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Sticky-Fingered Shoplifter
My name is Poppy Colegrove. I know Poppy sounds like a nickname, but it’s my honest-to-goodness, birth certificate name. So, like I was saying, my name is Poppy Colegrove, and I’m in a shit ton of trouble. Two weeks ago, my friend Winter, Winter Wysong, and I were chilling at Lake City Mall. Winter’s got this problem. She’s rich, or at least her parents are, but she hates to pay for anything. No, that’s not quite right, she’s more than happy to pay for things; but she loves the thrill of shoplifting.
And she’s got me hooked on it too. Two weeks ago, though, that habit blew the fuck up on us. We were slipping out of Brandy Melville, each with a couple of tops stuffed in our pants. That was a bad choice because that place only caters to thin girls, and we looked like we had baby bumps on our way out. Mall security was on us in a flash.
We ran, yet another bad choice. And they pursued. I say they, because there were two of them. Those chicas were
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The Pickle Jar, Ch. 20: The Mouse Strikes Back
“I don’t want to play any Dungeons and Dragons,” Makaylyn griped.
“Yeah,” Keisha agreed. “Isn’t that like a game for social rejects.”
“Uh, look at us, Keisha. We’re the very definition of social rejects. And come on, Makaylyn, it’ll be a nice change of pace from Spades.”
“You’re only saying that, because you and Keisha always lose to me and Cherice. Speaking of, game on!”
“Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about D&D, Mickey?” Leave it to Cherice to gather information to make an informed decision.
“Well, it’s a role-playing game…”
“Kind of like in anger management, when Dr. Workman makes us pretend we’re in situations that would make us mad, then talk about how we would and should handle them?” Makaylyn asked, brow arched in suspicion.
“Yeah, sort of like that,” Mickey continued. “We all pretend to be someone el
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Ella of Cernunnos, Chapter 2, Savanna
Safehaven is 81.3 km (50.5 mi.) from Port Lenore. I understand on some planets that is a negligible distance, that people drive it for something so mundane as dinner. Cernunnos, though, is still a frontier world. It has too little infrastructure and too many beasts; and overland journeys are not undertaken lightly.
Though still dangerous, the trip to Port Lenore can be made quickly enough by a lone hoverbike rider (or a few such riders). Unfortunately, I am in no condition to ride. That means we will be traveling by monitor-drawn carriage. Assuming all goes well, the journey will take two days.
I ride in one carriage with Doctor Stafford and Sillitta. My stepmother, Sassa, Bri, and another beta-folk maidservant ride in a second carriage. Each carriage is drawn by four monitors and has a servant-caste driver and a warrior-caste guard, both of whom sit up top. Ansley and four additional warriors ride along with us, each mounted on their own monitor.  
The journey is unpleasant for a
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Ella of Cernunnos, Chapter 1, Safehaven
"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!"
I can hear Sillitta cheering from her bedroom, and I know that she has tested into the scholar caste. She and I are a lot alike in our love of physical pursuits, fighting, riding; and despite her mother's-- my stepmother-- attention to academics, there was a real possibility she would test into the warrior caste.
I read my own results, trying to make sense of them.
Ella Ederus:
Even though I love my stepsisters and get along reasonably well with my stepmother, I hate that their name was forced on me when my father chose to embrace it.
We regret to inform you that you did not successfully test into any of the three true castes. By default, you have been assigned to the servant caste.
I re-read it. It makes no sense. I should have tested, without difficulty into scholar caste, and if not that surely warrior or even trader. I will not live as a servant, better a vagabond.
I dash out of my room. I don't take the time to dress. I have too little. I meet Sillitta in the
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Mickey and the Prison Industrial Complex, Part 2
Even with lights that constantly cycle from dim, to bright, to off, to dim again; even with the date and time projected on the upper right corner of each of the four walls that compose her prison; it is easy for Mickey to lose track of time. It is impossible, though, to lose track of place. She is an inmate at the Nickerson-Beauregarde Detention Center.
Person. That’s the tricky one. Mickey wonders if she is even still really a person. She spends a lot of time thinking these days. It’s about all she can do: think and float. If all a person does is think and float, is she even still really a person? Mickey watches movies too. During the light cycles, they project them on the walls of her prison. The 2005 version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a favorite. Mickey identifies most closely with Violet. She suspects everyone else here does too; suspects, like her, they wish the oompa-loompas would come and juice them all. They project the news too, during th
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Ella of Cernunnos, Prologue, The Fairy Tale
A long time ago, Wilhelmina “Mina” Crew, a scholar-adventurer, came to the planet Cernunnos. She was accompanied by her only slightly less adventurous life-partner, Jacob Crew, who had taken her last name. They roamed the planet’s savannas, hunting its megafauna; they trolled its jungles for flora with pharmaceutical applications; they founded the Cernunnos Outfitters and Guides Association, as well as an associated chain of retailers; they built a fortified ranch, staffing it with members of the servant caste; and they grew wealthy.
