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Drone Life
I stare at my feet and I want to cry. They’re not my feet, but they’re my feet now. They’re not even remotely like my old feet, not even remotely human. Okay, that’s a stretch, but I have always been prone to hyperbole. They’re the same color as my old feet; and there is still a little freckle on the top of the right one. I still have toes (hurray!), six of them in fact. They’re all quite large. Four of them (two per foot) are equi-length and protrude from the front of my feet, almost like proper toes. There’s a wide gap between them. On the upside, I don’t have to worry about sock fuzz getting stuck between them, not that I have been issued any socks. Downside, flip flops are definitely out. The third toe (again, on each foot) is shorter and juts off at an odd angle. They’re prehensile, the one perk of being a service drone (woohoo!). They’re not as dexterous as my thumbs, but that’s still how I think of them: thumb-toe
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I have been home from GenCon for around a week now. Per usual, GenCon did not make for a relaxing vacation, but it did make for a great one all the same. I had a room to myself, a rare treat for GenCon, but it was connected to a room shared by several of my friends, so there was always company about. We stayed at the JW Marriott; and I was well-pleased with the hotel overall, and our rooms in particular. I had a chance to eat at the hotel's sports bar, but not their upscale restaurant. I look forward to staying there again next year.

I arrived on Wednesday and met up with friends. We picked up our con badges without any difficulty. I was/am a VIG, and they had a short pick-up line because we had all signed up to run games. We had dinner at Weber Grill. Though I have forgotten our waitresses name, she did a stellar job and was cause for us to go back once (or maybe twice) more later in the con. Also, Weber Grill's pineapple upside down cake is a true delight.

On Thursday, I played a couple of Starfinder Society games. My android mechanic/pilot/data scientist, Fujita-5, pursued an alien's prophetic dreams and helped find some missing archaeologists on Eox, an undead world. I was supposed to play Dungeon Crawl Classics that evening, but skipped out because my buddy Sean wanted to do some prep work on the games we were all running on Friday and Saturday.

Friday morning, I played another Starfinder Society game. Fujita-5 helped broker a peace between drug-addled yetis, gnollish farmers, and an angry unicorn with a grenade launcher on its head. Later that evening, I ran a 4E D&D game written by my buddy Sean. He provided me with a perfectly acceptable series of combats, but I brought it to life with dwarven family drama. The players might have been there for Dungeons & Dragons, but I gave them Dwarves & Divorces (& Death).

I spent the entirety of Saturday helping Sean, Tina, and Mike run a multi-table 4e D&D event. At times, I had a normal sized table; other times, I helped moderate a table of twenty-four PCs as they protected the town of Cardy from a demonic incursion. I was pleased to run the small bit of this event that I wrote-- a fight against a treant lich, hanged ghoulds, and skeletal squirrels.

On Sunday, I played another game of Starfinder Society. Ansley Green, my human envoy, traveled to a library to recover information about the Scoured Stars. Along the way, she ate an interesting meal (she is always up for new experiences) and, once there, contended with Hellknight arsonists. Later, I joined Seant, Tina, Mike, and my buddy Andrew for a game of Rising Sun (a fantasy military board game in which rival clans war for Japan). 

Now March (and GaryCon) can't get here soon enough. I am ready to start the con circuit all over again.

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United States
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Upon closer inspection, it appears that these two are not, in fact, twins. That’s right, I was wrong. Honest mistake. One of them appears to be a covert polymorphous gelatine based lifeform, masquerading as a fluffy belt ornament. The humanoid form upon which the ornament rests is nothing more than a highly complex, trans-dimensional, Bluetooth enabled, physic projection. Classic contextual camouflage. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. I mean I see this sort of thing all the time. Rookie mistake. I apologise. Of course, now that I know that one of them is a fake, the next challenge is figuring out which one is the imposter… I know what you’re thinking, why not just draw blood, and to that I say, have you ever tried to draw blood from a physic projection? Of course you haven’t. That’s a ridiculous suggestion. It takes ages. :no:


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