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Illustration and character is mostly what I'm going for, as I believe that is my forte. Rates are all on a case-by-case basis, but the baselines are as follow:

Avatars and Emotes (Bust or Headshot, per piece):

- Lineart: $10

- Colored: $15

Characters (Per character):

- Lineart: $25

- Colored: $40


- Lineart: $50

- Colored: $75

Note me for details or if interested, and here's a (probably broad) sample of my work:

DnD Party - A Token Montage
Gothic Couplita
Dishy and Seven
Valentines United 2016
Dec 29th: Don't Stop Believing
Nov 19th: I Gotta Feeling
Nov 23rd: Voodoo Child
Nov 6th: Equalize
Sketch Dailies: Le Petit Prince
Sep 22nd: Shattering Sea
Sep 16th: Give
Sep 13th: Thick as a Brick
Sep 12th: Stairway to Heaven
Sep 6th: All About That Bass
Sep 5th: La Belle De Jour
Sep 3rd: Frevo Mulher
Aug 7th: Groove is in the Heart
Jul 3rd: Come As You Are
May 27th: Don't You Forget About Me
May 18th: Counting Stars
May 15th: Swagger Jagger
Feb 7th - Tomorrow Never Knows
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