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Pre-Egyptian Navigator

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"Pre-Egyptian Navigator" - excerpted from 'Science Now'. -- "Discovered in 1998 in a concealed chamber in the Yonaguni underwater pyramid off the coast of japan, this device is thought to be the earliest known navigation instrument. The machine is crafted of an iron compound with a rotating upper turret. The turret is still functional and appears to be seated on a system of ball-bearings and gears. Surrounding the bulk of the machine is a crystalline silicate in 5 pieces. This form of silicate is often seen in microchip components used today. These are heavily damaged and are thought to be all that remains of a single circumnavigating structure. These pieces are marked with mathematically precise etched ticks that apparently measured the rotation of the turret. All these structures are seated on a network of metal wire shaped into a mandala-like pattern. The wire presented in the photos is a replica based on the first images taken before the device was removed from its grave under the Philippine sea where underwater flash photography caused this structure to rapidly disintegrate. It is believed that the wires converged into an opening in the central iron base suggesting an early form of solid-state electronics was used to power and control the instrument."
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Yonaguni is considered to be part of Mu