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translucent HD drives icons

8 icons [png&ico]

enjoy! ;)
© 2004 - 2021 proenca
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Amazing work !!!
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thanks for all your comments dude
really awesome
thanks really awesome
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Thanks!!! these will look fantastic in my rocket dock
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I really love them...nice work!!!!
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I know this is really late, but I just found this! These are great Icons.... Thankyou!
hey, i was just wondering if you would be able to send me some info on making icons?

i had a go at some myself, but when i drag the finder window and make it bigger in Cover Flow, the icon turns black :S

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks :D
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Beautiful work :D
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thank you! these looks awsome! 10/10
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These look really nice!

Good work :D
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cool thanx man; i'll use it now
File not found! I really wanted these too.
They look awesome but I can't seem to download them...
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Love 'em, especially the black one with the shiny blue light. Very sweet!
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I'm ashamed to say I downloaded these a long time ago and didn't comment. I still love them today and just spotted them again and felt compelled to just say, they really are superb.
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