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Gundam Wing Sketch

Gundam Wing Sketch... going to try coloring this when I have time~
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they're so pretty~~~ :love:
LittleOstarOshine's avatar
I love gundam wing! I hope to see it coloured soon!
love your work!
Maxi-Uzumaki12's avatar
Amazing work on this, it's very intense. Love it!
Bayy's avatar
Wow now I'd like to see this show :3 Very beautiful this is! 83
weakangel104's avatar
beautifully drawn
Chanteru's avatar
this looks amazing... *___* Gundam Wing was my favorite out of all the Gundam series! :3 I like your sketching style, especially the free-flowing hair and intense eyes.
Kipporah's avatar
I like how you showed both of Trowa's eyes, usually his hair covers up one side of his face all the time, thank you.
AngelDomo's avatar
This Is A Sketch???!!
xsuicidexpartyxgirlx's avatar
OMG! You are my hero for drawing this.

One of my favorite animes and I never see anything for it or hardly ever.
So you have officially made my day :D
starlightdevil's avatar
Oh the nostalgia! This was the first anime I ever saw!
Feels good to see some nice fanart of it after such a long time!
Elesiel's avatar
is it only me but it seems like Duo's head is kinda.. hangin on Heero's shoulder? @_@
ProdigyBombay's avatar
yeah, that's whats going to ouo
HunterXJumperPen195's avatar
I remember being Duo once for halloween!! :D I still have a picture of him on my wall...
Kingjing's avatar
I think Quatre was my first big gay crush in anime. And Duo was great too. :P
And so was Trowa and Chang and Hero... Aw dang, I loved 'em all! :D
PheiChi's avatar
Aaah, amazing~
DestatiDreamXIII's avatar
WOW, even your sketches are so beautiful :heart:
ToastyToastie's avatar
;O; They are so beautiful.
I want to squish Quatre to death with looooveee.
sexypancake's avatar
Oh be still, my childhood heart....^_^
Annyaonweb's avatar
hmmm.. so lovely.. makes me wonder how Noblesse would be in your style :)
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