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Rubber Stamps

I wanted a stamp brush and couldn't find one (which is bizarre)... So I made these if anyone wants them. :)

Let me know if you use them so I can comment on your work and add you to my journal links.
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really cool, I love Stamps so much :) Thank you!
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That is pretty cool!
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Thank you for creating such a valuable and fun resource! [link]
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Lovely brushes! I'm blown away by all the little bits of texture.

Out of interest, what font did you use for the text? (I'm a bit of a font freak, I'm afraid)
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Love 'em, but for some reason I can't download it. D`:
x-missworld-x's avatar
i got ideas just looking at them.. thanks ^_^ will credit once used
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Oh man... these are so awesome :+fav:
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Too cool! Thanks!
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Oops, wrong link I gave you. here it is again: [link]
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That's OK, Glad you found the brushes useful! :)
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Used one stamp in a BIZAARE piece. [link]

Thank you so much for sharing such incredible work!
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very nice brushes :D good work :nod:
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I DOWNLOADED YOUR BRUSHES!!! because they are freakin awsome =D

ill let you know when i use em, muah!
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Aww, thanx! Looking forward to the end result! :excited:
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rubber stamps...what could i use these for...they could actually be practical...i just cant think for what right brain doesnt work...
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Hehe, now that I've made them I can't think of very many uses! :lol:
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wow, thank you so much! nice brushes, they could come in handy...
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