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IV: Death

Finally! I've done it! My last Horseman - Death - is now before you! Oh, how much time and patience it took from me! I still feel incompleteness in this artwork but hope you don't)))
As I can judge I do not need to explain what does the Death usually do and why does she have a scythe. On my work Death herds the deadmen on the way to... who knows?)))

:dead: :dead::dead::skull:

I hope you like it and now my object is achieved - the project "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" is finished:

Other Horemen

Four Horsemen together

The music theme: Two steps from hell - Dark Harbor - [link]
(thanks to my best DA friend Natalie - [link])
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love it!! very powerful image you can really feel the movement :D
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This. Looks. AWESOME!
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That was the sound of an amazing-art-induced heart attack :D Seriously, this is an amazing piece of my favorite horseman
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I could swear that one gravestone in the corner says: "Some Soda 1609-1845". XD Ahahahahaha!

Anyhow, this is a beautiful piece of work. (: Probably the best one out of the Four Horsemen (though, it should probably be Four HorseGROUP, since two of the characters are actually women. XD ...That was a bad joke, I'm sorry) series.
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The background is astonishing!

The way that 'death' is represented is awesome!
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I love how you colored the pic. Death is neutal so the grays, white and black is great choice. The scythe would have to symboile how Death harvests the souls of the to take them to where they need to go in the afterlife. Personally I would have gave her a pair of soft gray wings because he is often called the Angel of Death but in this case it would have blocked the view of the souls behind her.
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Gorgeous series! Could you show 'war' and 'death' as big sized as 'pestilence' and 'famine'? Very appreciated!
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Thank you so much! you are a great artist!
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cool! love the colors and your light-and-shadow-work :D
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I really love this! great work on Death
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lol at the gravestone
1809-1849 :D
Procrust's avatar
Do you know who it is?)
StojanceM's avatar
mmmm somebody, I guess... ^^;
Procrust's avatar
Ask google "1809-1849")))
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I take it you like his work... well some of it!? :)
Procrust's avatar
Nope, I really don't like him) So that's why you can see his grave on this piece)
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yeah I don't like him neither
I taught it was a tribute or a "easter egg" or something! =P
I dont know It just caught the corner of my eye, ow and I like your work buy the way
about the Horsemen and the Sins, that kinda stuff... you did a pretty awesome job!
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Glad you like it)
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Things that make this more than just a painting: The shoe ( do NOT ask me why but it friggin creeps me out! ) and the figure on the very left - an adult and a child, walking hand in hand.... Spine chilling!
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