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Princess Luna, the Grand Keeper of the Night

:iconprincesslunaplz::iconsaysplz:I'm the Princess of the Night, so of course they run in fright.

Yeah, finally after five days of working (~20 hours) I finished this vector. It's one of my biggest vector project. Everything is done in Inkscape of course. SVG contains 72 layers 65 are in real use and about 865 objects (without masks).

If you see any bugs tell me, I hope there are no bugs, but I can be wrong.

I made it from my sketch, which can be found here: [link]

Edit1 02.08.2012: :omfg: I don't believe my eyes, featured on EQD in Drawfriend Stuff #521

Special thanks goes to ~Ressetkk:iconressetkk: for and motivation.

Credits to:
*Tajarnia:icontajarnia: for Dragon Mountain [link]
*MisterAibo:iconmisteraibo: for Moon [link]

PNG FullHD (1920x1080) --> [link]
PNG 4FullHD (7680x4320) --> [link]
and SVG of course =P -->[link]

Also available:
Only background as a vector file! --> [link]
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Is that a happuri she's wearing on her head?
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Absolutely stunning this is why Dragonfire married her
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:iconprincesslunaplz: "Celestia...Starswirl...that weapon. Who are you? I know you. We've met before...way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is she? that you?...Dis...cord... Discord!"

(cue the music)…
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Wow is muy impressive beautiful Armor I like :D
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Me want armor for skyrim mod lol.
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Guardian of the night!!:D
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Oh, interesting. I have had this work for months as my background. It's a small world...
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*Gasps* You've also seen witchcraft is magic (6) the song?!?
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So many great little details, wonderful job. :)
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Epic! Love the details. :+fav:
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love the way she looks and that sword looks epic aswell :D
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Love the Friendship is Witchcraft reference! :D

Nice job!
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:iconprincesslunaplz::iconsaysplz:They feel threatened and unsure...
:iconhappytwilightplz::iconsaysplz:So let's highten your allure!
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Princess Luna, one of the best Dancing Blade of entire Equestria, with her Sword of Gloom. Amazing!
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Thanks! But, not "Sword of Gloom", it's "Nightmourne" :P
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Ehm, It was only a little quote from one of my MLP fanfic.
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Uh, sorry, I didn't know :|
I don't read a lot of FF. I should start, but there is not enough time for that.
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Amazingly done my friend ^^
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Thanks, I hope something over what I'm working currently will be at least as good as this :D
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It is very good my good sir ^^
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