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Ok, I'm thinking of sumbiting this into ensellitis' Pixel Art 101 Cover Contest... I kind have based it on M.C. Escher, with the Immpossible Cube and Waterfall inspiration. It's kinda have a factory scene, were the balls of a substence are formed into pixels, which are carried up the convayer and droped to a robot which catches it and places it where it should go. (In this case, the next pixel block would go to the last 1) And in case your wondering, the convayer stops while the robot takes the pixel to it's spot. ;)

Done pixel by pixel in Mspaint.
I'm pretty sure it has 19 colors...
I don't know how long it took, I've been working on and off alot with it.....
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Its quite a cool idea to adapt these optical illusions to isometric pixel art, I should do something like that ... someday. Nice work.