Along the way, Mina gave birth to a little girl who they named Ella. Ella shared her parents’ blonde hair, their blue eyes, and their fair, freckled skin. More importantly, she shared her parents’ love of adventure. More so than her parents, Ella also loved the creature comforts their success capacitated.
During a hunting trip, a ten-year-old Ella watched as her mother was gored to death by a razor-oceros.
Terrified by the tho
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The Pickle Jar, Ch. 19: Wednesday Work Alternative
Note: I think there will be a Chapter 18. I am just not yet prepared to write it. This chapter follows pretty nicely after Chapter 17 and should be able to be enjoyed even with the minor time jump.
Wednesday was the same as Tuesday, with subtle differences. Her life was, Mickey thought, kind of like those movies where the main character has to live the same day over and over again until they got everything right.
“Pickle, Mickey.”
Wednesday’s breakfast was every bit as tan Tuesday’s. Toast replaced the biscuit. Cream of wheat replaced the oatmeal. Mickey guarded her apple closely for fear that Birbiglia would steal it again.
“Come on, mouse,” the bully chided as she passed Mickey’s table. “First you don’t come home until midnight, now you’re hoarding your food. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you have some sort of problem with me.”
“No problem,” Mickey gulped, but did
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The Pickle Jar, Ch. 17: My Name Is...
It was after five in the afternoon when the chain gang returned to Lake City Detention Center, missing official count. Though it wasn’t their fault, that meant no dinner. “The rules are the rules,” Cherice explained when Mickey complained of being famished. “Even when they make no sense.” Instead, they were sent directly to the yard.
“Seriously, we only get two meals? After all that work?” Mickey griped.
“Two meals, 2,000 calories, that’s all they required to feed us, no matter how hard they work us. On the upside, we always get lunch when we are out on work detail, so when we do get back before count, and we usually do, we get a bonus meal,” Cherice continued.
“I could use a bonus meal right now,” Mickey continued to complain. She, Cherice, Keisha, and Makaylyn were all stretched out in the grass, too tired to do much other than talk.
“How much did you eat before you got here?” Cherice asked.
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Mickey and the Prison Industral Complex
Note: For those of you reading and, hopefully, enjoying "The Pickle Jar," this story is NOT part of that continuity. It does however feature a protagonist of the same name facing a similar, albeit stranger, set of circumstances
“Will the defendant please rise.”
Mickey did so, and despite her above average height, she felt small. The courtroom, with its elevated jury box and its even more elevated bench, was designed to have just that effect. Surviving the drunken crash that killed your passenger, and best friend, had a way, as well, of shrinking one’s soul.
Judge wilder, clad in long, black robes and a powdered wig that fell almost to her waist, loomed over Mickey, but her attention was directed toward the jury. “Mister Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?”
The foreman, a pudgy, pink man, quivered under Judge Wilder’s gaze. Mickey suspected that, had he been in her place, he might have already pissed down his leg. “We- we have, Your- Your H
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Mature content
The Pickle Jar, Ch. 16: Mickey Picks Berries :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 2 4
Mature content
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 15: Mickey Makes News :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 2 1
Mature content
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 14: Mickey's Predicament :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 2 4
Mature content
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 13: Mickey's Cellie :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 3 1
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 12: Mickey's Anger Gets Manage
Even tainted by worries of being beaten, stabbed, and killed, Mickey’s time out on the yard, with her new friends, ended too quickly. Before long, she found herself back in Green Block, lining up for specialized classes. Despite having mostly made it through a day that had felt like a week, it was only Monday; and, for Mickey, Monday meant Anger Management.
Mickey was pleasantly unsurprised to discover that Keisha would be joining her in Anger Management. She was less pleased, but similarly unsurprised, when Birbiglia joined the line-up. “I didn’t take you for the angry type, Mouse,” Birbiglia smirked, as she made her way toward the front of the line.
“You’re picking up nicknames everywhere you go, Mouse,” Keisha whispered.
“Shut up, Curly Sue. You’re not making my first day in jail any better.”
“Hey, it’s my first day too.”
The prisoners’ banter was interrupted by the arrival of an officer Mickey hadn&
:iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 3 1
Mature content
The Pickel Jar, Pt. 11: Mickey's Car Ride :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 1 0
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 10: Mickey and the Tomato Debt
Officer Bell helped Mickey find her place in line, behind a pretty, young black woman with long braids. Though there were over one hundred and fifty women in the line, Mickey did her best to put names, as they were called, to faces. The woman in front of her was “Pattison, Cherice.”
When Officer Dewey, the same one who had accompanied Officer Driver to pick her and Keisha up at the courthouse, called her name, Mickey followed the example set by those before her. She stepped out of line, said “present,” waited for visual confirmation, then stepped back into her spot in line.
Once everyone was accounted for, the line of prisoners made its way into the cafeteria. The line moved quickly enough. Mickey figured it was because the women here had had lots of practice, doing the same thing two or three times every day.
“Welcome to the LCDC, new girl. What’s your name?” Cherice asked, keeping her voice to a whisper.
“Mickey, Mickey Pi
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