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I see no Jet Set Radio characters.
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Awesome artwork!
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DX I no see Sonic! Oh well, awesomeness! ^^
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super cool! gotta love sega, other than sonic i think you have all the best in there hehe
VizardJeffhog's avatar
What? No So--
*sees Chao*

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The irony! No Sonic! No guy from Shenmue who's name I forgot! No House of the Dead zombies! Not even Segata Sanshiro!
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Great groupshot. I recognize a lot of them.
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reminds me of scott pilgrim vs the world ^^
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It should, Paul did the art for that game!
P.S. If you found out before I wrote this, or knew to begin with, I will voluntarily grind down a staircase in a park to the point of self-destruction.
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This pixel art illustration is incredibly detailed and well laid-out! I really like how you draw several iconic Sega characters in an effective pixel art style!
HeavyxSashaxDERP's avatar
BEAT!!! Where's Beat?
HeavyxSashaxDERP's avatar
And also, Rez is a nice touch, as well
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ZOMG PANZER DRAGOON! also DURAL. Holy crap. <3
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SEGA FEVEEEEEEEER! where's Sonic??
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freakin awesome man. lets see... i recognize chu chu rocket, tom tom from wonderboy, a chao, keil from panzer dragoon, ulala from space channel 5, aiai from monkey ball, space harrier, opa opa, amigo from samba de amigo, nights, alex kidd, and.. is that dural? besides that.. im drawing a blank on 2 characters (i think). who are they?
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as a kid I grew up with nintendo, but I always loved SEGA :D
AlessandroTheDeviant's avatar
looks like an pc educative game illustration
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Finally a Sega image that isn't sporting Sonic. I was afraid people had forgotten that Sega had other franchises. I'm happy to see Panzer Dragoon and Rez made it in.
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I know right, Sega has seemingly forgotten about their other stuff.
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wow wheres Jet Set Radiooooooooooo

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