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Space is never far away. We are in it.

Art borne out of a question: can you really talk about "going into space" just because we have a little bit of breathable atmosphere surrounding our space rock?
Farewell, my fellow organisms.

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The fact that I see a new figure, or face/hands in the rock on the right is really cool.

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Spectacular and mystifying design. Amazing depth and dimension as well as color technique. Awesomeness. Come take a look at my page.

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We're careening thousands of miles per hour through the vacuum, the tenuous force field consisting of a nitrogen/oxygen mixture the only protection provided us along with a laughably weak magnetic field to deflect intense solar radiation and still people want to get out in it even MORE?

People are weird.

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I know right? Not to mention the lack of gravity that apparently wants to turn our skeletons into globbity bloop. Or whatever you call the thing that happens to skeletons after a few months in space.