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Elements of Harmony - SVG animation

Edit. This deviation contains PNG, animation links are down in description. I uploaded PNG here, because DeviantArt doesn't support SVG files, and I didn't like to make GIF, because it uses only 256 colours (All these blurred rays looks awful when exported into GIF).

---> [link] <---

---> [link] <---

---> [link] <---

Huh. I did it for my friend ~Ressetkk. He wanted it as wallpaper, so I made it for him.

It's one of my biggest vector project - it's also my first SVG animation. Here you can see results.

I uploaded rendered video on youtube, because not every computer would be able to handle orginal SVG animation, but of course I added link to svg somewhere in this description, so you can look inside =P (best browser to open svg files is IMO Opera).

BTW I hope one day I'll be able to make whole SVG animated scene, which will look like one from the MLP. (Or in Flash if someone give me that)

Special thanks goes to:
:pointr::iconressetkk: for request, without him it won't be done
:pointr::iconmisteraibo: for all his animated svg files, because easiest way to learn how something is working, is to look how it's made inside.

Some numbers:
~3h each character
~3,5h pillar in the background [link]
~1,5h rest of the background [link]
~6h learning how to make animation
~1h rendering animation
~0,5h rendering this huge PNG =P
~30h total time

SVG download [link]

If you'll have any problem with this SVG note me.

MLP:FiM © Lauren Faust and Hasbro
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