around to open the back door.
The passenger steps out. He is a broad man in a comfortable sort of way, with a wide pinkish face and silver hair swept back away from his high forehead. He looks like someones good natured grandfather, except around the eyes. There is something hard and keen hiding there, like a fish lurking just inside a reef. He leans back to look up at the building, brushing absently at his gray suit.
As he walks past, he smiles at the gardening staff busy putting in new flowers. They return the smile, but as he approaches their faces become slightly strained, and when
:iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 1 0
Biker Mice-Rock n Roll will never die 1
Chapter One:
The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.
-Winston Churchill
The first moon of the early evening lifts slowly above the broken horizon, it's swollen face casting the construction rigging into black silhouette. There is a sharp chugging sound as a generator rumbles to life. Bright bluish lights snap on. A gigantic, clawed machine adjusts itself on spindly legs and begins to dig again, twisting its body to deposit scoopfulls of dirt into the waiting truck.
Down the block, a young mouse, waist high, squeals and bolts frantically after a ball. Her father laughs. The front door of the house opens and mother appears, drying her hands on a dishtowel.
A government cruiser pulls up across the road.
The father, who has bent down to pat his child on the back, looks over at it. He glances at the child, motions her back away, watches out of the corner of his eye as the doors open and two military mice get out. When the second door opens, his face narrows, ea
:iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 2 0
they are watching you... by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor they are watching you... :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 9 3 0007 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0007 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 4 2 0014 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0014 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 6 1 0012 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0012 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 5 0 0005 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0005 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 0 0039 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0039 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 0 0023 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0023 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 1 0022 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0022 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 1 0004 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0004 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 0 0058 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0058 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 1 0062 by Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 0062 :iconprof-mrs-thedoctor:Prof-Mrs-TheDoctor 3 0


Sparkle Costume by SparkleDust1 Sparkle Costume :iconsparkledust1:SparkleDust1 4 5 Haruko Play's penc base by Alldoo Haruko Play's penc base :iconalldoo:Alldoo 1 0 Aquaduct... by aakoran Aquaduct... :iconaakoran:aakoran 8 5 Dji 0142 by aakoran Dji 0142 :iconaakoran:aakoran 10 9 P4240024-Edit by aakoran P4240024-Edit :iconaakoran:aakoran 9 3 Flywheel... by aakoran Flywheel... :iconaakoran:aakoran 12 2 Weathered wood... by aakoran Weathered wood... :iconaakoran:aakoran 7 2 Saw blade... by aakoran Saw blade... :iconaakoran:aakoran 7 8 Great Basic Gopher Snake... by aakoran Great Basic Gopher Snake... :iconaakoran:aakoran 4 2 Mystery eyes... by aakoran Mystery eyes... :iconaakoran:aakoran 40 5 Sample from Flagstaff, Arizona... by aakoran Sample from Flagstaff, Arizona... :iconaakoran:aakoran 5 4 Randsburg, California... by aakoran Randsburg, California... :iconaakoran:aakoran 4 3 Grande Olde Lady... by aakoran Grande Olde Lady... :iconaakoran:aakoran 16 1 Plains... by aakoran Plains... :iconaakoran:aakoran 21 5 Lonely big sky... by aakoran Lonely big sky... :iconaakoran:aakoran 19 7 Granary suset.. by aakoran Granary suset.. :iconaakoran:aakoran 5 0





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